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Eight Dragons, would you buy the native release

eight dragons would you buy the linux release

Would you buy Eight Dragons if it came out with a Linux release? This is question proposed on Twitter via developer
Extend Mode. And the games due to release on Steam in June 2018.

Pawarumi gets official release in Steam games

pawarumi shoot em up gets official release in steam games for linux mac windows

Pawarumi now has an official release date for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam games. Manufacture 43 is releasing Pawarumi on January 30th, 2018.

Since the games two years into the making. The creation takes on the spirit of 90’s arcade games. Ideally to appeal to shoot’em up hardcore fans and newcomers. Which could be the true heir of legendary titles like Ikaruga or Radiant Silvergun.

With Housemarque (Resogun, Nex Machina) giving up on shoot’em up development. It’s up to other small indie studios to keep on carrying the torch. So in 2018, coming up with an original shoot’em up is a tough challenge. Since it is the mother of all action games after all.

Civilization VI Fall Update makes a native debut

Civilization VI Fall Update makes a linux and mac debut on steam

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI latest, the Fall update finally make a debut on Linux and Mac. Originally this update released October 19t, 2017 for Windows.

So this update includes a number of balance tweaks. Including civ-specific adjustments, AI tuning and bug fixes. There is also the new premium DLC, the Khmer and Indonesia Civilization and Scenario Pack available now.

The Station launch date and day-one support

the station launch date and day one support for linux mac windows on steam

The Station now has an official launch date with day one Linux on Steam. Also this includes Mac, Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. So this first-person sci-fi mystery, will launch on February 20, 2018.

The Station is developed by a team of AAA veterans. This includes Dave Fracchia, former Studio Head at Activision subsidiary Radical Entertainment. Also the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning designer Les Nelkin. And BioShock Infinite and League of Legendscomposer Duncan Watt. The Station will take players across the universe and aboard a spacecraft orbiting a vicious alien world.

The Station full release and Steam Dev Update

the station full release and steam dev update for linux mac windows

The Station first person exploration game finally has a Steam update for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since the games originally set for a Summer 2017 release. Which clearly did not happen. So a 2018 release is confirmed to release soon. At least according to the recent Steam Dev Update.

PAWARUMI shoot em up confirmed for Linux

pawarumi shoot em up confirmed for linux windows games 2017

PAWARUMI is a modern take on the genre of shoot’em up’s coming to Steam. Also the games a pure shoot’em up experience. So this it is not a Bullet Hell. The games developed using Unity, but the graphics are looking impressive. Therefore, we did reach out to Manufacture 43 to make sure a Linux release is in the works. Since the debut is already set for Windows, but Linux is also confirmed.

Freaky Awesome roguelite action coming to Linux

freaky awesome roguelite action coming to linux and windows games 2017

Freaky Awesome is a hectic action rogue-lite coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. The games release is available now on Steam, officially October 18th, 2017. Yet expected to have a release for Linux and Mac. The well rogue-lite action is going to have native support.

Bear With Me Episode 3 released this week

bear with me episode 3 released this week for linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

Since the third, longest and final episode of Bear With Me released. This noire point-and-click adventure follows a 10 year-old girl and her imaginary friends. All while she investigates her brother’s disappearance across Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Officially available now on Steam and Humble Store. Including a 10% discount until October 12, 2017.

Episode 3 follows Amber’s gruff chain-smoking private investigator sidekick, Ted E. Bear. While he searches for the kidnapped heroine. Ted will investigate clues and solve puzzles. Interrogating a cast of other toys brought to life. All in the stylized hand-drawn monochromatic metropolis known as Paper City. Only he can rescue Amber, and only together can they take down the arsonist Red Man.

Starblast space MMO shooter coming to Linux

starblast space mmo shooter coming to linux ubuntu mac windows games

Indie studio Neuronality announces Starblast. Since this is an arcade space shooter, massively multiplayer online. All set to for release on Steam and Itch on November 8th to Mac and Windows. Yet developer Neuronality is keen to bring the shooter to Linux and Ubuntu as well.

Starblast is based on our own custom game engine. We are indeed currently working on a Linux port of the game. We still have no idea if the Linux port will be ready before the release date set for the game, thus we are not advertising it yet.”

So Starblast combines fast paced multiplayer action. Hence a compelling 2.5D top-down gameplay and outstanding physics engine. Allowing players to feel the handling of their spaceship. So this MMO has a high fun factor guaranteed. Since you can fight against other players (10,40 or 60 depending on the mode; up to 300 during special events). While destroying asteroids, collect gems and use them to upgrade your ship. Buying weapons or upgrading your space station (team mode).

CRYENGINE 5.4 Update releases w/Vulkan Beta

cryengine 5.4 update releases with vulkan beta for linux ubuntu mac windows games

So the latest CRYENGINE 5.4 release offers Substance Designer integration, Vulkan API support, entity components, and more.
Since Crytek just announced the full release of CRYENGINE 5.4. Which is now available for download on CRYENGINE.com. Including new features across Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows.

“The 5.4 release represents a big step forward for the engine. We’ve worked closely with CRYENGINE community members to ensure it includes features. And updates that address their needs,” said CRYENGINE Product Manager Collin Bishop. “We’ve made sure that these additions—particularly in the form of Substance integration and Vulkan API support. Really catering to artists and programmers.”

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is available on Linux

xcom 2: war of the chosen now available on linux mac beside windows games

Feral Interactive just announced the release of XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. Hence the long awaited expansion pack for the award-winning 2016 strategy game XCOM 2. Which is out now ahead of the expected release date for Linux and Mac, right beside Windows. Since we all know the games developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K. Also available for Windows and and consoles. XCOM 2: War of the Chosen adds a massive amount of content to XCOM 2. Which continues to hold steady with an 86% positive review rating on Steam.

So War of the Chosen brings thrilling new material to the fight against ADVENT. The human enforcers of the alien regime occupying Earth. So when additional resistance factions emerge to eliminate the invaders. A sinister new enemy, the “Chosen”, arises. They have one goal: to recapture the Commander of XCOM. Therefore this expansion includes new Hero classes to counter the “Chosen”. Along with new enemies, missions, even more challenging environments. All while increasing depth in strategic gameplay.

“War of the Chosen adds exciting strategic depth to XCOM 2’s already thrilling campaign,” said David Stephen, Managing Director of Feral Interactive. “In a world where humanity’s last line of resistance is on the run, the arrival of The Chosen pushes XCOM’s technology, tactics and daring to the edge…”

Features for XCOM 2: War of the Chosen include:

  • New Factions & Hero Classes: Three additional factions – the Reapers, Skirmishers and Templars – each with its own Hero class;
  • The Chosen: A deadly new enemy force that will kidnap, interrogate and kill XCOM’s soldiers. They can even invade the strategy layer and ravage XCOM’s global operations;
  • New Alien and Advent Threats: Adopt new tactics to counter a deadly new alien known as the Spectre, the explosive attacks of the ADVENT Purifier, and the psionically charged ADVENT Priest;
  • New Environments and Mission Objectives: Players can engage in wide-ranging tactical missions, from abandoned cities devastated by alien bioweapons during the original invasion, to underground tunnels and xenoformed wilderness regions;
  • Enhanced Strategy Layer: Manage relations with factions while countering enemy operations from the Avenger;
  • Greater Customization & Replayability: Soldiers cultivate bonds with compatible teammates for new abilities and perks, while the SITREP system dynamically adds new modifiers to the tactical layer to make sure every missions provides a unique challenge;
  • Challenge Mode: New regular community challenges that rank players on a global leaderboard.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is now available on Linux and Mac via Steam and Humble Store. The games expansion is priced at $39.99 ‎USD. Yet much closer to the Windows release than expect. Kudos Feral Interactive.

System Requirements:

  • OS: Ubuntu 17.04 64-bit or Steam OS 2.121
  • Processor: Intel i3-3225 3.3ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA 650 (1GB), AMD R9 270 (2GB) or better
  • Storage: 78 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Intel GPUs are not supported at time of release. Nvidia requires 381.22 or newer drivers. AMD requires Mesa 17.1.2 (tested)

Songbringer adventure RPG release date (Linux)

songbringer adventure RPG release date for linux mac windows games

One-man development team Wizard Fu, comprised of Nathanael Weiss. Along with publisher Double Eleven are keen to announce the release date. Since Songbringer will be available for Linux, Mac, Windows on September 1st.

So players take on the roll of Roq. Hence the space-faring planetary surveyor who wakes up shirtless on a strange planet. Together with the help of your robot companion Jib.
Therefore it’s your job to save the universe from the ancient evil army. Which you’ve also accidentally awoken. So no only do you have explore the harsh world of Ekzerra. Yet you also have to master the dungeons. While also defeating its fearsome bosses. Only then will you unlock the secrets of your own power. Thus returning the galaxy to peace.

So Songbringer is an action RPG inspired by the original Zelda games. Since the combat is real, with a wide range of weapons. While also coming loaded with a ton of hidden secrets. World maps are generated from a six-letter world seed. Which also determines the layout of the overworld and dungeons.

Songbringer Gameplay Trailer:

Songbringer Features:

  • Single-player action RPG
  • Local co-operative two player mode
  • Full gamepad support, including rumble
  • Real time combat
  • 7 kinds of weapons including the nanosword, boomerang-like top hat, bombs, blink orb, ghost sword projectile, lighter and kilobombs
  • Hundreds of unique items and powerups
  • Some items can be bound together. For example: ghost sword + lightning cube = lightning sword
  • Hidden items, secret entrances, secret pathways, bomb-able walls
  • Original soundtrack
  • Online leaderboards highlight the top players based on completion time, percentage of map uncovered and percentage of items found
  • Roguelike-inspired permadeath option which gives a higher score on the leaderboard and allows for faster runs
  • Approximately 6-12 hours of gameplay per adventure, depending on thoroughness
  • Procedurally generated overworld and dungeons
  • Each generated world contains: 1 overworld, 10 dungeons and 13 primary bosses

So Songbringer release date for Linux, Mac, Windows is on September 1st. Pre-orders are open now on the games Humble Store page but not on Steam.

Euro Truck Simulator 2: Italia map announced

euro truck simulator 2: italia map announced linux mac windows games

SCS Software proudly announces development of a new map. Hence the Euro Truck Simulator 2: Italia map expansion coming to Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam.

About Italia Map Expansion

SCS Software development team is working on the new Italia map expansion. So this an expansion will broaden the games world with maximum effort. While bringing fans SCS’s rendition of beautiful Italy. All with its rich history and modern industry.
So the map designers have fallen in love with the new region. Right from the research stages there are so many diverse environments to combine. From tall mountains to the shores of the seas. From manicured farmland to wilder and more arid places.
So it is clear that SCS Software are looking at a challenging and demanding task. Trying to depict the typical features of Italy from behind the wheel. Like roads leading through the Apennines. Where tunnels and bridges alternate with scenic vistas and curvy segments. While opening the view to distant horizons. The geography and shape of Italy have also led to a relatively high concentration of cities. As well as industries seen in the new DLC.
Hope players will be keen for the work and appreciate all the efforts. Finally showing Italy for what it is: Bella Italia!

More Content for all Euro Truck Simulator 2 Owners

The game already contains several cities from northern Italy. This area of the games world will receive an extra layer of polish to coincide with the DLC release. So even players who decide to wait with the purchase of the new DLC. Each will benefit from a partial upgrade of the game map.

Release Plan

So if everything goes according to the plan. SCS Software expect to release the Euro Truck Simulator 2 map expansion towards the end of this year. Therefore, no official release date is set. Yet the Steam page certainly outlines Linux, Mac and Windows. Which will be a day-one release as well.

No Truce With The Furies RPG coming to Linux?

no truce with the furies isometric rpg coming to linux mac windows games steam

No Truce With The Furies is an isometric RPG coming to Steam and Humble Store. While set in this genre-bent setting where literary fiction meets sci-fi/fantasy. Since the games actually inspired by titles like Planescape: Torment and Kentucky Route ZeroNo Truce With The Furies tells a detective story where every piece of dialogue has a lasting effect. While this can be big, small, or even unspoken.
Since developer ZA/UM has spent the better part of fifteen years creating the world. So No Truce With The Furies is a narrative-driven experience. Made uniquely possible through the interactive role-playing genre.

What about a Linux release?

Hi Todd,

The game is built on the Unity engine.

As for the port, I’m afraid I cannot say much more right now.

Seeing this is not a full out confirmation. We are now asking Linux gamers to show some Tux love via the Discussion Post on Steam. Therefore we can show ZA/UM some solid community support for the games coming release.

So explore the gorgeous seaside city of Revachol as a disgraced detective lieutenant. Solving one last murder case that has roots deep within the city’s core. Shape the type of law officer you want to be in No Truce With The Furies. While using twenty-four unique and finely crafted skills. Each represents a real human psyche and physique. Expect absurd new heights of story combat. Since the action is all through quick-wit dialogue. Which can steer your moral compass in any direction. So wonder inside a representation of your mind in the metaphysical Thought Cabinet. Examine your own doubts, conflicts and memories, guiding your in-game dialogue choices. Yet the role-playing games an emergent art form — and ZA/UM is set to light it on fire.

No Truce With The Furies Teaser Trailer

No Truce With The Furies Features:

  • Fantastic Realism: Is it fantasy? Is it sci-fi? Is it alt history? Some kind of punk? No, it’s a genre-busting new world fifteen years in the making. It’s fantastic realism.
  • Beautifully Bleak Paint-shading: The benchmark for isometric graphics have been pushed to new heights thanks to contemporary oil painters who hand painted the environments to bring the city of Revachol to life.
  • The Thought Cabinet: Thoughts of all kinds are stored in an interactive inventory. Come to conclusions, develop obsessions and use these thoughts to guide dialogue choices.
  • The Skill System: The world’s simplest role-playing system called Metric. You can sing, dance, pay rent and actually fail at skill checks with profound results. Built by D&D evangelists, the rule system represents real life attributes.
  • Audio and Ambiance: Mikee Goodman from the band SikTh provides killer voice-over talent and the acclaimed rock’n’roll band British Sea Power has recorded original music for the game.

So No Truce With The Furies will be available this fall on both Steam and Humble Store (no official release date). While we do hope to see Linux support available along side Windows. While Humble Bundle will showcase the game at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany from August 23 – August 26, 2017.

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