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Serious Sam: Tormental twin stick shooter port

serious sam tormental twin stick shooter port linux windows games

Serious Sam: Tormental twin stick shooter is now on Windows, where is the games Linux port? So we reached out to the staff at Croteam. Since Gungrounds are hard at work with the Early Access release.

Serious Sam Fusion 2017 gets First and Second Encounter

serious sam fusion 2017 first and second encounter on linux plus vulkan support in gaming news

The big news floating around #VR and #Vulkan support from Croteam gaming. Hence the publisher outlines, “Chaos incarnate #Croteam and professional hype-people Devolver Digital have launched Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter. As well as Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift via Steam.”
Which is great in terms of expansion and better native support. We do not own a VR headset at all. Right now it seems to be a big costly to “play around with” for occasional gaming.

Yet the now added First Encounter and Second Encounter on Linux is great news. Even moreso seeing we have some solid Vulkan and 64-bit support now. While in our test, the Vulkan graphics change seems to have the game crashing. Right after selecting the difficulty, waiting on the loading screen, following by the “continue” option. Voila, the game crashes. Has anyone else has this issue in the Serious Sam Fusion 2017 bundle?

So now players can visit South America, ancient Mesopotamia and Medieval Europe on Linux. Of course Croteam advise bringing a chainsaw or two. Hence the dual-wield weapons or using the arsenal in deathmatch. Either way, this is a native port and that means not having to run Windows.

While Serious Sam: The Second Encounter sees a free Serious Sam Fusion 2017 update. Now bringing cross-platform co-op and other multiplayer modes (VR vs non-VR) plus Steam Workshop support. So this is a very decent update indeed. With some seriously welcomed features.

Serious: The Second Encounter is launching with a special 25% discount (until April 11th). Available on Steam for both Linux and Windows. So if you already own any other Serious Sam VR game. There’s also an additional 25% discount which is stackable.

Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter and The Second Encounter coming to Linux, Android, and iOS


Serious Sam,  even a single gamer worth their salt who can say that they haven’t played it. And now both Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter & The Second Encounter are being #ported to Android, along with the promise of a Linux and iOS version too, in all of its #highdefinition glory. The confirmation came directly from the horse’s mouth, a #developer from Croteam Games. The announcement was made on a Steam Community board in response to a question posed by a community member.

The actual post reads as follows, “This is something that I was hinting at for months already, and it will come. We will be retrofitting all of the older games (the HD versions, not the classics), onto all the new platforms as we come to support them. But more on that later. So, in short – yes, there will be SSHD:TFE/TSE on Android (as well as OSX, Linux…) – at a point. Actually, we can more-or-less run those already, besides the SS3. It just needs some more fixes and tuning to be available at the same time. You’ll hear more about it when the time comes.”

So there you have it! Not only is this an announcement of the game coming to Android devices, but also a confirmation of the game as almost done, albeit the need for fixing of some issues and tuning. From what we CAN gleam from that information, we can pretty much expect the game in the very near future. So all those people, like me, who have had awesome memories of blowing up headless boxers can now enjoy the game on the go too and relive those glorious memories as people commuting with you stare at you in awe!

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Best Advice for Linux game developers from Ryan Gordon

Top tips for new Linux game developers

Ryan Gordon offers advice on making games for the OS

No one will argue, Linux #expert Ryan Gordon has had years of experience developing games for the platform, #porting some of the biggest franchises around, including the likes of #UnrealTournament and Serious Sam.

With so much knowledge of the OS, he offers some tips for developers trying to get to grips with Linux for the first time.

“If you’re starting from scratch, use SDL 2.0. It’ll save your life,” he explains. “If you’re coming from Windows to Linux, port your game to SDL first, then port your game to OpenGL. Now you’ve done the bulk of the hardest work without even downloading a copy of Linux.

“Be wary of middleware. There’s lot of good middleware out there, but you just have to make sure you can get a Linux port of it (and, ideally, at no extra cost for the platform). Sometimes there’s no official Linux support, but source code is available, which is often just as good.

“Everyone has an unshakable opinion about their developer tools – myself included – but if you’re nervous about losing Visual Studio, QtCreator is worth a look. Most of the key bindings are identical, so you’ll have the benefit of muscle memory. Also, it’s a decent graphical debugger even if you don’t use the rest of the IDE it offers.

“The videos Valve just released from Steam Dev Days (two of them from me) have some really good discussions about OpenGL, SDL, and Linux development, and are worth watching.”

You can find videos from Valve’s Steam Dev Days here.

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Serious Sam is here for The Humble Weekly Sale

Back in 1993, a group of childhood friends from Croatia started a small, independent game studio aptly named Croteam. What started as a tech demo for their programming and design prowess eventually turned into an indie shooter phenomenon upon the release of the first game – Serious Sam: The First Encounter. From there the Serious Sam legacy has grown to include games on nearly every imaginable platform and a global fan base of serious fans dedicated to the over-the-top action and not-so-serious tone that have become the trademarks of the series. Meanwhile, that same group of childhood friends remains the core of Croteam, still just a handful of dedicated folks, as they continue to take the Serious Sam saga into new and exciting directions.

Even though the series has grown tremendously, the development of Serious Sam still remains true to its indie roots with only about 12 people developing the upcoming Serious Sam 4. All proceeds to the developers in this weekly sale will go towards making Serious Sam 4 the craziest and greatest Serious Sam game ever


This is a one-week, pay-what-you-want promotion where fans can support developers and charity and receive these games DRM-free and/or on Steam for Windows, with limited games available on Mac, Linux, and Android:

  • the bloody and exhilarating first-person shooter Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter
  • the over-the-top and crazy successor to the original game, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter
  • the explosive turn-based RPG Serious Sam: The Random Encounter
  • the chaotic hand drawn side-scrolling shooter Serious Sam Double D
  • the frenzied side-scrolling action game Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!
  • the early prototype of the first game, Serious Sam Public Test 2

If a buyer pays more than the average price at the time of purchase, they will also receive Serious Sam 3: BFE Deluxe Edition, which includes Serious Sam 3: BFESerious Sam Classic: The First Encounter, and Serious Sam Classic: The Second Encounter, as well as Serious Sam 2!

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