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Crashbots action shooter launches on Steam

crashbots action shooter launches on steam for linux mac windows

Crashbots the casual action shooter launches on Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. All thanks to the efforts of developer Neonchimp. Who are also proud to announce the release.

BulletRage arcade shooter and the latest update

bulletrage arcade shooter and the latest update for linux mac windows

BulletRage arcade shooter update for Linux, Mac and Windows. An intense 1 to 4 players twin-stick arcade shooter coming to Kickstarter soon.

Forsaken Remastered action shooter releasing on July 31

forsaken remastered action shooter releasing on linux mac windows

Forsaken Remastered is a 3D first-person action shooter is releasing for Windows, but also Linux and Mac too. Which is a complete 360-degree range of freedom game. According to updates on SteamDB, Linux is incoming.

POLYGOD rogue-like shooter releasing August 17th

polygod roguelike shooter releasing august 17th for linux mac windows

POLYGOD rogue-like shooter is releasing August 17th for Linux, Mac and Windows. All thanks to Indie studio Krafted Games for their much anticipated minimalist, rogue-like, randomly generated FPS. Which still holds an 82% Positive in the Steam reviews.

World War 3 FPS native release is a MAYBE

world war 3 fps linux release is a maybe

World War 3 is a new FPS shooter from The Farm 51 for Windows, but what about Linux support? So we reached out to the dev’s and the reply is actually positive and realistic.

Heat Guardian native port coming soon

Heat Guardian top down shooter linux port coming soon

Heat Guardian is a hardcore top-down shooter set in a freezing world available on Windows, but coming to Linux. But when? Well we have feedback from the developer, finally.

Crazy Justice shooter pre-orders still open

crazy justice pre-orders are live on fig for linux mac windows games

Crazy Justice third-person shooter is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows soon. Meanwhile the developers, Black Riddles Studios also include cross-play. So Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players can play together with PC.

Overload Sci-Fi shooter gets a full release

overload sci-fi shooter gets a full release on linux mac windows

Revival Productions’ Overload Sci-Fi shooter now has a full release on Linux, Mac and Windows. Also the spiritual successor to the classic six-degree-of-freedom (6DOF) tunnel shooterDescent. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows for $29.99 USD on Steam.

Hyperspace Dogfights shooter releases

hyperspace dogfights roguelike shooter releases in linux windows games

Hyperspace Dogfights the roguelike shooter releases on Linux and Windows via Steam. Where your adaptive hyper-jet burst through the upper cloud layer. While bearing down on the military machine of a doomed planet.

Day of Infamy Announces Steam Free Weekend

day of infamy announces steam free weekend for linux mac windows games

Day of Infamy now has a Steam Free Weekend for Linux, Mac and Windows. Along with a significant discount for the weekend as well.

So now, after 2.7 Billion rounds fired in 4.8 million matches. With over 236 million kills. Day of Infamy is looking for new recruits with its Steam Free Weekend.

Beyond Enemy Lines release and Free DLC

beyond enemy lines release and free dlc for linux

Beyond Enemy Lines tactical FPS will get a release and Free DLC for Linux users. Developer Polygon Art issued a reply in a Steam post to outline the coming patch. This is also some rather significant news. Since the last Linux update was over a year ago.

Also a huge shout out and thanks to Nevertheless for reaching out via Twitter. And for submitting the reply via Steam.

Overload six-degree-of-freedom release date

overload six-degree-of-freedom release date linux mac windows games

Overload the six-degree-of-freedom first person shooter has a release date for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games studio
Revival Productions announces the news.

Since their tunnel shooter, from the original creators of the critically-acclaimed 90’s classic Descent. The official launch will be available for Linux, Mac and Windows. While releasing on May 31, 2018 for $34.99 USD via Steam and GOG.

Crazy Justice pre-order’s are live on Fig

crazy justice pre-order are live on fig for linux mac windows games

Crazy Justice pre-order’s are available now live for Linux, Mac and Windows on Fig & Black Riddles Studio. So just make sure you select the PC Bundle.
Since this is only for a limited time, get the $25 Bundle for just $15 USD (12 EUR). The games coming with 23 selectable heroes, customizable skills decks, 60FPS with splitscreen. Also including a Battle Royale mode (against AI as well) and many other multiplayer modes.

RUINER Beta is finally here on Steam

ruiner linux beta is finally here on Steam

RUINER the hit shooter release a Linux Beta finally. So can experience all of the new additions from the Annihilation update. Along with a brand new Arena: Colosseum mode. Arm up and return to Rengkok South for more adrenaline-pumping action. Face hordes of enemies in a fight to death. While working to finish all 10 stages. Complete the Colosseum challenge and bask in everlasting glory.

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