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Shadowrun Online renamed by developer and Kickstarter backers

Shadowrun Online developer Cliffhanger Productions has #announced the game’s #name has been #changed to Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown and a release date for April has been set.

Recently picked up by Nordic games, the new title was formed through the developer and its Kickstarter backers. The goal is to let anyone not familiar with the game know by the title alone it can be played in single-player, while not assuming it is an MMO based on the “online” part outlines.

Jan Wagner, Managing Director of Cliffhanger, explains: “Shadowrun Online has always been a title that invited a wide range of expectations – some gamers thought it meant we are doing a full-blown MMORPG with a persistent open world, others believed it meant we are doing a free to play browser title. The core vision of the game has always focused on experiencing the world of Shadowrun together with your friends and meeting other players, swapping stories and exchanging strategies as well as a creating a space for actual role-playing with others. This to us is the core experience of Pen and paper roleplaying – a shared imagination and story experience. But a lot of people thought that the title meant they had to play it in multiplayer and didn’t even check it out. The new title also expresses our goal to continue to tell stories and release new content evolving from the collective actions of our players. They will shape the way the future plot of Shadowrun develops, literally making history in the Shadowrun Universe.”

“Especially for the boxed version, gamers need to be sure they can play the game alone at their convenience and not be forced into some online pattern or depend on any server activity for that matter. The new title also implies that Shadowrun Chronicles is here to stay,” said Gennaro Giani of publisher Nordic Games.

“The new title also implies that Shadowrun Chronicles is here to stay.”

Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown is set for a release on April 28 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

The co-op tactical combat game will be made available through Steam Early Access on March 31.


Shadowrun Online picked up by publisher Nordic Games

Shadowrun Online is getting a #new injection of #funding from its new publisher, Nordic Games. The game should not to be confused with Hairbrained Schemes’ single player Shadowrun series of role-playing games, which are set in the same universe but developed by a different company.

Developed by Cliffhanger Productions and funded mostly through Kickstarter, Shadowrun Online remains in Steam Early Access and is heading towards a release window of Q2 2015 for the Linux, Mac and Windws PC.

Nordic Games has since picked up the game, adding it to a long list of newly acquired franchises that includes Red Faction, Darksiders, and de Blob–properties picked up after the demise of THQ.

“We are excited to cooperate with Cliffhanger Productions on multiple levels: some of us spent copious amounts of hours in the Shadowrun universe (armed with pen and paper), plus visiting Cliffhanger’s studio takes 15 minutes with public transportation to check out the latest internal build, so we can collaborate closely,” Nordic’s Reinhard Pollice said.

“It just clicked between Nordic and us – we know and trust them to give Shadowrun the attention it deserves,” added Cliffhanger Productions co-founder Jan Wagner.

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Shadowrun Online updated to include two-player cooperative gameplay

Shadowrun Online updated to include two-player cooperative gameplay

Shadowrun Online, the successfully-Kickstarted game set in the magic-meets-cyberpunk world of #Shadowrun (no, not that one), has been updated to include two-player cooperative #gameplay and character customization. So now when you blast that cyborg Ork, you can do so with a friend and look good doing it.

If those sound like features you’d expect to be in the game at release, well … the game hasn’t actually launched yet; not fully, anyway. Shadowrun Online is in Early Access, and was only made available via Steam’s service earlier this year. The recent patch to the game changes plenty of other features in the game as well, such as a user interface overhaul and fatigue system. You can check out the full list of changes on the Shadowrun Online website.

Shadowrun Online Releases Co-op and Character Customization

Even the best shadowrunners need backup once in a while, lest their organs wind up for sale at the body bank. The newest update for Shadowrun Online, currently on Steam Early Access for PC and Mac, introduces two-player cooperative gameplay and new character customization features.

See the full list of updates and new features at:

Shadowrun Online introduces two-player cooperative gameplay alongside the current lineup of solo and PvP missions. In the new co-op mode, players can enlist the aid of a friend to strategize and coordinate the perfect assault to tackle random missions together.

Expansive character customization has always been a hallmark of the Shadowrun universe, and the latest update brings new options for race, gender, clothing, and of course, weaponry. Combined with Shadowrun Online’s class-free progression, players will have the freedom to create characters that are truly their own.

Based on the best-selling tabletop RPG, Shadowrun Online combines turn-based strategy with the persistent world of an MMO, and crosses the boundaries between the digital and pen-and-paper realms. Through their cumulative choices in an evolving campaign, players of Shadowrun Online will help shape the future of the Shadowrun universe.

From Cliffhanger Productions, creators of the tactical MOBA for desktop and mobile, ÆRENA: Clash of Champions, Shadowrun Online is currently available for PC and Mac on Steam Early Access and features solo, PvP, and cooperative gameplay, including cross-platform multiplayer.

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Shadowrun Online on Steam Early Access March 31

Shadowrun Online coming to Steam Early Access March 31

Cliffhanger Productions has revealed its upcoming Shadowrun Online will be available for Steam Early Access on March 31. A separate project from Harebrained Schemes’ single player focused Shadowrun Returns, Cliffhanger’s title will center on #multiplayer action with #coop #gameplay and player vs player faction wars set in a persistent world.

Become one of the infamous Shadowrunners in this multi-platform online version of one of the most successful pen and paper RPGs ever. Experience Shadowrun with your friends and plenty of enemies in a true cross-platform game and determine the future of the 6th world! Live your life on the edge, fight corporations and gangs and try to stay alive doing the most dangerous job of all: Shadowrunner.

Watch your back.
Shoot straight.
Conserve ammo.
And never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon.

In Shadowrun Online, set in the 2070s of our world, dragons are running mega corporations, Amerindian braves battle it out with Ork street gangs over turf, elf hackers glide through the all-encompassing matrix and cybered up street samurai face toxic spirits in the rubble of ruined streets. And YOU will be shaping the future of this world!

Become a spell slinging mage, a cybered-up Street Sam or a matrix-running Hacker. Choose from hundreds of different types of magical and mundane gear or even change your body by adding implants and cyber-augmentations to improve your abilities.

Every character perceives the game world differently: While mages can see auras and look into the spirit plane, the right implant allows you to interact with the overlay of augmented reality permeating the modern world and hack anything from security cameras to combat drones. Knowledge really is power in Shadowrun Online.

And the best part is: In Shadowrun Online the collective actions of players will not only determine the fate of the online game world, but our unique player-driven plotline will enable you to determine the future of the whole Shadowrun Universe! Events players trigger will also cross over into the pen and paper storyline – so you can shape the future of the Shadowrun Universe!

At its core SRO is a full Unity3D online game, accessible through Windows, Mac, Android, iOS- and Linux and on Ouya, with high quality graphics and great effects. It is fully cross platform, meaning you can play it on your tablet in the train, then go home to sit down at your PC to continue with the same character. Highly individualizable characters and a turn based system, which balances fast-paced action with deep tactical combat, make it a true Shadowrun experience.

Welcome to the dark side of the future, pal. It’s going to be a hell of a ride.

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Shadowrun Online – Playable Build In Late March

Shadowrun Online from Cliffhanger Productions

#CliffhangerProductions has released a new Kickstarter #update with information about Shadowrun Online‘s progress and plans to have the first playable version of the game in late March. A separate project from Harebraned Schemes‘ single player focused Shadowrun Returns, Cliffhanger’s title will center on multiplayer action with co-op gameplay and player vs player faction wars set in a persistent world.

We have our eyes set on a first playable version towards End of March. This will allow all of you to play a number of missions and get a good idea of the core gameplay (although obviously it will expand in variety), but it will not be the complete game (so you will have predefined characters for example). But at least it is something to finally put into the hands of our backers and fans.

So why does it take us so damn long? For one, as many of you know, we had to find more budget for the game whilst not going to a publisher to get it. This was not an easy task. It actually took us almost a year to get the game securely funded (in the way we wanted it). That is the harsh truth of an independent developer: Even projects of limited ambition are hard to do with a small team and an MMO for that matter is not an easy thing to create…

So the next weeks will be exciting as things finally come together – we have 5 new people in the team (welcome guys and girl!) to help us, greatly increasing the team size and we have an exciting and no doubt wild ride ahead of us. Expect more pictures of actual levels next time we do a game update (after a few more of the short stories our favorite and energetic writer Scott Schletz has whizzed up). It is getting real, folks (and about time, too)!

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