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Breathedge new video and native support

breathedge new video and linux support for this space adventure rpg

Since Breathedge is a space survival game for Windows, and likely Linux as well via Steam. Developer RedRuins Softworks simply cannot pass on issues of life. You know those of an ordinary human being in outer space. And what it turns into under zero G.

Armed and Gelatinous now on Kickstarter

armed and gelatinous now on kickstarter for linux mac windows games

Armed and Gelatinous is back on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac, Windows and consoles. Since Three Flip Studios has announced a full-fledged campaign. Which is also 51% funded on Kickstarter at the time of writing. Seeking support to complete the final stages of development on the company’s 2nd title, Armed and Gelatinous.

A fan favorite from PAX Aus and PAX South. The fast-paced bullet-hell space-shooter quickly reached 50% of its $12,000 USD goal. Since the announcement of the inclusion of an online-multiplayer component that is already up and running.

Space Tyrant games launch coming this month

space tyrant games launch coming this month for linux ubuntu mac windows

Space Tyrant will be getting a full launch this month on Linux, Mac and Windows. The games developer Blue Wizard Digital has announced the release date. Since it’s fast-paced strategy Early Access gem Space Tyrant is evolving nicely. Hence a fully launch will take place February 27th. Available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Helium Rain when to expect the release in 2018

helium rain when to expect the release in 2018 on steam games for linux windows

Helium Rain is a single-player space simulation for Linux and Windows that debuted on Steam August 2017. Since the games still in Early Access on Steam. We just received some positive details for the upcoming release date.

Dimension Drive shooter officially launches now

Dimension Drive shooter officially launches now in linux mac windows games 2017

Dimension Drive officially launches on Linux, Mac and Windows. The games available now on both Steam and Humble Store. This also means a discount on Steam as well.

Since the games created by two ex-space engineers. Also funding from support on Kickstarter. Since the first attempt ended tragically trolled shaking the industry. So the game saw polish during 8 months with bi-weekly updates on Early Access. Dimension Drive is finally ready to bring a truly new experience to the shoot’em up genre.

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