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Mighty No. 9 close to completion and set to release Spring 2015


Famed game creator Keiji Inafune reveals in a New Year’s video for the #MegaMan spiritual #successor — Mighty No. 9 — is nearly #finished and that he and his team are “working hard” to bring the game to fans.

“We’re pretty much finished, and from now on we’ll be heading into the porting and promotion stage,” said Inafune, after showing brand new gameplay footage of a new stage, not to mention a quick look at some of the challenging obstacles awaiting players.

In the video below, Mighty No. 9 uses his arm cannon combined with a powerful dash manoeuvre to destroy robotic foes and absorb their power, a modernised take on the classic platforming gameplay of the Mega Man series.

“From now we’ll be heading into the porting and promotion stage,” he confirmed. “We hope all of you can help us out.”

Originally announced as a Kickstarter project in September 2013, Mighty No. 9 smashed its $900,000 goal and received over $3,845,000 in pledges.

The brainchild of Mega Man creator Inafune, Mighty No. 9 is clearly influenced by the Capcom platformers, with gameplay and combat similar to that of the NES Mega Man titles and the SNES Mega Man X series.

The game will be released on a total of ten formats. So the porting stage Inafune speaks of will undoubtedly take some time, since the game will make an appearance on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U, 3DS, Vita, Windows PC, Linux, and OS X sometime during Spring 2015.


2 classes, and 10 items Risk of Rain

risk of rain patch screenshot 01

Risk of Rain in one of those inspiring #indie projects that we’re seeing more and more of these days. Made by two students from the University of Washington, funded by a Kickstarter based around improving their small game, and now updated in the midst of both #developers working on their degrees. Somehow this small 2D action platformer has found impressive success, and so it comes as no surprise that folk are excited about the game’s upcoming patch.

As is always the case with game development, small and large, things don’t always go as planned. In an update released just recently it was confirmed that the upcoming patch will not in fact include the Arena mode that was part of the game’s initial stretch goals on Kickstarter. In fact, Arena mode will never be coming. That’s not really due to development issues, however, because the game already features the type of content Arena mode promised. It’s just not called Arena.

That doesn’t mean the devs at Hopoo are just sitting on their laurels. Keep in mind that they’ve already detailed an extensive rework of the game, porting it from GameMaker 8 to GameMaker Studio. This by itself will allow the game to come to Linux and Mac, prepare it for release on PlayStation platforms, improve performance dramatically and also provide a solid foundation for adding further content in the future. It’s a big deal, but now Hopoo has additional plans for the patch.

The patch won’t include Arena, but it will include two entirely new classes and ten entirely new items. Yeah, you know, just some stuff they’ve had sitting on a hard drive somewhere. Expect the patch “soon”.

Risk of Rain is currently available on PC for around $9.99. It’s a cooperative title featuring tons of 2D action and platforming with randomly spawned enemies and permadeath.


Comprehending the future of Linux game development

Comprehending the future of Linux game development

When it comes to Linux game development and porting, Ryan “icculus” Gordon is The Guy.

Since the 1990s, Gordon has ported dozens of games to Linux, from Quake 3 Arena to Dear Esther, making him one of the foremost experts in Linux game development. His expertise in Linux games also led to a gig porting Humble Bundle games to Linux, helping developers build goodwill with users of the open-source OS.

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