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Vulture Strike official release December 19th

vulture strike officially releases december 19th in linux mac windows games on steam

Vulture Strike is a side-scrolling shooting game for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games set to release officially on December 19th, 2017 with day-one support.

So the games rather unique in that you travel between 2 parallel timelines whenever you want. Since the games unique wormhole mechanic helps you avoid obstacles. This is a player selected option that is quite handy. So due note, this can also put you in harms way. Which means timing and some close-call challenges are at hand.

Battalion 1944 New Behind-the-Scenes trailer

battalion 1944 ww2 fps behind the scenes video linux windows games on steam

Battalion 1944 releases new trailer for Linux and Windows. The game video shows off new behind the scenes details. Since the developer focuses on the defining battles of World War II. So this is more than a trip to Normandy.

So Battalion 1944 development is a Derby-based studio Bulkhead Interactive. Previously developing The Turing Test for Windows via Steam. Now their recent venture across the English Channel forms a new behind-the-scenes video. Which details both the games development process and hopes for the coming launch.

SUPERHOT releases Mind Control Delete

superhot releases mind control delete expansion linux mac windows games 2017

SUPERHOT is now announcing a new expansion MIND CONTROL DELETE. So the games new content coming to Windows (Linux and Mac later). Hence the super-intensive time-moves-only-when-you-move shooter. You know, the one that cross one million copies sold. SUPERHOT Team started expanding the amazing SUPERHOT community and prototyping new stuff.

So now, after more than a year of intensive creative work, the reveal. MIND CONTROL DELETE is a standalone expansion. All set within the SUPERHOT universe. Since this is a roguelike twist on the linear nature of the original game. SUPERHOT MIND CONTROL DELETE expands the rhythm of slow motion combat. So each challenge will make you more powerful. Yet bring you closer to deciphering the secrets. Since these are hidden from you by the system. Unlock powerful abilities and gain access to new playable characters. While enemies grow stronger and smarter.

Aftercharge FPS launches second test event

aftercharge 3v3 first-person launches second steam test event linux mac windows games

Aftercharge is a competitive 3v3 first-person online game for Linux, Mac and Windows. Yet the games not due to release on Steam until the spring of 2018. However, Chainsawesome Games are running their second test event.

We will be running a second test event on December 1st. This time, to have the playtime more focused, the event will only last 12 hours. We will open the servers at 12:00 PM EST and close them down at 12:00 AM EST.

Get your key right here

Son of Scoregasm releases with discount (Linux)

son of scoregasm releases with discount linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

Son of Scoregasm the fantastic new shoot-em-up releases on Linux, Ubuntu, Mac, Windows. The games of course the creation of Charlie’s Games. Which is complete madness across all three platforms. Or maybe the words insane? So the game releases now on Steam and Itch with a discount.

Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE releases in Linux games

serious sam 3 vr: bfe releases in linux and windows games for 2017

Croteam and Devolver Digital releases Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE for Linux and Windows. Also completing an unbelievable run of premiere VR releases in 2017. Since this includes Serious Sam VR and The Talos Principle VR. The VR remaster of Croteam’s best-selling shooter is available on SteamWhile including a 10 percent discount for all users plus an additional 10 percent off for users that own the standard Serious Sam 3.

Degauss twin-stick shooter releases on Steam

degauss twin-stick shooter releases on steam in linux mac windows games 2017

Indie game studio FrozenCrate releases their first game. The retro arcade-style games called Degauss. The game releases on Steam for Linux, SteamOS, Mac and Windows.

Tower 57 release date and Linux support

tower 57 release date and linux beside mac and windows games 2017

Tower 57 is a throwback to the days of Amiga gaming. Back when the focus was on fun gameplay above all else. No loot boxes, grinding or min-maxing. Just you and a buddy having a good time.

So comes the toxic tentacles, blood-thirsty science experiments and five arm replacements. But hey, if you’re into explosive munitions, the perks simply can’t be beat. Hence the latest from Pixwerk and their debut for Tower 57. The games release date will be on November 16th, 2017. Yet Pixwerk do indeed have Linux in mind:

Descent: Underground gets a new Publisher

descent: underground gets a new publisher in linux mac windows games

Descendent Studios, the Austin-based developers of Descent: Underground. So now studio has a publishing and distribution arrangement with Little Orbit. Who are also a worldwide video game publisher in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. For those do not know, a reboot of the classic full-freedom shooter Descent. Little Orbit plans to expand distribution of Descent: Underground . Include retail boxed copies and console versions for XBox One and PlayStation 4. In addition to the publisher supporting, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows.

Relic Hunters Legend last week on Kickstarter

relic hunters legend last week on kickstarter linux mac windows games

While commemorating Halloween and the last week of the Kickstarter campaign. Relic Hunters Legend developer Rogue Snail is giving all backers an exclusive Spooky Jimmy Skin. So all backers who pledge to an Alpha Hunter tier $40 or higher. Will also will receive a multiplayer game demo at the end of the campaign. This offer extends across Linux, Mac and Windows.

Crazy Justice third-person shooter game on Fig

crazy justice third-person shooter on fig for linux ubuntu mac window games 2017

Since Black Riddles Studios are still going strong with Crazy Justice on Fig. The crowdfunding campaign posted by 2 award-winner brothers, Balazs Welker and Gergo Welker. So the opportunity to support Crazy Justice on Fig.co for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. So pledges for the game at a discounted price, $15 USD with a Physical, Limited Edition badge. The campaign goal is $30,000 USD and the Black Riddles Studio already collected 62% of that. Therefore with the team only having less than 2 weeks left, we are spreading the news. Yet hopefully the campaign reaches its goal on October 19, 2017 12pm.

JYDGE top-down shooter launches this week

jydge top-down shooter launches this week linux ubuntu mac windows games of 2017

Since the futurecop twin stick shooter game JYDGE is now available for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. The games priced at $14.99 USD, with a 20% launch period discount via Steam until October 11th, 2017. While an additional loyalty discount of 20% available for owners of Neon Chrome. The game is available in Russian, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese. And the reviews are looking rather good. So you can expect to play in single-player, local multi-player, local co-op or shared/split screen.

Relic Hunters Legend hits Kickstarter for Linux

relic hunters legend hits kickstarter for linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

Brazilian indie game development studio Rogue Snail officially launches their Kickstarter. Hence the campaign for their latest project, Relic Hunters Legend for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows launches in 2017. The previous game in the series, Relic Hunters Zero, is a 100% free-to-play, open-sourced game. Currently available on Steam, boasting a community of over 1.2 million players. Since Relic Hunters Legend has been teased over the last few weeks with snippets of gameplay. As well as a web comic series.
So now with the campaign releases an extended, fully animated trailer. All while kicking off the games launch for the Kickstarter campaign.

Starblast MMO will have a day-one release

starblast space mmo will have a day one release for linux ubuntu mac windows games in 2017

Since we already announced Starblast. The arcade space shooter, massively multiplayer online will support Linux, Mac and Windows for the November 8th, 2017 release. Since the launch is set for both Steam and Itch.io. So it seems developer Neuronality is eager to bring the shooter to as many platforms as possible.