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Tooth and Tail RTS Crossplay is now live

tooth and tail rts crossplay is now live for linux mac windows ps4

Tooth and Tail the multiplayer RTS is now available via Crossplay on Linux, Mac and Windows with PS4. So eager fans and those willing to challenge those PS4 players. It’s time.

Tooth and Tail Butterbomb Patch and Balancing

tooth and tail butterbomb patch for linux mac windows games

Tooth and Tail just got it’s Butterbomb Patch 1.0.4. The games already available for Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam and GOG. Yet there is indeed some balancing that needs doing. Hence the release of this Patch, finally.

Therefore, if you’re a fan and avid player of Tooth and Tail. You are going to want look through the details below. Since there are some specific changes to gameplay now. The games also supports crossplay across Linux, Mac, Windows and PS4.

Tooth and Tail launches on Linux and Ubuntu

tooth and tail launches with crossplay in linux ubuntu mac windows games

The revolution of leading an animal army launches on Steam and GOG. The release for Tooth and Tail finally launches on Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Which of course includes flamethrowing Boars, mustard gas-lobbing Skunks and paratrooper-puking Owls.
So this release from Pocketwatch Games also includes Crossplay. Since the developers of Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine and Tooth and Tail want a broad playerbase.

The animals of Tooth and Tail are at war over who gets to eat. While fighting to determine who must be dinner. So gameplay has similarly fast, distilled, darkly humorous take on the Real-Time Strategy genre. Yet is definitely playable for anyone who is transitioning into the RTS genre.

Tooth And Tail release next week with Crossplay

tooth and tail releasing with crossplay in linux ubuntu mac windows games

Since the revolution of leading an animal army is almost upon us. The release for Tooth and Tail is coming next week to Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows on September 12th. Which of course includes flamethrowing Boars, mustard gas-lobbing Skunks and paratrooper-puking Owls.
So the release from Pocketwatch Games is also going to include Crossplay. Yip, the developers of Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine and Tooth and Tail think things through.
Since this is a Real-Time Strategy game. Which also features an extensive Single Player Campaign and Online Competitive Play. The games also playable in Split Screen, with Replays and more. Allowing players to build a base, lead your army and eat your enemies. So it would be hilarious if the endgame was a barbecue.

Tooth and Tail new trailer looks very promising

tooth and tail new trailer looks very promising in linux mac windows games

Since Pocketwatch Games released a new trailer for the upcoming RTS #ToothandTail. While the strategy #games due to release on Linux, Mac and #Windows. We are keen to check out this new cinematic trailer. Since the full release is coming September 12th.

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