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Jurassic World Car Pack just announced

jurassic world car pack dlc just announced for rocket league on linux mac windows

Jurassic World Car Pack DLC announced for Rocket League on Linux, Mac and Windows. Psyonix, independent video game developer and publisher. Also in collaboration with Universal and Jeep brand, have announced the Jurassic World Car Pack DLC for Rocket League.

Salty Shores Update hits Rocket League

salty shores update hits rocket league for linux mac windows

The Salty Shores Update for Rocket League is now live on Linux, Mac and Windows. This update also introduces an assortment of new content with it’s 2.2 GB download.

Maelstrom naval combat SteamOS support

maelstrom naval combat games linux steamos support

Maelstrom is rip-roaring fantasy naval combat game for Windows, but also has Linux and SteamOS in the FAQ.
Gunpowder Games released available on Steam Early Access and Humble Store for $19.99 USD.

Steam Machines, storefront and SteamOS

steam machines storefront linux and steamos games

Valve reacts to the changes in the storefront, Steam Machines, Linux and SteamOS. Since recently news regarding the change in the website and the hiding Steam Machines.

Valve’s Pierre-Loup Griffais outlines in this update:

Rocket League Tournaments Update goes Live

rocket league tournaments update live in linux steamos mac windows games

Rocket League Tournaments Update is now live on Linux, SteamOS, Mac and Windows. Also includes are additional changes. While including the highly-anticipated addition of new features. This update also introduces a number of other improvements including:

Valve hides Steam Machines via website

valve hides linux based steam machines on the website

Valve hides the Linux and SteamOS, Steam Machines on the website. Since we were paroozing the site recently, it’s clear these listings have indeed changed.

Valve started introducing hardware partners for Steam Machines back in 2013. While announcing a protype Steam Machines in September. Then later in the year hundreds of such machines were in the hands of testers. So we then heard about multiple Steam machines, from Alienware, Gigabyte and Zotac in 2014.

Rocket League Tournaments Update Chat Bans

rocket league tournaments update chat bans for linux steamos mac windows games

As the Rocket League Tournaments Update issues Chat Bans for Linux, SteamOS, Mac and Windows. This is also a new way to limit player abuse. Since Psyonix are adding a new way to identify and curb player this abuse and harassment. Since Rocket League has roughly 34 million players now.

Albion Online MMO RPG comes to Steam

albion online mmorpg comes to steam in linux steamos mac windows games

Albion Online sandbox MMORPG will soon be available on Steam for Linux, SteamOS, Mac and Windows. Since developer Sandbox Interactive today announced the news. The developers not only want to reach players. Well those who have never heard of the game. But also to welcome MMORPG players who have been waiting for Albion Online on Steam. Which is always bound to happen for a game of this scope.

Rocket League – a new Tournaments Update

rocket league new tournaments update for linux steamos mac windows games

Rocket League gets a new Tournaments Update for Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam. Since independent developer and publisher, Psyonix, has announces the Tournaments Update. Which will officially go live for Rocket League on April 3rd on all platforms.

So besides the much-anticipated addition of the Tournaments feature. This allows players to create tournaments without leaving the game. The update will also introduce a number of quality of life improvements.
For a closer look at Tournaments, Psyonix also revealed a brand new Tournaments Inside Look video.

INSIDIA free to play strategy games full release

insidia free to play strategy games full release on linux steamos mac windows

INSIDIA developer Bad Seed announces that the strategy game will release late February for Linux, SteamOS, Mac and Windows. Since the games already playable as an Open Beta. This news is just good hype for the game.

Since Bad Seed is thrilled to introduce to the world INSIDIA. This is also a completely free-to-play turn-based online strategy game that launches on Steam late February. Although there is no official full release date, yet.

Teal turn based multiplayer gets native release

teal turn based multiplayer gets linux and steamos release on steam

Teal is a turn based multiplayer strategy game available on Steam, now with Linux and SteamOS support. The gameplay uses simultaneous turns, think chess with guns. Each have mind bending trajectories. Games are played on a variety of maps. Since each have a different focus. While adapting your team composition. Anticipating the opponent’s next move is the key to victory.

Cublast HD releases for Linux and SteamOS

cublast hd releases in games for linux steamos and windows

Since ThinkFast Studio already launched the #games #Windows build for Cublast HD. Hence the minimalistic and fast paced platformer now releases via Steam for Linux and #SteamOS. Which takes some nimble navigating and puzzle solving skills to a new level.
So players can take on the challenge in a wide variety of single player levels. Or let get into some local co-op or multiplayer games. Cublast HD also comes with a built-in level editor. Therefore players can share their creations with the community from around the world.

Cublast HD trailer for Linux, SteamOS and Windows:

Cublast HD Features:

  • Challenging Gameplay
  • Local Co-op, Versus & Community Maps.
  • Level Editor, let your creativity go wild and build levels that you then can share with the whole community.
  • Creative & growing Community
  • Customization, customise the game to your taste with vibrant themes and accents.

So just from the trailer alone, the game looks straight forward. However, these are the type of titles that fuel rage. Since everything straight forward for the first two minutes. Hence a twitch of the controller analogue stick and it’s on.
Yet the creative puzzle aspect of the game has my attention.

When ThinkFast Studio first started out, with only had 2 members (Stefan Dinkelberg and Djordy Donopawiro). That was when they were creating their first project Cublast. This was released back in early 2015 for Google Play, iTunes and Windows Store. Entering the Windows Game Developer Contest with Cublast and finishing 2nd. Since the big success of Cublast there is more to be done. This is when Stefan van Diemen de Jel joined the team to create Cublast HD.

Cublast HD is currently available now via Steam. Now that ThinkFast releases support for Linux and SteamOS. As well as Windows PC.

System Requirements:

  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 300 MB available space

Hot Guns full release now available on Steam

hot guns full release now available on steam in linux gaming news

Now with a full release in gaming news, Hot Guns. Hence this #fast and #destructive action-platformer for Linux, SteamOS and Windows PC. All with a different variation of random #gameplay. Now the full release is available on Steam.

So I have to admit, my first impression is Broforce. The epic shooter platformer that boasts a roster of nostalgia beyond compare. Let alone the multiplayer action. Yet it seems we have a contender, Hot Guns.

What’s the Story

Since serious problems arise. The quick and simple solution, the only choice, they call for you. So conventional methods of operation “shoot first then shoot again!”. The mission, eliminate the 3 guys in charge. Hence the rather predictable but well armed organisation. Here players will get coordinates, a pager, powerful guns. And even bigger news, access to unlimited ca$h. While working on the basis of what you find is yours.

Hot Guns Features

  • Full-action Single Player story mode
  • Up to 4 Players in the Local Co-op missions [more to come with the updates]
  • Local Deathmatch arenas
  • An awful a lot of justified violence
  • Powerfully messy guns
  • Milions of fake currency to collect (it can be spend to buy even more powerful guns !)
  • Gadgets which will make running and shooting even more pleasant
  • Achievements
  • And who knows what else [with future news updates]

So all of the Hot Guns gaming mayhem is available now on Steam. Hence this release comes with a 15% discount until May 5th for Linux, SteamOS and Windows PC.

Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae to hit Linux

two worlds II: call of the tenebrae coming to linux May 25th in gaming news

The RPG phenomenon is back in gaming news, Two Worlds II will make a big return. Hence the work of creative teams from #TopWareInteractive and Reality Pump Studios will release the game on Linux, #SteamOS, Mac and Windows PC. So players can expect to see Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae #launching on May 25, 2017 (see below). So grab your gear, sharpen that blade and ready your bow. As we return to Antaloor, this time on Linux and SteamOS.

So Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae throw the Hero into a decades-old mystery. A battle against a hideous, ancient evil known as The Tenebrae. And since the stakes have never been higher. Our hero won’t face this threat alone, with cross-platform co-op and multiplayer. So friends and foes both new and old await the player. All while you fight to discover the truth behind a powerful secret that will shake the Two Worlds universe to its core.

“When we started development on Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae in early 2016. We underestimated how excited our team would be to get back to Antaloor. It took longer than expected. But we ended up with a 10+ hour adventure that is nearly a full sized release. Due to how large Call of the Tenebrae became. We’ve decided to release our game as an add-on to Two Worlds II. So in addition to a standalone version for fans both new and old.” – Alexandra Constandache, CEO TopWare Interactive

Players can expect 10+ hours of thrilling gaming. Therefore you can experience Antaloor like never before. With a major HD engine update. Also packed with new locations, enemies, weapons and achievements. Hence Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae will release on Linux, SteamOS, Mac and Windows PC.

While also coming available is the season pass. Including Call of the Tenebrae and the soon to be released follow up DLC,  Shattered Embrace(Q4-2017). Hence 2 upcoming multiplayer map packs, plus a bunch new deluxe digital content. Including in-game bonus items, the art book, the Two Worlds II compendium. Yet also including game soundtracks and even more.

Update: Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae release delayed June 15th:

“We changed the release date to 15th of June. We need more compatibility testing. Changes from CoT conflict with the main game.”

So Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae new adventure will be an add-on DLC for $9.99 USD. Or buy the Two Worlds II core game separately as a stand-alone title for $14.99 USD. We will have more news and hopefully an official trailer soon.

Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae screenshot 1 Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae screenshot 2

Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae screenshot 3 Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae screenshot 4

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