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Distance will be available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on December 9th


Distance is the sort of an #arcade #racing game with a tron-like neon racer, such an enticing proposition when it launched on Kickstarter back in 2012, swiftly securing more than it asked for. The #release of a Steam Early Access version of the game from – the developers claim it’s Trials Evolution + Rush 2049 + Halo + Tron: Legacy, will be out on the 9th of December on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

The ‘experimental’ arcade racer Distance is the brainchild of Refract, a company formed of former classmates who created arcade racer Nitronic Rush at DigiPen Institute of Technology, which was super popular with us games-playing types. This is what Nitronic Rush looks like:

Using boost, wings, and jump mechanics,  avoid obstacles that the city throws at you. You can actually still download and play the game for free to get a taste of Distance’s predecessor. The soundtrack is also available, which does a good job setting the cyberpunkesque atmosphere.

Then the team Kickstarted Distance, a fully fledged spiritual successor to Nitronic Rush. The developers also explain that the adventure mode is about uncovering the world’s mysterious history, and as you explore you will be able to uncover pieces of its past. Boosting, flying, twisting and jumping through various atmospheric city obstacles.

But obviously a singleplayer mode where you play a lonely neon car-detective is not entirely what we’re here for. The multiplayer side offers LAN, online, and split-screen across modes like capture the flag, stunting, and plain old racing. A Jordan (aka TORCHT) dynamic soundtrack will also be supplied.

Keen an eye out for Distance next Tuesday on Steam, a rather unique and challenging racer for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


Distance coming this Fall to Steam Early Access

Distance a tron-like neon #racer, was such an enticing proposition when it launched on Kickstarter back in 2012, swiftly securing more than it asked for. And now the title has been in closed beta for a while, but it will be getting a little more open this Autumn with the #release of a Steam Early Access version of the game.

Despite not being on Steam yet, Distance already has around 100 user-created levels on the Steam Workshop, from backers currently playing the closed beta. This and other titbits of Distance info reside in a recent Kickstarter update from developers Refract, which also shows off a neat arcade cabinet the team rigged up for PAX.

Then let the developers try to convince you:

Distance fuses the intense action of arcade racing with the exploration of a mysterious world. You control a unique car that allows you to boost, jump, rotate, and even fly through a chaotic city. The private beta currently features a short single player campaign, as well as additional split-screen and online multiplayer modes such as Sprint, Reverse Tag, Stunt, and Soccer. It also includes a powerful level editor which is connected to Steam Workshop.

If you’re not sure what a Distance is, it’s an arcade stunt-based racer featuring lots of groovy neon lighting effects, based on a free game called Nitronic Rush released a few years back.


Tron-Esque Racing Game 'Distance' Coming to PC, Mac, Linux, and SteamOS

Distance Game Coming to PC, Mac, Linux, and SteamOS

The upcoming racing title for PC, Mac and Linux (which is now codeword for “ #SteamOS compatible”) may not be exclusive to the computer gaming community. When queried about potentiality and possibilities for game arriving on #consoles, the answer wasn’t too surprising.

Refract Studios successfully Kickstarted Distance, the visually contrasting racing game that infuses a lot of dark, sci-fi atmosphere with bright traces of neon color. The game has picked up massive support from the community not only due to its visual effects and graphically compelling art-style, but also in due part to the smooth gameplay and crazy physical feats that players can pull off during the intense races.

Of course, not everyone has a gaming-ready PC or a laptop capable of running some of the newer titles on the market (even though most games have fairly low entry points as far as system requirements go). So for gamers interested in Distance that don’t belong to the Glorious PC Master Race, they wondered if they would be able to get in on the racing action via home console. It was a fair question that we would forward to Refract Studios, and here’s what the press representative had to say in response…

“We would love to see Distance on a console as a possibility in the future, but as of now we are only working on PC, Mac, and Linux.”

“We want to emphasize that there is no guarantee that the game will be on a console, but it’s certainly a possibility”

While it’s easy to say that Distance could make the jump to the PlayStation 4, where it would fit in with a ton of other independent titles that were once PC exclusives, it’s important to keep in mind that the playing field in the console spectrum regarding indie titles is no longer solely in favor of Sony’s latest console.

Microsoft has taken up the indie mantle as well, and provided smaller developers with an opportunity to design games using a retail Xbox One that can be turned into a debug unit with the simple press of certain buttons. The [email protected] program has opened the doors to allow just about any up-and-coming developer to take advantage of Microsoft’s latest console like Chris Christie takes advantage of blocking bridges for a little political revenge.

Also, we can’t count out the Big ‘N’s little Wii U. The “console that could” has been doing very well as of late in the sales and software department, picking up its slack after a lackluster first and second quarter of 2013, where most analysts thought it was a goner. However, Nintendo revamped their indie policies and opened up the console to some pretty innovative titles set for release in 2014, as well as offering developers free Unity Pro licenses for registered developers, sort of as a way to keep the fresh young minds coming back to make more games for the Wii U. This could make Nintendo’s console prime bait for the post-student project of Distance.

With each console providing their own benefits to the indie community, it will be interesting to see if Refract Studios makes good on one offer over the other or if they decide to go all-in and release the game on all three platforms. Personally? I would love to see the game on the Wii U, taking advantage of the GamePad and the gyroscopic capabilities. It would be a perfect fit for the off-the-wall gameplay provided in Distance.

For those of you who have no idea what the game is like or why some people would want to see it released on home consoles, feel free to check out some awesome gameplay footage of the title below, and marvel at the awesomeness.

For more info, feel free to pay a kind visit to the official website.

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Arcade survival racer Distance closing in on Kickstarter finish line

Seattle-based Refract Studios updated the Kickstarter page with new gameplay footage for its racing game project Distance, a spiritual successor to the team’s student project while attending DigiPen, Nitronic Rush. With DigiPen owning the rights to Nitronic Rush, Refract Studios (a fraction of the Nitronic Rush team) took to Kickstarter to fund its ambitions with a similar “survival racing” game in Distance.

According to the project’s description, “You control a unique car that allows you to boost, jump, rotate, and even fly through a chaotic and twisted city.” The game’s world is said to have a “mysterious history,” placing a heavy focus on exploration in the city’s bizarre environment in addition to its level editor and multiplayer modes.

Distance is in development for PC, Mac and Linux, with the only videos available labeled as pre-alpha footage. The Kickstarter project is currently sitting at almost $85,000 in funding with five days left before the team hopes to reach its $125,000 goal.

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Linux Support for Distance – A Next Generation Arcade Racer

According to their recent update, Distance will officially be supported on Linux!

The Official word from Refract Studios

Time for Change

With only two weeks left and 58% still to go, we feel it’s time to change things up. We’ve been spending every waking minute since launching this campaign to spread the word to press and original fans of Nitronic Rush, but it’s not enough. We’re going to be putting out a lot more updates about the project from here on out, and we’ll need your help to share them with the world.

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