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Quest Hunter story driven RPG launches

quest hunter story driven rpg launches in linux mac windows games

Quest Hunter story driven RPG launches in Linux, Mac and Windows games. Thanks to 2 Zombie Games and two years of Early Access. The developer releases a games with Very Positive reviews. The games available now on both Steam and Humble Store.

Crying Suns rogue-lite almost funded on Kickstarter

crying suns rogue-lite almost funded on kickstarter for mac windows linux

Crying Suns rogue-lite tactical game almost funded on Kickstarter for Mac and Windows, and possibly Linux. We reached out to indie studio Alt Shift regarding support. With some surprising news since the campaigns 85% funded (with a €25,000 pledge goal).

The Alpha Device will likely get native support

the alpha device 6dof walking simulator linux support, mac and windows games

The Alpha Device just launched Free on Steam but Mac and Windows, but not Linux. Well it looks like that could also change. At least according to Byron Atkinson-Jones, aka. Xiotex Studios.

Beyond space, beyond reason… beyond humanity. Players will venture into the unknown depths of the universe. While discovering a gripping tale of a dystopian future. One that calls your very existence into question.

Hegis’ Grasp a violent gore adventure for Linux

hegis grasp violent gore adventure for linux mac windows games 2017

Hegis’ Grasp is a unique story-driven adventure and atmospheric survival-horror game on Steam. And since the games now available for Linux, Mac and windows. We are also keen to explore the mysterious backstory of Hegis’ curse. Which will be unravel through notes from the past. Which you find as you make your way through the village. While exploring the events you experience throughout the game or through cut-scenes.
Players take on the roll of Henry Wood. A curious news writer looking to find out what recently changed. Since this was a once peaceful village. So it will be up to you to choose how the story ends. Yet first you must uncover the secret of the curse and fight the insane natives.

The Great Whale Road full release now on Steam

The Great Whale Road full release now on Steam and Hunble Store in linux gaming news

In gaming news, #Sunburned Games an independent studio Valencia, Spain. Hence the creators of story-driven games which are rich in #historical settings. Now with a #fullrelease for the debut title The Great Whale Road. Available now for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Which you can find on Steam and Humble Store.

So the full release does include the complete storyline of the Danish campaign. While also adding a number of enhancements from the Early Access version. In addition to English, the game is now also available in German, Spanish, and Italian. A French version is being worked on. Which is also planned to release with a Frankish storyline before the summer.

While The Great Whale Road release includes the complete storyline for the Danes of Úlfarrsted. The story, in addition to seasonal events, side quests, resource management, and tactical turn-based combat. All of which is the result of two years of work. While also including eight months of Early Access community feedback. Sunburned Games thanks the community, their team, and their families.


So The Great Whale Road is a story-driven RPG taking place in the Early Middle Ages. Players will travel through an ancient world. While also sailing along the North Sea. Battling foes in turn-based combat. So the interactive historical fiction will all come to life during gameplay. All through digitally hand-drawn art, colourful characters and atmospheric soundtrack. Sunburned Games have obviously done their homework in the deeply researched lore.

The March release finishes the Danish story. Completomg the core feature set of the game. It also includes improvements to combat and resource management. While also adding new mechanics for a deeper gameplay experience.

Currently available on Steam and Humble Store. With a 10% discount for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Yet only until April 6th.

For more gaming news, visit the official website.

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