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SCREENCHEAT out now for Linux, Mac and PC

screencheat fps out now for linux mac and pc

Cheaters never win? Cheaters never prosper? Tell this to #SamuraiPunk and Surprise Attack Games! They’ve just #launched Screencheat, the first person shooter where everyone is invisible and the only way to murder your friends is to look at their screen to know where they’re standing. Return to the glory days of lying to your friends that you totally didn’t know they were camping and your grenade was “just a lucky guess.” Consider this game your self-help guide for your cheating addiction and write it off as a medical expense at for a current 10% discount on Steam.

Everyone is invisible, but what does it matter since you were looking at your best friend’s screen the entire time anyway! This is the premise behind Screencheat, the revolutionary split-screen first person shooter that tells you that it’s ok to be a louse, a rat, a cheating… well, you get the idea. Screencheat has you covered by color coded map areas and many unique landmarks. Yes, you, I see you there hiding near that Woolly Mammoth in that red room. The name of the game in Screencheat is to never stay still and let your opponents get a bearing on you. Just don’t take your eyes off your screen for too long or you may find yourself walking right off a cliff.

Eight unique and crazy weapons, combined with a heap of game modes and maps keep Screencheat fresher than eating watermelon in a field of summer blossoms.

King of the Hill has never been more dangerous, as once you step foot on the capture point in “Hillcampers” mode every player will know exactly where you are.

The more unique “One Shot” game gives you a blunderbuss and only one bullet. Be fast and be accurate or be dead and… well… dead.
For those of us who loved Madeline Kahn and Tim Curry, “Murder Mystery” mode gives you a mansion and a set of objectives.  Green with the Candlestick? It’s a party and someone’s going to die.

“Capture The Fun” has one player holding a confetti-spreading pinata with everyone else trying to blast it (and the player) to smithereens. Fun for the whole family.

Finally, the good old fashion Deathmatch, where the only thing that matters is fragging people as fast as possible, because what would an FPS be without it?

Screencheat is giving all of us legitimate cheaters out there a shot at redemption, to show that all those hours of split screen GoldenEye and Mario Kart Battle Mode weren’t wasted, they were just training for the ultimate split screen showdown.


Screencheat releases Murder Mystery Update for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


This week Surprise Attack released a major update for everyone who has #preordered Screencheat! Known as the Murder Mystery update, #SamuraiPunk has packed in a gigantic new map called Manor, and a brand #newmode.

For those who do not know, Screencheat is a first-person shooter that throws conventional split-screen multiplayer rules out the window and actively encourages players to look at their opponent’s screen. As your enemies are invisible on your screen, it’s impossible to find out where they are on the map without taking a not-so-sneaky peek at their screen. We say not-so-sneaky because in the world of Screencheat, it’s not really cheating!

Screencheat was born out of the Global Game Jam 2014 and is being developed by the four man team – Samurai Punk. The full game is set to contain five colourful maps, five distinctive weapons and a wide variety of both online and offline multiplayer options that will promote questionable sportsmanship around the world.


  • Four player split-screen multiplayer that can be played both locally and online
  • Eight weapons
  • Five maps
  • Six different game modes that can be customized to keep things fresh
  • Full Steam integration
  • Full controller support, on top of standard mouse and keyboard functionality

And the new Murder Mystery update forces you to stop spamming Screencheat, while tracking your foes down in an intense game of cat and mouse.
Of course, Surprise Attach would love to get your feedback, so head over to this discussion.

Feel free to record the sessions, because if you manage to beat Samurai Nick in battle, that’s quite an achievement!


So now it’s heads down on hitting the October 21st release date. Making Screencheat feature complete now, and all that remains is polish and minor bug fixes before the release of version 1.0. And before we forget to mention, Screencheat is 34% off on Steam until the release date.


Screencheat mulitplayer FPS where you have to cheat to win

Multiplayer etiquette may have demanded #players refrain from looking at one another’s screens to deduce to locations of opponents in splitscreen shooters of yore, like GoldenEye or Halo, but that certainly does not mean it was yet to be a common #strategy.

Riffing on this old-school tactic comes Screencheat, a splitscreen multiplayer FPS where everyone is invisible so players are forced to look at each other’s screens to win.

In Screencheat, out of Melbourne, Australia-based studio Samurai Punk in conjunction with indie games publisher Surprise Attack, players will need to familiarise themselves with the uniquely coloured parts of each map, along with any distinctive landmarks, in order to track down their invisible opponents.

Screencheat, which will feature two-to-four player splitscreen (local and online), was born out of the 2014 Global Game Jam where it nabbed the ‘Jammers Game of Choice’ award and picked up a trio of honourable mentions for ‘Best Accessibility’, ‘Best Use of Theme’ and ‘Judge’s Choice for Best Game’.

A free beta period for Screencheat will commence on August 4. You can sign up here for access.

Screencheat mulitplayer FPS coming to linux mac windows pc

Screencheat is scheduled to arrive on PC, Mac, and Linux in October 2014.

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