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The Age of Technology expansion release month

the age of technology expansion release month for stellar monarch on linux windows pc

The Age of Technology for Stellar Monarch now has a release month for Windows PC, supporting Linux too. Thanks to developer
Silver Lemur Games who continue issue support. Well at least via Proton. Since the base game reviews are Positive on both Humble Store and Steam.

Age of Technology expansion – Stellar Monarch

age of technology expansion for stellar monarch space empire builder for windows pc and linux

Age of Technology expansion announced for Stellar Monarch space empire builder on Windows PC, but playable on Linux. Thanks to developer Silver Lemur Games. The new content is coming in 2019. The base game is available on both Humble Store and Steam. With 80% Positive review score.

Legends of Amberland RPG releases on Steam

legends of amberland rpg releases in early access games for windows linux

Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown RPG releases in Early Access games for Windows but works on Linux. Since Silver Lemur Games are working with the community. Available on Steam Early Access with a discount for the week. We can also play via Proton, aka Steam Play.

Legends of Amberland developer looks to Proton

legends of amberland developer looks to proton in linux games

Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown is a coming to Windows, but the developer is looking at Proton for Linux. This is a unique approach and one that most Linux gamers might disapprove.

Automobile Tycoon non-native simulation game

automobile tycoon non linux simulation game on early access

Automobile Tycoon simulation game for Windows, but there is no Linux support. Since we are keen to support indie game developer. Silver Lemur Games are encouraging all car and simulation-enthusiasts to tryout the games via Windows on Early Access.

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