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Dreamfall Chapters fully releases with discount

dreamfall chapters final cut edition fully releases with discount linux mac windows games

Since The Final Cut is the ultimate remastered special edition of #DreamfallChapters. Hence the an award-winning episodic adventure is now fully released on Linux, Mac, #Windows. While spanning multiple worlds and playable characters. Available now on Steam and GOG.
So Dreamfall Chapters: The Final Cut edition combines all five episodes of the original game. Allowing players to go into the #games complete and continuous story. Including reworked character designs, an expanded soundtrack, remastered audio. While even including new dialogue, improved art, new special features, lighting and animations.

Dreamfall Chapters has just received its biggest update since Book Five. The Final Cut is a free upgrade for all existing owners, and it includes a ton of changes and extra features.

Additional features include:

  • Playable deleted scenes!
  • Character library
  • Concept art gallery
  • In-game map

While Dreamfall Chapters is a game about choice and consequence. Both dreams and reality, magic and science, chaos and order. Yet the people whose actions may change the course of history in all worlds.

So now with this latest game in the saga. Red Thread Games seeks to recapture the heart and soul of The Longest Journey. While making improvement on the immersion and game mechanics of Dreamfall. All in order to bring you a fitting, satisfying, exciting and emotional conclusion to the Dreamer Cycle.

Dreamfall Chapters The Final Cut Features:

  • Experience a deep storyline that continues the epic saga of The Longest Journey. A story the New York Times called “compelling” and “terrific”.
  • Shape the story and the course of your journey through decisions. Share and discuss your choices and the often surprising consequences with friends.
  • Explore a beautiful, rich, detailed and original world that mixes a cyberpunk vision of the future with magical fantasy. Along with a broken and decaying dreamscape.
  • Embark on three different journeys, seen through the eyes of multiple characters. And witness the story told from their unique perspectives.

So Dreamfall Chapters The Final Cut is available with a 40% discount on both Steam and GOG. With full support for Linux, Mac and Windows

Dreamfall Chapters getting a Final Cut release

dreamfall chapters getting a Final Cut release for linux mac pc

So the #enhancedversion of Dreamfall Chapters will coming to more than just consoles. A post on the Kickstarter page for the game, Red Thread Games have outlined the enhanced version. So not only will consoles see and #update, but this will be #available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. We have not seen big changes for the game since the Unity 5 update.

The best part?

While the new updated version will be Dreamfall Chapters The Final Cut. Hence a release that will be live at the same time as Dreamfall Chapters on consoles. Which will be available as a free update for existing game owners.

For the PC/Mac/Linux folks — our backers and existing customers — we’ll be releasing a new and updated version of the game (‘The Final Cut’) to coincide with the console release.

We’re very excited about this opportunity to revisit Chapters one final time. There are several improvements and changes we’ve wanted to make for years — along with requests and suggestions from our players and community — and we finally have the time and resources to address them.

Dreamfall Chapters The Final Cut:

So what’s new? There are changes to character art and animations, music, sound-effects, shaders, lighting — and gameplay. We’ll be talking specifics soon, and we’ll have more on the console enhancements and special features before release.

The first is the long-awaited German language patch. We received the final voice overs for books four and five in November, and we’ve been working to integrate these into a larger patch, which also contains bug fixes and optimisations. This patch is still in QA, but it won’t be long now.

The second is what we’re calling the ‘benefactors patch’. This update contains missing in-game rewards — including the town crier and Benefactor’s Wall in Marcuria — and it’s next on our schedule.

The third patch is the big one — the aforementioned ‘The Final Cut’ — which upgrades the game to match the console versions. This version will also be included in the Kickstarter boxes scheduled to ship close to the release of the console versions along with the remaining physical rewards.

So more details on Dreamfall Chapters Final Cut will be revealed at a later date.

While this version contains all five episodes. With 13 chapters and will be available in physical and digital format.

Dreamfall Chapters and the Final Cut version will be released on March 24.


Dreamfall Chapters Redux upcoming conclusion

dreamfall chapters redux new upcoming book five linux mac windows pc

Dreamfall Chapters does not have a release date for the conclusion, but developer #RedThreadGames released #teaser images. If you have not played the previous episodes, the team outlined that the images contain #spoilers.

Notably titled Book Five: Dreamfall Chapters Redux, Red Thread are looking “to surprise everyone a few days in advance” of the release. Hopefully the screenshots and new concept art will give enough of an insight.

If you want to check out the images posted in a higher resolution, everything is available on Imgur.

After the original announcement in November 2012 before making a debut on Kickstarter in early 2013. Dreamfall Chapters hit funded rather quickly, closing out the campaign with 21,858 backers having pledged $1,538,425 for development.

The first episode of Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey released on October 21, 2014

Book Four: Revelations was released in December 2015 for Linux, Mac and PC. A PlayStation 4 version of the game is in the works.

dreamfall chapters redux book-five screenshot 01

dreamfall chapters redux book-five screenshot 02

dreamfall chapters redux book-five screenshot 03

dreamfall chapters redux book-five screenshot 04

dreamfall chapters redux book-five screenshot 05


Dreamfall Chapters now available on Unity 5 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Dreamfall Chapters had a major #makeover, which now is graphically more vivid, particularly with the in-game #performance.
What actually took place. Somewhere in the #development of Dreamfall Chapters, Unity 4 started to be phased out and replaced with Unity 5. Then Red Thread where faced with major performance issues using the original engine, until they finally converted the game to Unity 5.

Over on Medium.com, the studios lead Ragnar Tørnquist admitted the conversion has been quite difficult and expensive, almost ending up a disaster for the indie team.

“Several hundred thousands of dollars is a massive pile of cash. Knowing what we know today, the decision to upgrade would have been a lot harder,” he said.

Check out the screenshots below from the Unity 5 build, while Dreamfall Chapters is now available with a 50% discount on Steam.
Ragnar Tørnquist also mentioned that Red Thread’s artists are still working on adjusting the lighting, so character’s faces not being lit for some scenes will be fixed.

Dreamfall Chapters Book Four is coming soon, which is just a heads up.





Dreamfall Chapters Book Two: Rebels release date announced for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Dreamfall Chapters Book Two: Rebels will #release March 10th on #Steam, GOG and the Humble Store for #Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Rebels picks up where Book One: Reborn left off, with characters Kian Alvane and Zoe Castillo investigating a multiple-worlds-ending conspiracy. The second instalment brings a new city to explore: Marcuria, capital of the Northlands, home to the Azadi occupying forces and to the resistance.

An accompanying trailer for Book Two is due out in a few days. In the mean time, you can check out the teaser trailer below:

Book One: Reborn got off to a slightly shaky – but very promising – start. Now with Book Two – the second of five planned Books – this crowd-funded episodic series may begin to find its stride.

The entire Dreamfall Chapters series is less than $35. However it does not look like you can buy each episode separately.


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