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Towertale story driven action gets support

towertale story driven action game gets support for linux windows pc

Towertale is a 2D, story driven action game now has Linux support along with Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing efforts of developer MiSou Games. Which launches on both Steam and Itch.io.

Headspun story adventure and native support

headspun story adventure and linux support mac windows pc

Headspun is a story adventure coming to both Mac and Windows PC, but what about Linux support? Thanks to developer Wales Interactive we have some detail. Since the game is due to release on Steam and Itch.io, August 28th, 2019.

Golden Treasure: The Great Green Demo is Live

golden treasure the great green demo is live in linux mac windows pc games

Golden Treasure: The Great Green is a new role playing games coming for Mac, Windows PC and Linux? Thanks to developer Dreaming Door Studios. The games already live on Steam. But we have a Linux Demo now.

Knife Sisters dark erotic story and support

knife sisters dark erotic story and support in linux mac windows games

Knife Sisters is a dakr erotic story coming to Mac and Windows, but the games Linux support is “doable”. A least according to developer Transcenders. Which is coming to Steam, but also has a demo available.

Koruldia Heritage RPG in last hours – Kickstarter

koruldia heritage rpg in last hours of kickstarter for linux mac windows

Koruldia Heritage is a story-driven RPG currently in the last hours on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows. The crowdfunding campaign already has full funding for Linux, so it’s coming to Steam. But still looking for continued support for further stretch goals. Currently sitting at £18,038 UK.

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