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Seeds of Resilience survival launches

seeds of resilience survival management launches in linux mac windows pc games

Seeds of Resilience survival management launches in Linux, Mac and Windows PC games. Thanks to the development efforts of Subtle Games. The games full launch release on Steam and Itch.

Seeds of Resilience now available on Early Access

seeds of resilience now available on early access for linux mac windows

Seeds of Resilience singleplayer strategy simulation is now available on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows. Or you could also get the game on Itch. Either way, the purchase includes Steam access and a discount.

Seeds of Resilience strategy sim hits soon

seeds of resilience strategy sim hits soon for linux mac windows

Seeds of Resilience is a new strategy simulation coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. Which has players facing merciless natural disasters in a deliciously unique experience. Coming to Steam Early Access on July 4th.

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