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Dustwind real time tactical on Sale and Proton

dustwind real time tactical on sale and proton in linux windows pc games

Dustwind is a real time tactical games on Sale and works on Linux via Proton. Developer Dustwind Studios is running that Sale on Steam. Holding a 76% review rating. But the games also still receiving development.

RIOT: Civil Unrest real time sim release date

riot civil unrest real time sim games release date for linux mac windows

RIOT: Civil Unrest the real time sim games release date is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. All thanks to Merge Games, who are proud to announce the release of v1.0 of the game. This is real-time riot simulation born out of actual experience.

City of the Shroud and working native support

city of the shroud and working linux support

City of the Shroud real-time, combo-based battles is available for Windows and Mac, but coming to Linux. We finally have a positive update from developer Abyssal Arts.

Forged Battalion the RTS release details in 2018

forged battalion the rts release details in 2018 for linux windows games on steam

Forged Battalion is a real-time strategy coming to Linux and Windows in 2018 via Steam. The games being published by top international games label Team17. The release will be available on Early Access January, 16th 2018. There are still some details you need to know about the dynamic new take on the genre.

Hash Rush raises $1.83 million in crowdfunding

hash rush raises $1.83 million in crowdfunding for linux mac windows games 2017

Hash Rush brings cryptocurrency mining to the world of real-time strategy gaming. Also the crowdfunding campaign raises over $1.83 million. So on October 20, 2017, the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) crowdfunding campaign came to an end. Yet being developed for Windows, the games also coming to Linux.

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