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Dead Man’s Trail zombie survival needs votes on Greenlight

dead man's trail zombie survival needs votes on greenlight in linux gaming news

By now the whole #zombiesurvival genre is overdone. Well that’s not quite the case in this bit of gaming news. Hence Dead Man’s Trail is a zombie survival #game coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC via #Greenlight. Yet this is more of the classic travel survival game with some new twists. Since the game recreates the drama of modern zombie fiction. Hence making team members core to the player’s travel progress. Due to randomly generated cross-country journeys.

Here’s the deal:

While each character has their own job to help the party along the way. This includes a firearm expert, melee expert, paramedic, mechanic, and more. You get the idea.
However, all of these characters must be kept happy and healthy. So search through the randomly placed obstacles while gaming. Sort of like the emotional rollercoaster of Darkest Dungeon or even Rimworld. All while looting supplies in the procedurally-generated 3D environments. Therefore in each journey the player takes in Dead Man’s Trail, creates a highly replayable undead drama.

Dead Man’s Trail Features

  • Choose your vehicle: the nimble 4-Wheel Rocket, the balanced Grave Digger school bus. Or the powerful Ark tractor-trailer.
  • Keep your team of travelers healthy and happy. Each has their own job that will help the party along their journey. Firearm expert, melee expert, paramedic, and mechanic. Lose one and you’ll be limping down the road!
  • Loot randomly generated 3D cities for supplies and weapons. Get in and out quickly or you will face the horde (and maybe join them.)
  • A vast arsenal of weapons including revolvers, tactical shotguns, field hockey sticks. Oh and katanas, which will enable your players to survive and onslaught of Zombies!
  • Dark comedy story and diverse cast of characters.
  • Keep your senses about you and your ear to the ground. So the ambient sound changes when you’re being hunted.

Dead Man’s Trail – Beta Demonstration:

So, inspired to vote on Greenlight?
This is the sort of zombie survival that would adds nicely to the list of Linux games. Hence the reason for the news, well that and the fact that the gameplay style has some solid potential. With a release coming this June for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While being developed in Unity 3D, of course.

Stay tuned for more details.

Frostpunk releases new Whiteout trailer

frontpunk releases new whiteout trailer in linux gaming news

Since Frostpunk is the #newgame being developed and published by 11 Bit Studios. Our attention on the studio since both This War of Mine and the Anomaly series made their debut. Hence all these games work neatly on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.
Yet Frostpunk is still a brand new IP. And since the games whole universe is built from the ground up. We know that the game will continue #11BitStudios mantra of meaningful releases. Hence giving us all a new perspective on common themes and genres.

So in very simple terms, Frostpunk is more of a city-builder. Where players build and expand a city. While using the endless range of ice around the area to use for steam and power the machines. Hence one such example can be seen in the new CGI trailer.

Core Gameplay

Frostpunk gameplay revolves around what people are capable of when pushed. Yet how survival often reshapes society. All for better, worse, stronger and the weaker. Offering up the debatable means of what is humane.

Since the gameplay is set in a frozen world. The population have developed Steam powered technology. Surrounded by ice and snow, this is the best way to survive the overwhelming cold. Where the scene itself has evolved from into a means of survival. Hence a reasonable path of society in the wake of such circumstances.

Therefore core gaming revolves around what seems like the last city on Earth. How it’s citizens go about their survival. Where the player takes the role of a leader, managing both citizen and the infrastructure itself. Which put the gameplay in-line with This War of Mine, on a grand scale. Testing your morality with impossible decisions in terms of scope, “it’s a much bigger game”.

This War of Mine made gaming news, yet built by only 12 people. Therefore Frostpunk is being worked on by 60 people. So we are expecting more out of the game. Including Linux support, which really has not be talked about much. Since the studio will release on Windows first thean see about other platforms.
However, being that the hype is really what this post is all about. We will have more news for you regarding Linux support. And since the development state is still to early to tell. The studio is using their in-house game engine.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds could see a native Linux release

playerunknown's battlegrounds could see a native release early access linux gaming news

The big talk in gaming news right now seems to revolve around Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Hence this #multiplayer online #survivalshooter takes on the #games like H1Z1 and even The Culling, head to head. With two days to go before this Unreal Engine 4 based makes a debut on Steam Early Access for Windows PC. Taking the scavenging sandbox style of gameplay and packing it into a murderous battle royale.

Since this is a last-man-standing shooter, the title is being developed with a focus on community feedback. The game is being created by developer Bluehole Inc, offering players a true survival shooters. Where everyone starts with nothing. So players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a battle to be the lone survivor. Sound familiar?

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is a realistic, high tension game, set on a massive 8×8 km island. While including a significant level of detail for an Early Access release, highlighting Unreal Engine 4’s capabilities.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds official trailer:

So looking back in the genre, one of the earlist battle royale was an Arma 2 mod created by PlayerUnknown (aka Brendan Greene). Now, after helping develop and shape H1Z1: King of the Kill. Greene has now teamed up with the Tera developers Bluehole Studio. Basically developing a commercial Hunger Games. Not a bad deal considering the success of both the DayZ mod and H1Z1: King of the Kill.


Gameplay is straight forward, a battle royale consisting of 64 players on one 8km island. Each scavenging for weapons, vehicles, and supplies. Then taking a strategic stance to hide, sneak around and murder each other.

Seeing how most of those survival strategy shooters are somewhat janky, one well developed game with cross-platform support would be great. Even though I’ve never played King of the Kill, I do know that it is still the third-most played game on Steam. Behind Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive of course.

Linux release:

So we reached out to Bluehole, hoping for some positive news and to confirm Unreal Engine 4. Here’s the reply:

“At this point, all of our resources are focused on making that Steam launch on 3/23.

Once we are settled with the Steam launch, we’ll be looking into other platforms, with consoles already being in our plans.”

Since this is not a definite gaming news confirmation, the developers are interested in further platform support. And while this is not a “no” to Linux, it looks like we will have to wait and see. Hopefully not too far after the Early Access release. Considering there are no further details being made regarding a Linux build, let alone any mention of Vulkan support.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds will be priced at $29.99 USD on Early Access on Steam March 23rd. With a plan to reach the full launch in a six months time frame. All while basing development on player feedback, adding new modes and mod tools.

Kona first person survival officially launches on Steam

kona first person survival officially launches on linux gaming news

While everyone may or may not be a huge interest in survival games. First person #survival Kona [official site] finally launches on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. And what might catch your eye in this gaming news is the purpose to survival and #exploration #adventure set in 1970’s Canada. Since players take on the roll of a detective investigating a town that’s mysteriously deserted during a fierce blizzard. Kona first caught our attention back in 2014 after it hit Kickstarter target, then a year of early access, Linux and Mac support, now we have the full launch.

What’s new in the Kona full release?

“If you played Kona on Early Access, you probably wonder what will change starting today. During early access, approximately 30% of the game content was available. Starting today, you can finally discover the rest!

You will also be able to find and drive a snowmobile and you can expect new encounters. Among other gaming news (we wouldn’t want to spoil the whole thing now, would we).”


Northern Canada, 1970. A strange blizzard ravages Atamipek Lake. Step into the shoes of a detective to explore the eerie village, investigate surreal events, and battle the elements to survive. The first instalment in a series of four games, Kona is a chilly interactive tale you won’t soon forget.


  • Step into an interactive tale of mystery and investigate the perplexing quietness in the entire town
  • Explore a vast, frigid Northern environment and battle the elements to survive
  • Complete the first of four acts, each offering two to five hours of play
  • Enjoy the atmospheric soundtrack featuring music by Quebec folk band Curé Label
  • Experience the tale through the omniscient, third-person storyteller
  • Go back in time with a vintage look and feel reminiscent of 1970s rural communities

Kona launches and officially available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

P.A.M.E.L.A. first person survival horror now on Early Access, no Linux

P.A.M.E.L.A. first person survival horror now on early access linux gaming news

Indie development team NVYVE Studios have announced that P.A.M.E.L.A.. Hence the Unity 3D based #first person, #openworld, utopian, sci-fi, #survival #horror game. Now available on Steam Early Access, with Linux to follow.
Awakening from the depths of cryosleep in the glimmering fallen utopia of Eden. While P.A.M.E.L.A. challenges you to survive by exploring the remnants of the once great paradise. The Afflicted, the maligned citizens of Eden driven mad by a horrific biological outbreak stalk the vibrant streets and architecture of the game’s future idyll. The harrowing threat and a constant reminder that paradise must fall. So it’s only through your survival and exploration of the city that you will uncover the tragedy of humanity’s craving. Along with the technological and biological advancement, hence a perpetual thirst for a brighter future.

“We’re hugely excited to share P.A.M.E.L.A. with players across the world. Situating the core aspects of the horror survival genre within our handcrafted sci-fi setting. Yet not been without challenge but we believe P.A.M.E.L.A. now presents a unique proposition. Eden is alive with the richness and detail of a once functional city. Hence a perfect backdrop for the player’s own story of survival, and truth they will uncover. We hope players take delight in the world, in the quiet moments amidst the conflict ,” said Adam Simonar, Studio Director of NVYVE Studios. “Early Access represents the next step for the development of the game as we begin to work closely with the community. While evolving P.A.M.E.L.A., community input crucial to the features and content we will introduce between now and the game’s full commercial launch.”

Survival is paramount in P.A.M.E.L.A. Eden’s lone AI overseer, Pamela itself, will provide information on how to survive within the city. While bestowing amplified abilities upon you. Wield future, modular technology, hack into the city’s still functioning power grid. Yet enhance your body with bio-augmentations. This is all achieved through your holographic “AARM UI” system, the game’s seamless interface. Which projects directly into the game world to heighten immersion and build tension during battles. Hence the harrowing, disfigured antagonists, The Afflicted. So defence is just as important as attack, made possible by the game’s freeform base-building system. Since this enables you to build a personal safe haven amidst Eden’s hostile world.

Shifting deftly between glistening, utopian beauty and the horror of its disease ravaged citizens, Eden itself is a handcrafted marvel. Meticulously constructed by NVYVE Studios. The spatial and environmental flow of the city’s spaces evoke the metropolises of the real world. As you explore the city, scavenging for resources and defending yourself against The Afflicted. You will uncover poignant insights into the lives of individual citizens of Eden, both through the environment itself and discoverable data logs. So search Eden for over 200 unique pieces of loot and resources. All ranging from food to building materials and hi-tech weapons and upgrades. While you give yourself the best possible chance of survival. The city, though, isn’t just an environment to survive from. It’s blood covered environments reveal the depths to which the city has been lost.

P.A.M.E.L.A. debuted at GDC in March 2015 with an announcement trailer that immediately made clear the scope of the project and the chilling beauty of its fallen utopia setting. Shown again at GDC in 2016 and with two subsequent trailers, Rebirth and Downfall, P.A.M.E.L.A. release on Steam Early Access is the culmination of two years of intense work for NVYVE® Studios. The story, though, is not over yet. Early Access is just the beginning with regular updates provided on additional content and bug fixing in order to make P.A.M.E.L.A.’s full commercial launch later this year the most complete, terrifying and challenging experience it can possibly be.

NVYVE Studios redefines ideas of what a small team can do and will be revealing more about its release calendar and how players can help shape the future of this exciting new open world survival game over the coming months.

P.A.M.E.L.A. is available on Steam Early Access for $24.99 USD, £18.99, and €22.99. Linux support to follow, stay tuned for more details.

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