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Artifact launches Open Beta today

artifact launches open beta today on linux mac windows

Artifact the new card game from Valve which now launches the Beta on Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. But there seems to be some issue with the game. Since Valve is addressing some of the complaints in a blog post.

Sipho action survival is underwater

sipho underwater action survival now on linux mac windows

Sipho underwater action survival is one of the latest Linux games on Steam Early Access, including Mac and Windows. Gameplay combines eerie real life underwater experience. So player can interact with creatures, insects, body parts with building, combat and exploration. Also available on Itch as well.

Rocket League Progression Update details

rocket league progression update details for linux mac windows

Rocket League gets a Progression Update announcement from Psyonix for Linux, Mac Windows. The independent game developer and publisher, now releasing details about the new update. Which will go live on August 29th.

Spellsworn PvP brawls go Free to Play soon

spellsworn pvp brawls go free to play for linux and windows on steam

Spellsworn will be going Free to Play soon via Steam for Linux and Windows. The games Swedish developer Frogsong Studios announces the news. So players can expect to get into a free to play commercial launch on March 13th, 2018.

Also, from March 1st through to March 4th players can enter fast-paced spellcasting matches. Since Spellsworn Arena will be Free on Steam.

Frostpunk games update for native support

frostpunk games update for linux support beside mac and windows

Frostpunk developer release and update, including Linux support. Since reaching out to 11 bit studios. We now have further details about the coming release. And also what’s happening with Linux. Since This Wars of Mine does have full cross-platform support.

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