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Dead Cells gameplay and game review video

Dead Cells roguelike action platformer coming this Spring

Since Dead Cells is really a #Windows game that can be played on Linux. Hence this post should share a bit of light on things. So this review is more gameplay itself. Since it is more of a challenge to review a #Steam Early Access game. Yet most of use are still very keen to playing Windows #games with Wine. And since this is our first experience with Dead Cells. We should point out that Linux support will arrive day-one at full release.

Steam User Review system changes made by Valve

steam user review system changes made by valve linux mac pc

So #Valve have made improvement changes to its Steam User Review system. Hence their attempt to “fine-tune” the actual relevance of the overall #reviewscore associated with each product. Which has been a long time coming for many Linux #games, to be honest.

So as of this week, review scores will no longer account reviews submitted by users who received the game for free. Hence keys sent via gift or during a free weekend. Which should make for some interesting results, particularly for indie games.

Since users that obtain games via gift or a free weekend can still submit a submit a review. This will no longer count towards a title’s overall score.

“With the changes we are making now, the review score (shown at the top of store pages and in various places throughout the store such as search results) will no longer include reviews by users that received the game for free, such as via a gift, or during a free weekend. Reviewers can still write comments. Customers that obtained the game in any of these ways, but the review will not count toward the overall review score.

We started rolling out this change earlier this week, and it will take a few more days for our system to completely update all reviews and re-calculate the scores. In the meantime, you may see the review score on a game change a couple of times depending on how many reviews come from the sources mentioned above.”

Since Valve rolled out the latest change earlier this week, obviously it will be a few days for the update to take effective. Hence the system will change completely for reviews and re-calculating overall scores.

As such, the company also warned that users and developers may see review scores change. Since this could happen a few times over the coming days. Valve also explain which game types will be affected:

“This change only affects games that are in the list as “for sale” on Steam. For free or free-to-play games, reviews by all users will continue to count toward their review score.”

It’s also worth noting that the change only affects games that are listed for sale on Steam. Free-to-play and such titles won’t be impacted by the latest tweaks.

Since this is the latest in a string of changes made by Valve. The company previously disregarding reviews submitted by Steam key users. While regaining slightly on those changes in the following update.

Freebird Games – A Bird Story now released

Freebird Games - A Bird Story now released linux mac pc

Freebird Games A Bird Story launched on Friday, the very setup is dangerously tearjerky: a boy finds a bird with an injured wing. People who played #TotheMoon, will also be pleased to know #Freebird has something more devious planned for the not-sequel. However you will be pleased to note A Bird Story is receiving a “Very Positive” on Steam #reviews.

Developers Freebird Games call it an “interactive pixel-animation … told through a dialogue-free blend between reality and imagination.” This is the extent of my knowledge, having not played it yet and not wanting to poke around lest we learn too much. Maybe the bird dies. Or the boy dies. Or they both die. Or the bird gets better and flies away and it fills the boy with hope. Or the boy dies and it turns out his dying thought was a tragic dream about dying together with a poorly pigeon because even that was more hopeful than anything in his whole miserable life.

Key Features

  • A story-driven experience with no dialogues
  • A mix between adventure game elements and classic RPG aesthetics
  • An original soundtrack tailored to the narrative
  • An espresso execution with no time drains

A Bird Story is DRM-free on GOG, $4.24 on Steam, or the Humble Store give both a DRM-free version and a Steam key for $4.24. It’s on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.


A deeper look at Roll7 games OlliOlli

OlliOlli, from British #developer Roll7, is a skateboarding game built on nostalgia and frustration, but both in the best ways.

A look at the menus might remind you of Angry Birds: A series of unlocking levels of increasing difficulty, each marked with a series of stars below them to taunt you, reminding you of how much more there is to do back in those first levels, but the similarity stops there.

OlliOlli is a hardcore twitch game for #Linux, Mac and Windows PC that demands absolute precision from the player to the point where it borders on being game-breaking. The controls can feel a bit clunky and unintuitive, something that’s probably much worse if your fingers still have the slightest memory of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. You will only use a few buttons: The left analog stick is used to trigger tricks, the left and right bumpers give your moves spin, and the X button is used to ensure you land on your wheels instead of your face.

Once that learning curve is surmounted and basic controls are grasped, levels became easy to pass, and the challenges that account for those stars become fun to pursue even when they seemed near impossible.

The game is populated with 25 amateur levels, 25 Pro levels, as well as 50 “spots” and something called the Daily Grind. Amateur levels are unlocked by beating the previous level, while Pro levels require that you obtain all five stars in the corresponding Amateur level. Each level has what’s called a Spot, where you get to execute one combo. Once that combo ends – meaning you touch the ground, whether on purpose or not – the level’s over and your score is up on the leaderboards. Finally, there’s the Daily Grind. Each day, a new Spot is posted. You get to practice it is as much as you want, but then you only get one chance to log a score on it. Whatever your first score is, that’s your score for the day.

Finally, if you can somehow beat all of the Amateur and Pro levels, you unlock Rad mode.

Building on that classic arcade-y feel is a visual style that feels almost like a high definition take on a Sega Genesis game. The color palette and detailed pixel art a reminder of games being played the early 90s, and only the analog stick under the left thumb.

The throwback graphics are more than just nostalgia, though. They are stylish and each of the five environments is memorable in its own right. The simple graphics do a lot to assist the timing-intensive gameplay, as well. They move with a speed that might look out of place in a 3D setting and make those short moments between jumps and grinds easier to work with.

Finally, the game and those visuals are tied together by some very good sound design and one of the best game soundtracks in a game this year. Listening to it not just while playing, but even leaving it on in the background. As much as we have been trained over the years to associate skateboarding with punk rock, the smooth electronic jazz that makes up the soundtrack for OlliOlli provides a perfect backdrop for the constant restarts that come with a game like this.

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Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar a first look and hands-on

Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar is an #RPG set to be #released on August 21st for Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows PC.  The game starts with you searching for a magical artifact that can prevent an upcoming catastrophe. After finding it and returning home, you’re accosted by the castle guards and thrown in prison. Thus begins your adventure of finding out just what is wrong with Queen Sijsen and the rest of the kingdom.

After an hour of playing, a few unique quirks of the combat system. Characters will only automatically attack the enemy right in front of them, but their abilities can still be used on a random target. However, each of their abilities have a cooldown that only counts down if they’re currently fighting an enemy. Each character also earns experience separately and only if they land the killing blow. It is possible to have your strongest fighter do most of the damage and then swap him or her for another character to give that character the experience.

Earning items is also unusual as they occasionally appear in the boxes on the left side of the screen. If you do not use a potion or equip one of your characters with the weapon or shield, it eventually disappears entirely. Some of the items give bonuses to a random stat, and the more luck you have, the higher chance you have of getting better quality items. At the end of the mission you can recycle the items that remain into ingredients which can be used in crafting better weapons and armor.

The characters banter with each other between missions, but there has yet to be any decision making so far. A better help system or some tooltips in the final version to give some guidance in deciding what stat to increase when characters level up. Still, the unusual combat and loot systems makes this a game to watch for when it’s released on August 21st.

Developed by Cuve Games and published by Phoenix Online Publishing, Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar will be available for OS X, Windows, and Linux. Learn more at Phoenix Online Publishing.

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