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ANNE fast paced platformer hits Early Access

anne fast paced platformer hits early access in linux mac windows pc games

ANNE is a fast paced platformer now on Steam in Linux, Mac, Windows PC games. Thanks to developer Gamesbymo Inc. Releasing on Early Access with cross platform support.

Super Mega Space Blaster Special launches

super mega space blaster Special shoot em up launches in linux mac windows pc games

Super Mega Space Blaster Special shoot em up launches in Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to creator Bare Knuckle Development. Who just released the shmup on Steam. And it’s dirt cheap too.

Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story SHMUP releases

lazy galaxy rebel story shmup releases linux mac windows

Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story SHMUP releases for Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam. Which adds an ally system that handles levelling based on conversations rather than enemies killed.

Dimension Drive launch coming December 7th

dimension drive launch coming december for linux mac windows games 2017

While created by two ex-space engineers. The design of the game they dreamed up while talking to aliens. So things like the spaceships, explosions, sci-fi and those arcade memories. Reflecting back on their childhood that never left them. Dimension Drive was born. Imagine it, another game for Linux, Mac and Windows. A shoot em up action game for singleplayer, split screen or co-op. So now, this dream will launch on December 7th, 2017 via Steam and Humble Store.

Pawarumi the epic shmup releases on Linux

pawarumi shoot em up the epic shmup is available on linux beside window games 2017

After some intense work on their first project as indie developers. The team at Manufacture 43 is thrilled to release the first Linux release for Pawarumi. The games available already on Windows via Steam. But we’re Linux gamers, we want native support in 2017. Where we can dive right into this crazy shoot’em up. So brace yourselves, epic action releases upon us.

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