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Stranded Deep finally gets a native build on Steam

stranded deep finally gets a linux build on steam

Stranded Deep open world survival game finally has a Linux build on Steam Early Access. Well according to the recent update on SteamDB.

Flat Heroes intense indie survival release date

flat heroes intense indie survival release date for linux mac windows

Flat Heroes the intense multiplayer survival game for Linux, Mac and Windows gets a launch date. Since publisher Deck13 and developer Parallel Circles announce the news. While the games holds a solid 100% Positive in Steam reviews.

Xenosis: Alien Infection passes funding on Fig

xenosis alien infection top down survival passes funding on fig for linux mac windows

Xenosis: Alien Infection a retro-inspired, top down sci-fi adventure and survival game on Fig crowdfunding for Linux, Mac and Windows. A story-driven single-player experience, passes its $25,000 USD funding goal on Fig. While currently at $29,544 USD at the time of writing.

Heat Guardian top-down shooter native release

heat guardian top down shooter linux windows release in game

Heat Guardian is a hardcore top down shooter set in a freezing world coming to Windows and Mac, as well as Linux via Steam. We reached out for details and a Linux build is confirmed.

Smoke and Sacrifice RPG coming May 31st

smoke and sacrifice survival rpg coming May 31st into linux mac windows games

Smoke and Sacrifice is an impressive survival RPG coming to Linux, Mac and Windows on May 31st via Steam. The games developer is a London-based independent studio, Solar Sail Games. Who are also working with award-winning publisher, Curve Digital.

Breathedge new video and native support

breathedge new video and linux support for this space adventure rpg

Since Breathedge is a space survival game for Windows, and likely Linux as well via Steam. Developer RedRuins Softworks simply cannot pass on issues of life. You know those of an ordinary human being in outer space. And what it turns into under zero G.

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles gets native

outbreak the nightmare chronicles gets linux and mac support in games

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles gets Linux and Mac support via Steam. Soon fans can explore a nightmarish environment. While scrounging for supplies. And battling the undead in Outbreak. A series of survival horror nightmares.

The Padre 3D survival horror releases today

the padre 3d survival horror releases for linux mac windows on steam early access

The Padre is a suspenseful 3D survival horror adventure releases today on Linux, Mac and Windows. Which also features old-school narrative story-telling. Filled with humour and horror game references.

The Padre survival horror is coming this week

the padre survival horror games release for linux mac windows via early access

The Padre is a 3D survival horror adventure that is coming this week to Linux, Mac and Windows. The games set to debut with a day-one release via Early Access on February 22nd. However, early bird pre-orders are open now on Brightlocker.

Rust survival games full release hits Steam

rust survival games full release hits steam for linux mac windows

Rust gets a full release after four years on Linux, Mac and Windows. The Unity 3D games available via Steam and Humble Store. Now officially out of Early Access.

So the multiplayer survival adventure game released on Early Access back in December 2013.

Frostpunk games update for native support

frostpunk games update for linux support beside mac and windows

Frostpunk developer release and update, including Linux support. Since we reached out to 11 bit studios, we now have further details about the coming release. Also what is happening with Linux. Since This Wars of Mine does have full cross-platform support.

Surviving Mars colonizing games release date

surviving mars colonizing games release date linux mac and windows

Surviving Mars the survival strategy games back in the news with a release date for Linux, Mac and Windows. Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games that reaches bold new frontiers. Having just released details about Surviving Mars, the upcoming management strategy game from Haemimont Games. Will in fact launch for all systems on March 15, 2018 via Steam.

SYMMETRY survival strategy and native support

symmetry survival strategy management and linux support on steam games

SYMMETRY is a survival strategy management game for Mac and Windows. The games set in a retro-futuristic, sci-fi universe. Developed by Sleepless Clinic and published by IMGN.PRO. So we reached out for details on the lack of Linux support.

We Happy Few, female character, launch date

we happy few playable female character launch date linux mac windows games

We Happy Few will have a new female character, we also have news on the launch date and Linux support. Since developer Compulsion Games released a video update video below. These also details what’s to come for We Happy Few. Including a glimpse at the second playable character, Sally.

We Happy Few is now content complete, Compulsion Games announced. So the team is taking more time to polish the build. Following some of the games major improvements to the beginning of Arthur’s storyline. Which we are looking forward too.

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