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Warbanners turn-based tactics release date

Warbanners turn-based tactics release date in linux ubuntu mac windows games

Crasleen Games, creators of enjoyable fantasy games. Hence the deep tactical combat including Drums of War. Now announcing the release date for Warbanners. Which will debut for Linux, Ubuntu and Windows PC on October 18th via Steam.

So Warbanners is an indie, meticulously designed, turn-based, tactical strategy game. While also coming with role-playing elements. Players manage a squad of mercenaries, experiencing a campaign of 42 missions. Yet strategically fighting towards becoming a legend equal to the ancient ones. So have to master a multi-faceted battle system. Learning how to exploit everything from the terrain to your special units in your road to victory.

Synthetic Dawn release date for Stellaris (Linux)

synthetic dawn release date for stellaris linux mac windows games steam

Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of games that challenge the player. So right now Synthetic Dawn,” a new Story Pack for Stellaris has a September 21, 2017 release date. And yet the story pack will be available for Linux, Mac and Windows.
Synthetic Dawn pack which allows players to expand across the universe. While they take control of a customized robotic civilization. Releasing later this month on Linux, Mac, Windows PC’s. While featuring Machine Empire gameplay and events. Along with new music, voice packs, portraits and more. Synthetic Dawn will retail for $9.99 USD.

So to prepare humanity for proper subjugation under the unstoppable machine intelligence. Paradox Development Studio has just released a new video developer diary. Which details the many features of Synthetic Dawn.

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn – Feature Breakdown:

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn provides an all-new way for players to establish their empire. Doing so as an entire civilization of artificial beings. So Stellaris players will have the option to start the game as a Machine Empire. Therefore they could be relentless exterminators or overenthusiastic servitors. Players will face unique challenges as they assert their digital dominance. Encountering mysterious robotic Fallen Empires in the far reaches of space.

Paradox Interactive is a leading global publisher of strategy games for PC and console. The company has developed and published a world-renowned catalogue stretching back to 1999. With players hailing from all around the world.

The publisher’s steadily-growing portfolio includes firmly established franchises such as the critically acclaimed Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron, and Stellaris series created by Paradox Development Studio, the Age of Wonders series created by Triumph Studios, as well as award-winning titles such as Cities: Skylines, Pillars of Eternity, and more from a network of partner studios. Paradox also owns White Wolf Interactive, though none of the publisher’s employees are vampires.

Paradox’s development studios are located in Stockholm, Malmö and Umeå, Sweden. As well as in Delft, The Netherlands. Sharing a passion for gaming and gamers, and with the goal to provide deep and challenging games. With hours of gameplay and endless variety to our ever-growing community.

To pre-order Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn at Paradox Plaza. The games release date is also set for a debut on Steam, September 21st.

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Sundered discounted pre-orders and new trailer

sundered discounted pre-orders and new trailer in linux mac windows games

For the hype of the studio’s fans and indie game enthusiasts worldwide. Thunder Lotus #Games have revealed an eye-catching new trailer. Due to the widely anticipated hand-drawn Metroidvania #Sundered. Since it will release on July 28th, 2017 for Linux, Mac and #Windows PC. So yes, this will be another day-one launch.

So, pre-orders just went live on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. While also issuing a 10% discount until the July 28th launch. The studio is also celebrating the imminent release of its sophomore production. While having a victory lap for its first: the award-winning Jotun. Which is FREE to own on Steam this weekend. While a physical edition of Jotun releases through publisher Limited Run Games.

“I’m extremely excited to announce that Sundered is releasing on July 28th,” said Will Dubé, Creative Director and President of Thunder Lotus Games. Issued in a blog post accompanying the launch trailer. “From the announcement, to the Kickstarter, to the alphas and betas. The fans have supported us. We thank them with all our hearts and hope to blow their f****** minds.”

Sundered​ epic new launch trailer, titled ​Resist or Embrace

Sundered’s ​release date is revealed via an eye-catching new trailer for the game. The launch trailer, titled ​Resist or Embrace​, evocatively opens on a lone figure in a sandstorm. And a narration from the game’s protagonist Eshe. Audibly teetering on the brink of madness. Eshe describes the cyclic challenges of the game’s corrupted world. Concluding that her salvation hangs on a choice to either resist or embrace its evils.

Discounted pre-orders for the title are available now on strong Steam, GOG, and Humble Store.

Sundered ​will release worldwide on July 28th, 2017 with a full retail price of $19.99 USD. Right now, get the discount price for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since we will have a day-one release.

Tower 57 still no release date or day-one support

tower 57 still no release date or day-one linux support in gaming for 2017

While not everyone knows about Tower 57. #Gaming takes place in a dystopian, dieselpunk world. While Megatowers are the only enclaves of civilization. Yet a group of extraordinary individuals gets sent to infiltrate the reclusive Tower 57.
Since we know the basics, a release is expected sometime in #2017. Although, according to #11BitStudios, we do not have a set release date yet. While also facing an issue of no Linux support, let alone a day-one release.

“So the guys are still working on the game and need some more time. I can’t get you the date yet – sometime this summer, probably.

The bad news is that Linux version is not confirmed, and if there will be one – than not on the day one.”

So we already knew about Tower 57 coming to Linux, ideally. And yet it seems as development evolve, we may not even see native support. This is some unexpected news to be honest. Since I was expecting some more positive news since the earlier release details announced last year.

So Tower 57 is a top-down twin stick shooter. All set in a 16-bit inspired pixel art, destructible environments and heavy focus on co-op. While this is a modern take on what made AMIGA games so great. The skills, clips’ capacity & the ability to cooperate will decide their fate.

Tower 57 Features:

  • Rich and vibrant pixel art dieselpunk world
  • Roster of seven diverse characters with different skillsets and equipment
  • Campaign designed for single player & (local/online) co-op playthrough
  • Highly destructible environment
  • Fast-paced arcade gameplay

Tower 57 has been confirmed for Mac and Windows via Steam & Humble Store at least. So as it stands, Linux gaming for the twin stick shooter is still up in air. While we still do not have a confirmed 2017 release date.

Hand of Fate 2 has no release date yet on Steam

hand of fate 2 does not have a release date for linux via steam games

Since #DefiantDevelopment has a promise. Hand of Fate 2 will be dealt to Linux, Mac and Windows PC in Q1 2017. Well that’s a bit of an issue. We still do not have a full #release date via Steam. So we reached out to the developer to see #whatsgoingon. Well…

“We’re yet to announce an official release date. Though we’re in external testing at the moment. And getting closer to completion every day. As with HoF1, a Linux build will be available on day one. And finally, we’ve built HoF2 on Unity.”

Okay, so this is some positive news. Yet does not give us a release date. Since that Q1 2017 projection seems to be a bit amiss. And the store page on Steam shows “coming 2017”. We are still don’t have a solid release date. But the games now in testing, so that’s a bonus.

So moving on to gameplay, Hand of Fate 2 will pit players against a series of trials built from cards. Hence being tested in third-person action-adventure combat. All while facing decisions laced with consequences. Making strategic choices and building your deck.

Hand of Fate 2 will also introduce a suite of additions. This includes companions to aide players in and outside of battle. Of course there are dangerous enemies and a variety of objectives in combat. This also includes two-handed and dual-wielding weapons. And of course all new cards/encounters.

Like the original Hand of Fate 2, the games sequel will require players to overcome trials built from collectible cards handed out by the dealer.  A new map based meta-game allows players to discover and unlock challenges. Gamers are tested through third-person combat, dangerous exploration, tense minigames, deck-building and Dungeons & Dragons-style decisions.

Although players previously faced the dealer’s traps on their own. Adventurers can earn and fight beside companions in Hand of Fate 2. Companions offer support during the games combat. Provide exclusive options in the RPG portions and the board game sections. In addition to having their own storylines.

Among the new cast of allies is Malaclypse, a mage masquerading as a bard to hide from the Empire’s ban on magic. Malaclypse provides ranged attacks and shield spells in combat. And allows rerolls in certain board game segments.

The aide provided by companions will be useful against Hand of Fate 2‘s new enemy types. Which are once again united by card suits. The Steel suit is comprised of well-trained Imperial forces. While the Blight suit threatens players with corrupted, mutated men.

So Hand of Fate 2 is the sequel to Defiant Development’s hit title. Going on to sell more than 1.9 million downloads.

For more information about Hand of Fate 2, or to add to your Steam wish list. Since the game is expected to launch with day-one Linux support. As well as Mac and Windows PC.