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Fates of Ort retro fantasy RPG release date

fates of ort retro fantasy rpg game release date for linux mac windows pc

Fates of Ort the retro fantasy RPG game has a release date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer 8BitSkull. The games due to launch this month on Steam.

Super Rad Raygun platformer is leaving Steam

super rad raygun retro platformer is leaving steam linux mac windows pc games

Super Rad Raygun retro platformer games leaving Steam but still supporting Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to independent game developer TRU FUN Entertainment. There are also some further release changes for Steam.

Blazing Chrome retro co-op Linux reevaluation

blazing chrome retro co-op games linux reevaluation

Blazing Chrome the retro inspired co-op action facing a Linux reevaluation. Since JoyMasher reveals details about the new action game. Which is coming to Windows via Steam and GOG this year. We reached out to developer regarding support.

Aeon of Sands retro RPG now has Linux support

aeon of sands retro rpg now has linux support in steam games

Aeon of Sands – The Trail now has Linux support in Steam games. Thanks to developer Two Bits Kid. Who also announced the news via Steam update recently. We now have native Linux support for the retro, post-apocalyptic RPG.

DUSK retro revival shooter gets a native release

dusk retro revival shooter linux and mac release in games

DUSK retro revival shooter games official Linux and Mac release is here. Thanks to developer David Szymanski for the native build. The games also on Steam and Humble Store right now. And the reviews are Overwhelmingly Positive.

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