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Nowhere Prophet roguelike deck-building now on Greenlight

nowhere prophet rogelike deck-building now on greenlight linux gaming news

Nowhere Prophet is a #roguelike #deckbuilding #game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Now on Greenlight, hence gameplay is set on the the hostile planet of Soma. A century after a galaxy-wide, catastrophic technological failure. So the player leads an exodus across randomly generated maps. All while searching for the mystic Crypt, a place promising a safe future. During these travels the player can build and tweak his card decks. And to defeat enemies along the way the player needs to play and win a card game most of all.

Therefore, do note that this bit of gaming news, this is a singleplayer card game developed in Unity 3D. With random generated routes and high difficulty, including permadeath. How does that work? Nowhere Prophet has two distinct phases of gameplay. Travel and combat.

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