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Humble Choice January Bundle is worth it

humble choice january bundle of games is worth it for linux mac windows pc

Humble Choice January Bundle is worth it releasing Linux, Mac and Windows PC games. Thanks to the good folks from the Humble Bundle team. They are back again with their second Humble Choice. And we have three native Linux titles this time around.

Steam client update releases from Beta

steam client update releases from beta for linux games

Steam client release the full update now out Beta for Linux. The games also coming with a host of new improvements. And a rather huge list of changes for Linux too.

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone dev feedback

clone drone in the danger zone games dev feedback on linux

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone dev is turning up the heat on Early Access games with positive feedback for Linux. The games functionality via Steam Play continues to work. Including some Very Positive reviews, holding at a solid 91%. Which provides solid feedback for the dev to continue expanding the game.

Well that’s all well and good, but Doborog Games emailed me with a full update regarding Linux support. Also details on Steam Play use, that sort of fell in their lap, so to speak. Along with future plans.

Fanatical Scream Sale has massive discounts

fanatical scream sale has massive discounts for linux mac windows

The Fanatical Scream Sale is available now with massive discounts on Linux, Mac and Windows. There are some great games and game bundles in the mix. So if you are looking for a thrill but without the shock of high prices. This Halloween can look no further than Fanatical’s latest sale.

GUTS ultra violent fighter and native support

guts ultra violent fighter and linux support

GUTS is a hilarious, ultra violent game for Windows, that could see a Linux port. Bringing this Tarantino-style fighting game to the platform. Where gamesplay does not feature a traditional health bar.

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