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Democracy 4 screenshots and dev update

democracy 4 screenshots and dev update for linux mac windows pc

Democracy 4 just released screenshots and a developer update for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Positech Games. Which still does not have a Steam page.

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass new screenshots

serious sam 4 planet badass new screenshots for linux mac windows

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass, or simply Serious Sam 4, is an upcoming game for Linux, Mac and Windows. Another in the Serious Sam series. Currently, no release date has been decided yet. So we have to get that out of the way.

Insurgency: Sandstorm alpha screenshots

insurgency: sandstorm alpha screenshots for windows linux

Insurgency: Sandstorm now has alpha gameplay screenshots. The ever evolving original Insurgency formula. Which is also the multi-million selling FPS comes enhanced and expanded.

Expeditions: Viking turn-based strategy RPG official release date

expeditions: viking turn-based strategy rpg official release date linux mac pc

So after the warm welcome of Expeditions: Conquistador – Logic Artists’ PC debut title. The developers are finally ready to do it again four years later with the long-awaited sequel. Therefore #LogicArtists is pleased to #announce April 27th as the release date of Expeditions: Viking.

Expeditions: Viking features a branching dialogue system that allows the game to manage and react to player choices. We initially estimated a word count of 200,000. But we’ve decided to increase it by an additional 80,000 words to provide players with more content. And give them more options and choices on how they progress through the story,” said Ali Emek, Expeditions: Viking Producer.

expeditions conquistador screenshot 01

“With that amount of content, managing localization takes more time. We think it’s worth it to make the game accessible to an international audience. That’s why we’ve arranged a number of language localizations. So from day one players will be able to enjoy Expeditions: Viking in English, French, German, Polish, and Russian,” Emek added.

In addition to this, Logic Artists has stated that the additional development time strategy will allow them to tweak and balance the combat gameplay, implementing new special abilities for the most interesting villains, as well as to add flavor and improvements to Expeditions: Viking’s animations.

“We received great feedback from the testers after our last closed beta session, and rescheduling the release a bit is allowing us to spend our final weeks of development on improving usability and addressing the bugs reported during the beta test,” Emek added.

expeditions conquistador screenshot 02 expeditions conquistador screenshot 03

About Expeditions: Viking

Since Expeditions: Viking is the highly anticipated sequel to Logic Artists’ PC debut title, Expeditions: Conquistador. In the second installment of the series, players take on the role of leader of a modest Norse village. Consolidate your power as your neighbors plot against you, and cross the sea to explore the kingdoms of the British Isles, where wealth and power await. Launch raids to plunder monasteries and villages, or establish trade routes and political alliances on your adventures throughout the Norse lands and beyond. This second installment to the Expeditions series takes you to the dawn of the Viking Age where you must etch your name into the annals of history. Trader or tyrant? How will history remember you?

So Expeditions: Viking will be available on Steam, GOG, Gamersgate, the Humble Store, and in selected stores worldwide.

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Insurgency: Sandstorm shooter releases concept screenshots

insurgency: sandstorm shooter releases unreal engine 4 screenshots linux mac pc

So the developers behind Insurgency and Day of Infamy are eager to present more information. Hence more details about key #features, screenshots and concept art illustrating the story. The next #firstperson #military shooter in development titled Insurgency: Sandstorm. A shooter set to first release on Windows PC, then Linux and Mac.

Insurgency: Sandstorm, published by Focus Home Interactive, is New World Interactive’s sequel to Insurgency. Hence taking the renowned shooter to consoles as well as Steam coming in 2018. Since Sandstorm takes a graphical leap to Unreal Engine 4, but at its core will feature the close-quarters infantry combat for multiplayer and cooperative gameplay. Which has already established Insurgency as a cult classic for over 3 million players on Steam.

Additional features confirmed:

  • Expanded environment scale.
  • Light vehicles for transportation and fire support.
  • New game modes designed for vehicle gameplay.
  • Competitive matchmaking, anti-cheat, and rankings system.
  • Improved ballistics system including bullet drop and travel time.
  • Interacting with the environment by climbing ladders and door breaching.

New World is also venturing into new territory with a story mode for 4-player cooperative and single-player gameplay. So the groundbreaking narrative for the shooter genre, the story of Insurgency: Sandstorm focuses on a female protagonist who is a Yazidi Kurd. Yet the games theme is inspired by real events and people, however this is a fictional story and characters.

“We are very excited to venture into the realm of storytelling to offer more depth for Insurgency. Shooters do not have to be about mindless killing, so players can stop and ask questions about the world a game represents, and find answers within the narrative,” said New World Creative Director Andrew Spearin. “Historically, the avant garde in many art forms are who disrupt and redefine genres. For a decade Insurgency has been in that position, and we are emerging from indie obscurity to innovate the FPS genre.”

The Story

The concept art and descriptions below provide a glimpse at the direction New World is taking with the story of Insurgency: Sandstorm.


So a few years ago, in a familiar setting, the sandy streets of an Iraqi village. While the tone of Insurgency: Sandstorm’s narrative shifts the typical shooter inspiration away from blockbuster military power fantasy movies. Yet it is more towards a dark and understated indie film rooted in reality.


While there is depth to the narrative, you must look beyond the surface, away from these typical streets, behind closed doors. Searching a dark room to discover our female protagonist. Hence she is enslaved by radical insurgents, along with her sister and other young girls held captive.


A change of events:

While a sandstorm engulfs the village and fighting erupts. By chance, a hole is blown into the wall and the girls escape. So in the confusion of the storm, our protagonist is separated from her sister and friends. She is alone, wandering in the desert.


Present day. Our protagonist has enlisted with a rebel faction, fighting against the radical insurgents. They push through battered villages, hitting the insurgents hard. One day, a key piece of information is discovered and our protagonist’s world is not what it seems.


Female fighter:

She breaks free from the security of the main group to embark on a personal quest. Accompanying her is another female fighter, her best friend who was held captive with her years earlier. Along for the journey are two foreign vigilantes: an American combat veteran of the war in the Middle East, and a French citizen who has never seen combat.


Along the path of their journey, several challenges emerge. Without a military force backing you up, that force may become an obstacle.


Essentially, the narrative is a road-trip story. It’s about these characters bonding through the many challenges that arise. Their diverse experience leads to interesting character dynamics, but ultimately their actions extend beyond their own volition.

For more information about Insurgency: Sandstorm, check out the official website.

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