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Nowhere Prophet decking building launches

nowhere prophet decking building launches for linux mac windows pc

Nowhere Prophet dustpunk deck building game launches on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Sharkbomb Studios. The games now live on both Steam, GOG and Itch.io (including Steam key).

Nowhere Prophet new card games release date

nowhere prophet new card games release date for linux mac windows pc

Nowhere Prophet the dustpunk card games release date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the development team at Sharkbomb Studios. And also releases on Steam with day-one support.

Nowhere Prophet releasing this Summer

nowhere prophet releasing this summer in linux mac windows pc games

Nowhere Prophet will be releasing this summer in Linux, Mac and Windows PC games. Thanks to publishing label No More Robots. Along with the development team of Sharkbomb Studios. Who are announcing the upcoming release. Coming this summer to Steam.

Nowhere Prophet releases First Access build

nowhere prophet releases first access build for linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

Nowhere Prophet, the single-player post-apocalyptic card game lands on itch.io. So, starting today Nowhere Prophet is available on itch.io in “First Access”. “First Access?” you ask. Well, imagine if Kickstarter and Early Access had a baby. Therefore players can get early access to the games build. And you can get special rewards while you’re at it.

Nowhere Prophet is a single player deck-building game. The games under development for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. With later releases on further platforms still in consideration.

Nowhere Prophet development almost there

nowhere prophet development almost there linux mac windows games

#NowhereProphet is a roguelike deck-building game coming to Linux, Mac, #Windows in Q2 2018. While set in the hostile planet Soma, a century after a catastrophic technological failure. So players lead an exodus across the #games randomly generated maps. Searching for the mystic Crypt, a place promising a safe future. Yet during these travels the player can build and tweak his card decks. Since defeating enemies means winning a card game.

So back in March we were keen to get Nowhere Prophet Greenlight on Steam. Which has happened. Yet we have just now gotten a developer update from Sharkbomb Studios. Supporting Linux, Mac and Windows. With a lot of trail and error going into the creation of Nowhere Prophet:

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