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Descenders full release including multiplayer

descenders full release including multiplayer in linux mac windows pc games

Descenders has a full release including multiplayer in Linux, Mac and Windows PC games. Thanks to the creative efforts of RageSquid and No More Robots. The games also discounted on Steam right now.

Descenders biking to launch 1.0 on May 7th

descenders biking to launch 1.0 on may 7th in linux mac windows pc games

Descenders to launch 1.0 on May 7th, but you can play it now on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the development efforts of RageSquid. Since the games coming out of Early Access. Available now on both Steam and Humble Store.

Descenders update and new Freeride Mode

descenders downhill mountain biking update and new freeride mode for linux mac windows games

Descenders new update comes with a new Freeride Mode for Linux,Mac and Windows. The extreme downhill mountain biking games that launch last month hit with rave reviews. Having now received it first major update this week. This also includes a brand new mode, new kits, and plenty of extra additions.

Descenders releases on Early Access games

descenders downhill mountain biking releases on early access games for linux mac windows

Descenders out now on Steam Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games release also comes with a launch week discount. So I’m hyped. Downhill mountain biking and Linux support. Yes please.

Descenders is all about extreme downhill free-riding. The games development studio RageSquid releases their Early Access build. Which is also coming to Xbox Game Preview as well. Not that we play on console, but it’s coming.

Action Henk released for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


This seems to be the month for games to launch, leaving their Early Access builds behind. #RageSquid have done just that with Action Henk for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, making the full game stand out. Adding outdoor environments, #improved online #multiplayer, storyline videos, Twitch chat integration, new characters, new skins and a whole bunch more.

With over 70 tracks in different environments, 5 playable characters, dedicated grappling hook levels, a whole host of medals to beat, and a full-fledged level editor. Impressive, seeing the title is now 10% off on Steam.

  • Challenging levels: Tackle over 70 unique levels filled with jumps, slides, and tricky shortcuts. Can you master every twist and turn to beat your friends and gain your rightful place on the leaderboards?
  • Level editor: Open up Henk’s toybox and construct dazzling levels only limited by your own imagination! Share your tracks with the world, and race your way through vast amounts of user created content!
  • Challenge your friends: Load up your favorite levels and race against your friends’ ghosts to see who is truly the best! Beat their times and instantly send them a notification to rub in your newly gained victory. Up for a real challenge? Use the built-in Twitch chat integration to take on up to 20 viewers’ ghosts at once!
  • Unlockable characters: Play as the slightly out-of-shape Action Henk or any of the five unlockable action figures, and race through the singleplayer campaign and bonus levels to earn a full toy wardrobe of distinctive skins!
  • Online Multiplayer: Tired of your local friends? Jump onto the internet for real-time races against speed fanatics all around the world!
  • Bouncing beats: A pumping soundtrack by demoscene musician Wiklund, a professionally voiced cast of ragged 90s action figures, and sound design by the critically acclaimed Power Up Audio.

Action Henk is now available for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Fans can purchase the Soundtrack Edition that includes indeed the full original soundtrack of the game, or save some cash and get the Action Henk Double Pack, perfect if you have friends ready to be left far behind in a blaze of butt-sliding glory!


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