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The Bandit Clan DLC releases for Armello

the bandit clan dlc releases for armello in linux gaming news

Armello is back in gaming news. Still going strong more than 18 months post-release. Hence the #awardwinning #digitalboardgame from League of Geeks. Now receiving its seventh major #contentupdate now on Steam; v1.7 Wyld’s Ward for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

So at the same time, LoG is also launching the news of The Bandit Clan DLC on Steam. While including four unique Bandit Heroes, Bandit Dice and Ring, over 50 unique quests. Plus an Amulet and Card Skin. The Bandit Clan is League of Geeks largest and most highly anticipated DLC release to date. While increasing the number of playable Clans to five and playable Heroes to 16.

Additionally, to celebrate The Bandit Clan and Wyld’s Ward gaming releases. Now and for a limited time Armello and the Armello OST will be 30% off via Steam. There is no listing on the Humble Store at the time of writing. But the previously released DLC (The Usurpers Hero Pack & Seasons Board Skins Pack) prices are marked down by 10% too.

Each character has their own distinct stats and special power, allowing players to find heroes that tailor to their style.

The new heroes include:

  • Scarlet, The Bandit King – This fox is a natural leader. Charm, wit, and merciless determination.
    • Hero Power: Recruits followers from settlements she saves.
  • Twiss, Little Lightpaw – Tiny squirrel, greatest thief Armello’s ever known.
    • Hero Power: Always has Evade when opponents attack, steals a card if successful.
  • Sylas, Fisher of Souls – An otter motivated by nothing but revenge. Lives for the kill.
    • Hero Power: Gains a piercing attack for each Bounty level he has.
  • Horace, The Iron Poet – An old knight too skilled to die, a badger too loyal to retire.
    • Hero Power: Can trade places with King’s Guards.

Armello merges the deep tactics of card games with the rich strategy of table top and a character role-playing system. Players take turns exploring a vibrant world, battling players and vanquishing evil banes, with the shared goal of claiming the throne from the mad lion king of Armello.

“We’ve been sitting on the Bandit Clan for a while now, and in fact it was our backer community who wanted to share this content with the world,” said Trent Kusters, co-founder and director of League of Geeks. “With all the new content and almost 18 months post launch, Wyld’s Ward is the perfect update to set Bandits loose on Armello!”

The Bandit Clan is now available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam for just $9.99 USD.

More information about Armello can be found at the official website.

Tencent Games Platform called WeGame to be Steam competitor

tencent games platform called wegame to be steam competitor in linux gaming news

For over a decade, #Steam stood at the top as a digital #gaming storefront. Hence recent news, what we once though to the better chocie for buying games. The only other storefront holding up again it is GOG.com. Which continues to be some competition, but not nearly as big as Steam. So there may be a coming change it seems. Valve’s storefront will actually have some competition as the Chinese investment holding company #Tencent (0700 230,20 +2,20 +0,96%). The company announced that it will launch their own digital store, WeGame. Which will be a global platform.

So from the beginning, WeGame only existed in China. However going forward, that will change, according to a twitter post from analyst Daniel Ahmad.

Since China’s PC gaming market is primarily dominated by Tencent. With no mention of Linux in the mix. Yet still becoming the the largest gaming company in the world. Hence the market capital of $270 billion USD ($2.16 trillion HK). So to make things more clear, Tencent owns League of Legends and Riot Games themselves. While also having shares in Supercell, Epic Games and Activision Blizzard. Also dipping into VR, where Valve again has been the major player. With further support coming for Linux.
Since Tencent already have more users, some 200 million according to Ahmad. Steam comes in with a count of more than 125 million. This gives a significant advantage right from the beginning. Plus they are one of the world’s largest and most successful internet companies as well.

So this will create some competition for Valve. Since the company has been moving along with VR. And let’s face it, Steam has been the biggest digital storefront for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While some Steam users complain about quality reviews. This new change will be interesting to see how many users are willing to try the new platform? Or maybe even use both. But no news on whether Linux will be officially in the mix.

A Tencent Linux client does/did exist:

“On 31 July 2008, Tencent released an official client for Linux, but this has not since been kept in step with the Windows version and it is not capable of voice chat.”

So there is no word about the plan going forward yet. But another digital storefront to look forward too. This will be a wait and see. Even though the Tencent platform shows a counter for the Windows client being downloaded nearly 4.5 billion times. WeGame should be available soon. And when we have more information about Linux, we’ll be sharing that news.

Humble Wild Frontier Bundle kicks off with some Linux

humble wild frontier bundle kicks off with some linux in gaming news

Typically, when we issue gaming news for Humble Bundles there are a couple of Linux titles. Well in the Humble Wild Frontier Bundle we have five out of seven games available for Linux. And not just any #games, there is some all out very positive ratings in the mix this time. Making for another Humble #musthave #bundle.

So explore the latest game bundle. Whether you’re hungry for some ice fishing. Crave some off-road adventure or want to take on the wild wild west, it’s all here.
Pay what you want for Gods Will Be Watching (Linux, Mac and Windows), Ice Lakes (Linux, Mac and Windows) and FRONTIERS (Windows).

While this might test your interests. Take a leap into Hard West (Linux, Mac and Windows), Renowned Explorers: International Society (Linux, Mac and Windows) or SPINTIRES (Windows).

Personally, having play most of the games here, except for Frontiers and Ice Lakes. I can honestly admit that all of these titles are well worth playing. Each having their own challenge and unique twists.

humble wild frontier bundle linux mac windows pc

Humble Wild Frontier Bundle also comes with the higher tier including Slime Rancher. Which I have not played but has some Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam. Yet I’m still on the fence about it, due to being a singleplayer game. Having come from the FPS genre, I prefer more multiplayer type of games.

So pay what you want, since the total cost for all of these games is roughly $129 USD. And the usual news, the Humble Bundle team let’s you choose the price.

All of the games in Humble Wild Frontier Bundle can be redeemed on Steam. While five out of the seven available games are for Linux and Mac gaming. The rest are playable on Windows PC.

Superposition benchmark tool now available on Linux

superposition benchmark tool now available on linux in gaming news

Continuing on with some interesting gaming news. Unigine has #officiallylaunched their Superposition #gamingbenchmark #tool. Since the release was previously delayed. Which does include a build for Linux and Windows. While also compatibility with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in VR mode.

Since Unigine’s Superposition benchmark is using the Unigine 2 game engine. Hence getting a dicey start in the news earlier this year when it was pulled from Valve’s Steam Greenlight. Since the tool is technically a not gaming software.

Superposition Benchmark was excluded out of the Greenlight [programme]. After only three months of active voting,” the company’s Steam post explained at the time. “It was #1 recently, but was declined by Steam moderation team. Because ‘benchmark’ is not the kind of software that allowed to take part in Greenlight at the moment. Well, this is the unpleasant surprise for us as well, but those are the Steam rules.”


  • Top-notch visuals powered by UNIGINE 2 Engine
  • Extreme hardware stability testing
  • GPU temperature and clock monitoring
  • Unique SSRTGI (Screen-Space Ray-Traced Global Illumination) dynamic lighting technology
  • VR experience (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive)
  • Free exploration mode with mini-games
  • Over 900 interactive objects
  • Global leaderboards integration
  • Support for Windows and Linux

While Steam is not an option for software distribution of the benchmark. Unigine is still moving ahead in the news, by releasing it anyway. Coming complete with a backstory while watching the scene rendered over and over again. While making your gaming rig test of it’s limits slightly less boring.


A lone professor performs dangerous experiments in an abandoned classroom, day in and day out. Obsessed with inventions and discoveries beyond the wildest dreams, he strives to prove his ideas,‘ Unigine’s backstory reads.  ‘Once you come to this place in the early morning, you would not meet him there. The eerie thing is a loud bang from the laboratory heard a few moments ago. What was that? You have the only chance to cast some light upon this incident by going deeply into the matter of quantum theory: thorough visual inspection of professor’s records and instruments will help to lift the veil on the mystery.

So to be completely fair. Unigine, using a story for Superposition makes a lot of sense. Hence offering more than the average benchmark tool. Plus the package comes with a free-roam ‘interactive’ mode. A selection of mini-games, which are all playable in 2D or in 3D mode. This is effective when running on a system equipped with an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. While the benchmark itself even includes global leaderboards. Along with a GPU stress-testing mode and scalable quality settings.

Superposition is available to download now, free of charge for Linux or Windows. Or buy the full release on the official website.

Mad Max gets Vulkan support in Public Beta

mad max gets vulkan support in public beta in linux gaming news

In the news, fans of Feral Interactive‘s port of Mad Max will be smiling for Vulkan support. Hence the vulkan public beta is now #available on #Steam. But only for Linux. While is well worth looking into given the #performanceenhancements.

Therefore, the Facebook post from Feral news is listed below. So if you already own the game. Just enable the vulkan public beta will be as easy as right-clicking and selecting Properties. Keep in mind, this will ONLY work for Linux gaming, not SteamOS.

Also, the Linux version includes a benchmark mode. This is available by adding “–feral-benchmark” in the Advanced launcher options.

“We’re crazy keen to announce that Mad Max is getting ready to utilise Vulkan. Hence the Khronos Group’s next-generation graphics API.

So to join the public Beta:

In your Steam library, right click on Mad Max.

From the drop-down menu, select Properties. Select the Betas tab.

Enter “livelongandprosper” into the text box, then select Check Code. A message will appear to confirm that you now have access to vulkan_beta.

From the drop-down menu above the text box, select vulkan_beta.

Close the Properties window.

If Mad Max is already an active install for you. Then this update will begin downloading automatically. If Mad Max is not a current install. Just highlight Mad Max in your Steam library. Then select Install and follow the instructions.

The following driver versions are required to participate in the Beta:

Requires NVIDIA driver version 375.26 or later.

Requires 16.50 or 16.60. 16.60 has a known regression. Which causes the game to appear darker than it should. A driver fix for this is in progress. We’re aware of some rare full system hangs when using GPU-PRO.

Requires latest Mesa 17.1-dev (as of this post) compiled with Vulkan support. On Ubuntu this can be done by installing via the Padoka ppa. Since INTEL ANV requires Broadwell or Skylake, but Haswell is currently unsupported.

Please make sure Steam is up to date (built March 22 2017 or later). This Beta does not currently support SteamOS.

To pass us your feedback, email [email protected]. So include a support report generated from the options window. Please provide as much detail as possible.”