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Omnibion War 3D shoot em up needs Tux Love

omnibion war 3d shoot em up needs tux love for linux support

Omnibion War is the lastest in 3D shoot em up sci-fi action games for Windows on Steam, but could see a Linux release. Since 1C introduces the game, taking inspiration from mecha anime. Releasing via SteamTM. Also under development by independent developer Crazy Bullet Studio from Chile.

So what’s the deal regarding Linux support?

Duskers sci-fi roguelike launches for Linux, Mac and Windows PC with discount


Duskers is a sci-fi roguelike for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, about adapting to #survive, while trying to piece together how the universe became a giant #graveyard. After nine months in Early Access, Duskers has now fully #launched on Steam.

According to the story, something terrible has happened. And as the player takes on the roll of the possible last person, Duskers is about exploring the galaxy, scavenging for supplies, upgrades your ship and gathering information by sending drones into other ships. Everything you know comes through those drones and the computer interface, with a combination of basic controls and an actual command lines. Drones are your eyes and your hands, probing with motion sensors and interfacing with ship systems to start generators, open doors, power mini-guns.

Roguelike survival horror game Monstrum now available Early Access

About a week back, Linux Game News brought you details of an upcoming survival horror game from Team Junkfish. Monstrum is more of a roguelike with fill-your-pants moments.

Now Monstrum is available for purchase on Steam Early Access and on the Humble Store for a discounted price of $14.99/£9.99/€12.50, which will increase to $17.99/£11.99/€14.99 when the game launches fully in Q2 2015.

Monstrum is a game that takes the traditional survival horror formula and remixes it completely, introducing procedurally generated levels, permadeath, and AI driven predators to ensure that nowhere on its derelict cargo ship are you truly safe.

Offering up a challenge to even the hardiest of gamers, Monstrum will force you to use your wits and whatever tools you can find to outrun or outsmart your pursuer. Attempt to escape from an environment that is out to kill you while evading the lurking terror that could be around any corner. Can you survive Monstrum?

Early Access Features

The initial Early Access version of Monstrum will feature:

  • Two unique monsters, each with their own tracking methods and hunting styles
  • Three potential escape routes, each with their own challenges to solve
  • Four ship sections to navigate through
  • A procedurally generated environment, no ship is ever the same.
  • A variety of distractions, hiding places and tools to aid your survival

Full Release Features

The full release of Monstrum will include:

  • Three monsters in total
  • Five varied ship sections, with their own environmental traps and hazards
  • Oculus Rift support

Something to keep in mind, as with many Early Access titles a Windows PC release is usually the more common platform. Not to fret, a Linux and Mac build is on the way.

For additional news and information on Monstrum, check out the Team Junkfish website.

About Team Junkfish

Team Junkfish is a Dundee based game developer which founded in September 2013 after they graduated from the University of Abertay Dundee. They usually have a poor attempt at humour here but they’ve just launched their game and are totally not freaking out about it.


Monstrum survival horror coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC


We are always interested in more survival horror games, there seems to be a trend, obviously set from cross-platform titles like the Amnesia series, amongst others. #Monstrum is similar in #rogulelike qualities and the title launches on Steam #EarlyAccess January 29, but you can have a look at the video for it featuring the in-game footage.

Developed by Team Junkfish the survival horror game set on a derelict cargo ship which combines roguelike elements, such as procedurally generated levels and permadeath thanks to AI driven predators.

Monstrum will be available at a discounted price of $14.99/£9.99//€12.50, which will increase to$17.99/£11.99/€14.99 when the game launches fully in Q2 2015.

Here’s a list of initial Early Access features:

  • Two unique monsters, each with their own tracking methods and hunting styles
  • Three potential escape routes, each with their own challenges to solve
  • Four ship sections to navigate through
  • A procedurally generated environment, no ship is ever the same.
  • A variety of distractions, hiding places and tools to aid your survival

The full release of Monstrum will include the following features:

  • Multiple Pursuers – Three different monster types, each with different behaviours and tactics means you’ll need to find out what you’re up against before deciding on your plan. Will you be able to work your way out of an ambush or a direct attack after being spotted? And will the same actions work each time?
  • Procedural Arena – Each time you load up the game the ship will have a different layout, putting the player’s navigation skills to the test.
  • Escape Routes – Choose from multiple escape routes, each of which will require a different combination of items and methods to use, changing with the layout of the ship.
  • Dangerous Environment – Even while not being chased you will need to be on your guard, as the ship will be riddled with traps and hazards, ranging from simple alarms that alert the monster to lethal threats.
  • Distractions – Use whatever you can find to try and distract the monster to lure it away from you. Leave the lights on in a room you’ve just left, turn on a radio down the hall, throw items down the stairs to make noise, do what you need to avoid detection. And if that fails…
  • Hiding – Hide in lockers, under furniture, behind boxes, and hope your fellow passenger wanders on by. And if that fails as well…
  • Permadeath – Death is death. Get killed in Monstrum and you’ll be starting again. In a different ship, possibly against a different monster. Good luck. Start running.

Check out the trailer and head over to the Steam Greenlight page for more information.


IndieBox ships monthly mystery games DRM-Free for Windows, Mac, and Linux

IndieBox ships monthly drm-free games for Windows Mac and Linux

Orlando-based PC game #subscription service IndieBox has launched its first #boxed product in an effort to fight the “race to the bottom” syndrome that often sinks indie game pricing.

Why is this important?

Every game we ship is Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible. You own your game — it’s DRM-free!

Customers who subscribe to IndieBox (starting at $14.99 monthly, plus shipping), will receive a deluxe-edition, boxed indie game for Windows, Mac, and Linux in the mail every month that includes an array of bonus items like buttons, stickers, and soundtrack CDs. The service’s debut game Teslagrad recently shipped out to subscribers in a Sega Genesis-styled box and USB cartridge casing.

Featured games are not disclosed until monthly products hit subscriber mailboxes, and five additional games are planned for shipment in the coming months. Next month’s boxed product, due to ship on June 20, is available for pre-order through May 31.

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