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Bonfire tactical RPG hits Early Access

bonfire tactical rpg game hits early access on linux mac and windows pc

Bonfire the new tactical RPG game hits Early Access for Mac and Windows PC, but not Linux. We have feedback from developer MoaCube. The release is now live on Steam.

Broken Lines story based tactical RPG releases

broken lines story based tactical rpg game releases on linux windows pc

Broken Lines story based tactical RPG game releases on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer PortaPlay. And the Steam reviews are coming in at a 94% Positive and available on GOG.

Tenderfoot Tactics releases a Free Demo

tenderfoot tactics releases a free demo for linux mac windows pc

Tenderfoot Tactics: The Foreverlands releases a Free Demo for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Badru. Which also introduces the Prologue for the game. Which is coming to Steam in the new year with day one support.

Wasteland 3 demo available at Gamescom

wasteland 3 demo available at gamescom in linux mac windows pc games

Wasteland 3 demo will be available at Gamescom, since it is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC in 2020. So now Koch Media, Deep Silver, and inXile entertainment invite all visitors. At least those coming to year’s Gamescom in Cologne. Since we have a large number of readers from Germany. You have the opportunity to try the new tactical RPG for yourself.

Fort Triumph June update and launch

fort triumph games june update and launch for linux mac windows pc

Fort Triumph developer releases the games June update and a launch date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to CookieByte Entertainment. A tactical RPG that hold an 84% Positive score on Steam Early Access.

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