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Gun Rage run and gun coming this Summer

gun rage classic run and gun coming this fall for windows and then linux

Gun Rageis a new classic, fast-paced, side-scrolling run and gun coming to Steam this Fall for Windows, but what about Linux?
So we reached out to solo indie developer Denis Galewski. Who after 3 years of development announced that new game Gun Rage, will release summer 2018 for Windows.

Way of the Passive Fist brawler hits Steam

way of the passive fist side-scrolling brawler hits steam for linux mac windows games

Way of the Passive Fist releases on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games also available now on Humble Store. Since independent developer Household Games has launches their highly-anticipated debut title.

Eight Dragons, would you buy the native release

eight dragons would you buy the linux release

Would you buy Eight Dragons if it came out with a Linux release? This is question proposed on Twitter via developer
Extend Mode. And the games due to release on Steam in June 2018.

Bacon Man 3D platformer games native release

bacon man 3 platformer games linux release on steam beside windows and mac

Bacon Man is a side-scrolling 3D platformer that is coming to Windows, but also Linux and Mac games via Steam. Well according to a recent email from developer Skymap Games, Linux is a big deal. Both in house for business and in-home.

Spinch isometric platformer hits Summer 2018

spinch isometric platformer hits summer 2018 in linux mac windows games

Spinch isometric platformer coming to Steam in Summer 2018 for Mac and Windows, and likely Linux. Thanks to the games developers, Queen Bee Games.

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