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Cannon Brawl 2D multiplayer strategy hits Linux

cannon brawl 2d multiplayer strategy hits linux games windows

Since the fun and fast-paced #CannonBrawl is available on Mac and #Windows. Well it seems the Linux release is now available. Since the #games an intense action-strategy. Gameplay combines skill-based play of classic artillery games. With the rapid-fire pacing of an RTS. So matches are quick and players will need to think fast. Outwitting and out-maneuver their opponents. Now since players choose from a wide array of pilots and war machines. Creating a combination of buildings that they can drop from airships. Hence the destructible 2D multiplayer maps, while decimating their opponents. Complete with resource management, territory control and war machine upgrades. A fierce real-time battle experience wrapped up in an enchanting fantasy world.

Cannon Brawl Features:

  • Completely destructible terrain and many ways to destroy it
  • Full campaign mode with 20 missions, 10 puzzle levels, nightmare mode
  • 1v1 Local multiplayer
  • Online Multiplayer
  • 10+ Unlockable airships, each with their own unique perk
  • 7 Multiplayer maps
  • Choose from 15+ different weapons and defenses
  • 10+ Unlockable airships, each with their own unique perk
  • Keyboard and Gamepad support

So originally Cannon Brawl a tiny prototype for Windows. Pete Angstadt entered it into the first Activision Independent Games Competition. While fedex’ing the entry overnight just a few days before the deadline. Then months and months later the results were announced. The games entry took first place. So former Maxis partners in crime, Pete and Theresa quit their jobs to work full time on Cannon Brawl. While jamming on this game since July 2011. Now we have a full Linux release, which plays well actually.

Since Cannon Brawl still holds a solid 92% Positive rating. Yet the release is already available for Mac and Windows. The Linux is now on both Steam and Humble Store.

Hellhunter developer unsure about Linux day one

hellhunter developer unsure about linux day-one gaming 2017

Since #supernatural investigative hunting RPG Hellhunter is coming to #gaming in #2017. There seems to be some debate with developer Ballistic Interactive regarding a day one Linux release. Since both the Kickstarter and IndieDB page do list Linux as supported platform. We may not necessarily see a day-one native release. In fact we are missing platform support on the Steam page. Yet the Greenlight page does list Linux, which is a plus.

“At this point in time we are not 100% sure linux will make it for the initial release. Therefore we didn’t add it to the steam page.”

So this sounds fair enough, it’s not a No at all. Since the developer did not mention any drawbacks in the email. We have issued a Discussion post via Steam to show some Tux love. Simply to get some further hype for the day one release and help encourage Ballistic Interactive.
Since their Kickstarter did not succeed, they are using “other funding avenues.” As the team continues to move ahead with the coming 2017 release.

Hellhunter gaming has the player assume the role of a freelance hunter. While building his career towards uncovering the ultimate terror. Since you are tracking a bloody trail across rural Australia. Doing so for almost a decade, following the beast that took your family. Leading to a small town of Windsor Heights. Ever since the reopening of Ravenhall Manor, townspeople have started to go missing. While strange sightings have been recorded around the town. From spectral women beckoning people into the fog, to spiders as large as wolves.

Hellhunter Features

  • Hellhunter is a hardcore single player hunting game. Centralized around investigating and hunting supernatural enemies.
  • Dark & unique art direction, using light & shadows to create a mysterious haunting atmosphere. With carefully tailored animation bringing the game to life.
  • Procedural level generation, mixed with dynamic clue and enemy generation. Making for a massively replayable gaming experience. Clues are logically scattered around the level which the player has to find and decipher.
  • Character progression & customization. Using countless hightech gadgets, weapons and consumables.
  • Contrasting gameplay, starts with careful investigation involving stealth. But progresses to fast paced intense combat by the end of a job.

So in each job undertaking, the level is procedurally generated. Therefore the true identity of the supernatural creature is not revealed. There it is up to the player to explore and investigate. Which ultimately effects the fight at the end of every job. While also creating an intense and unique experience for every hunt. Since death lurks in every corner. Do you have what it takes to become a hellhunter?

While no specific release date has been issued for Hellhunter in 2017. We are keen to share some Linux love and help support that day one launch.

Insurgency: Sandstorm E3 Trailer first reveal

insurgency: sandstorm e3 trailer first reveal linux mac windows pc games

Since Insurgency: Sandstorm is the #sequel to the multi-million unit selling Insurgency. The developers New World Interactive have finally have a reveal.

So the combat scenes are looking impressive. As are the landscape detail and effect. Since the #games being designed to retain what makes Insurgency great. And while the developer is building upon this aspect. The FPS is epic, coming enhanced and expanded as a new game. Due to Insurgency: Sandstorm release on Linux, Mac, #Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Therefore the release will come with the addition of new modes and content to reveal later. Which includes a new Story Mode. Since the games story is a playable squad cooperative of up to four players (two player split-screen) or alone.

Insurgency: Sandstorm – E3 Trailer:

Since the trailer is narrated by one of the main characters in the game. A U.S. Army veteran turned volunteer soldier. Who finds himself on an unexpected journey alongside a female fighter native to the region. With a few more characters have yet to be seen. Their objectives have aligned and their vision of the war blurred. Since the experience touches each of them in different but converging ways.

Like Insurgency, the gameplay of Sandstorm rewards teamwork and objective-play over personal success. Players will see new features such as drivable light vehicles, character customization, unlockable cosmetic items, fire support requests, ranked matchmaking, and more.

Insurgency: Sandstorm Features:

  • Sequel to 3 million unit selling tactical FPS, Insurgency
  • Built on Unreal Engine 4 with vastly improved visuals and console support
  • Online multiplayer with casual/ranked matchmaking and cosmetic item progression with Steam Marketplace integration
  • Emphasis on strategic teamplay, with in-game 3D VOIP
  • Full mod support for the PC version including building levels, importing content, creating missions, and more.

Insurgency: Sandstorm will release on Linux, Mac, Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Yet there is no official release date announced yet via New World Interactive.

Laser League arcade multiplayer announcement

laser league arcade multiplayer announcment linux mac windows pc games

Since 505 #Games announced a partnership with BAFTA-winning indie dev magicians Roll7. Hence Laser League, a fast and fun original multiplayer arcade game. And since the studio is known for the award-winning OlliOlli series. And of course NOT A HERO. #Roll7 bring their trademark addictive gameplay to an original vision of near-future competition. Which we all expect to release on Linux, Mac and #Windows PC’s.
Since the gameplay includes up to 4 v. 4 intense online or local multiplayer modes. Laser League’s frenetic yet intuitive matches are easy to play. Yet difficult to master. All in a throwback to the heyday of gaming’s more approachable arcade action. This is all from the announcement of course.

“We have admired and enjoyed Roll7’s work from a far ever since the first OlliOlli game,” said Tim Woodley, senior vice president of brand and marketing, 505 Games. “When we saw the first prototype for Laser League. We could already feel that all-too-rare ‘just one more go’ impulse. We jumped at the chance to help Roll7 take their proven studio to the next level. And realize their ambitions for Laser League.”

Laser League Announcement Trailer:

In Laser League, the exhilarating, high-octane contact sport of 2150. Players battle against the opposition for control of nodes that bathe the arena in deadly light. Evading rival colored beams. While teams attempt to fry their opponents with speed, strength and strategy. Special offensive and defensive abilities. As well as game-changing power-ups on the arena floor. Each provides an edge at the crucial moment. Like all great sports, it is accessible and immediately understandable. Yet rewards dedication with deceptively complex strategic possibilities.

“It’s awesome to step outside of our ‘house style’. Developing a far bigger 3D experience that we think will redefine a genre,” said Simon Bennett, director at Roll7. “The (much bigger) team here at Roll7 are hyped. Hoping to get Laser League into people’s hands as soon as possible. Then work with the community to fine-tune the experience before launch.”

So what’s the deal?

Since we know that Laser League is in development using Unreal Engine 4. Most people know that Linux support is a given for Roll7 games. Yet we don’t know if Linux support will be available for Early Access. But, since Roll7 are known for their Linux, Mac and Windows full releases. Well it could be we have to wait a bit.

Re Linux – we are not 100% sure at this stage, our Publisher 505 will make this decision – so its in their hands!

As of this moment, we’re waiting for further announcement details from 505 Games.

Laser League will be part of the Early Access program on Steam beginning this summer. Followed by a launch on PC (hopefully Linux, Mac and Windows), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018.
In the mean time, players can sign up now for a chance to be part of the upcoming beta test and Early Access HERE.

Wartile tabletop RTS gets Major Update

Wartile tabletop inspired RTS gets major update for windows and the games linux build comes later

Since indie development team Playwood Project Wartile, it has captured our attention. While the game is a visually stunning medieval real time strategy game. Now having a major update release for this #UnrealEngine4 title. Currently on Early Access for #Windows PC’s. Hence allowing players to take on the digital diorama-themed Battle boards. Which now sees its first major content update in the form of Adventure Pack 0.5.

The Linux release:

According to the #games developer Playwood Project, their ultimate goal is to release a Linux and Mac version. It won’t be for the Early Access stage of the product because they don’t know what effect that will have on the current pipeline. But it’s very much on their agenda.

“This latest update and content package is considerably bigger than Which represents the core of the feedback and work we’ve been doing on Wartile since Early Access,” said Michael Rud Jakobsen, Founder and Creative Director of Playwood Project. “Since this Adventure Pack also introduces a new skirmish mode. We’re very excited to reveal a whole new Battleboard. While in addition to a new mission titled ‘Thors Wrath’. An updated UI and reworked art for the card system. As we strive to continually enhance the overall player experience.”

Wartile – Early Access Launch Trailer (Windows):

So this major update also includes the new ‘Trail of Tyr’ skirmish game mode. Which will test players’ combat prowess against waves of attackers. The Adventure Pack 0.5 adds a female Viking archer to the games ranks. While providing a whole new tactical edge to combat and a much sought after community request. ‘Thor’s Wrath’ is an exciting new mission variant due to the games new challenges. Where players embark on the search for ancient relics. All connected to Viking Mythology in a revisit to the Heidrun Clan. Trail of Tyr now takes the available number of playable Battleboards in Wartile to 8. With more coming in forthcoming updates.

Other updates and tweaks include brand new art for Ability and Godly cards. which have been revamped with new art and coloured markings so players can distinguish them more clearly. Poisonous toad dust bombs have also been added to the player’s arsenal of deadly assets and, for those keen to get up close and personal, the Viking headbutt will allow players to stun opponents during an attack. Oil Bombs now provide a short based range attack to engage in full on Viking arson, and no Viking rampage would be complete without the healing benefits of alcohol – flasks of medieval Mead can now be consumed by your Viking to provide a small recovery to health.

While we see a major update. Hence there will be a 10% discount on Steam for Windows PC’s. Which will also coincide with this latest June update. And expect to see the native Linux release closer to full release. Yet we have yet to test Wartile in Wine.