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A Year Of Rain support is in the roadmap

a year of rain support is in the roadmap for linux and mac

A Year Of Rain just released on Windows PC, but Linux support is in the roadmap. Thanks to conformation by Daedalic Entertainment. Available now on Humble Store and Steam.

Bake n Switch co-op PVP due to get support

bake n switch couch co-op pvp due to get linux windows pc support

Bake n Switch couch co-op PVP will get support for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to Streamline Games who confirm the upcoming debut. Due to release on Steam Early Access.

AVARIAvs turn based JRPG and support

avariavs turn based jrpg and support in linux mac windows pc games

AVARIAvs turn based JRPG is coming to Windows and Mac, but we have details on Linux support. Juncture Media is getting ready to release the game next month on Steam.

Blink: Rogues PvP shoot em up native support

blink rogues pvp shoot em up linux support

Blink: Rogues is a competitive PvP shoot em up in Early Access for Windows, but the developers show signs of Linux support. And also a cost effective title at $4.99 USD on Steam. Where gameplay itself combines classic arcade elements with modern day arena style combat.

Taco Gun PvP party game will get support

taco gun pvp party game will get support for linux and windows

Taco Gun is an absurd PvP party game coming to Windows and Linux on Steam. Hence the creation of Floating Island Studios in collaboration with eNVy softworks. A game about feeding your friends to death.

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