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DragoDino releases on Steam June 20th

dragodino releases on steam June 20th linux gaming 2017

Since DragoDino releases on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows, June 20th 2017 . Hence a debut release in #gaming for #TealRocksStudio in #2017. Where players help Bob find the lost egg. All while fighting the guardians of the Forest’s Kingdom. Discovering the new 2D platformer through colorful levels, which are randomly generated.

So DragoDino is a roguelike basing gameplay on a simple goal: climb up. Since the player takes on the roll of an intelligent reptile with super powers. Therefore you can jump higher and higher, to create plaftorms. While shooting powerful energy balls. So you must learn to master those abilities to successful reach the top of every levels. Working to beat the hostile creatures who will try to stop it. All through its progression, the player will have to adapt. Since the environment randomly generates more and more hostile.

Through the levels, Power Ups work so the player improves their abilities and gets new ones. So you can decide to an immediate strategy in function of its game style. Or just store some powers in prevision. They’ll be necessary to hope to beat the merciless bosses.

DragoDino Features

  • 10 levels
  • 2 difficulty modes : normal (3 lives & checkpoints) / hardcore (1 life, no checkpoint)
  • 2 playable characters with 2 skins
  • 40 power Ups
  • 50 enemies
  • 3 bosses
  • a local co-op
  • a cartoon univers
  • 2 characters unlockable
  • unlock Story content through objects
  • original soundtrack
  • PC/Mac/Linux

Since DragoDino releases soon with inspiration from many retro games. Each offering a challenging gaming experience through it’s charismatic characters. And while DragoDino is simple to pick up, the game offers the most seasoned players a challenge. Whether in singleplayer or co-op gameplay.

DragoDino releases on Steam on June 20th 2017 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC’s.

DragoDino roguelike platformer coming early 2017

dragodino roguelike platformer coming to linux mac pc

DragoDino is a 2D roguelike #platformer #game and rather colorful fun world. Coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence players take on the roll of Bob, the main among 4 characters, who has different powers. There are around 10 different levels due to the different #gameplay in the 1st World : The Forest. We’re working on more challenges, harder enemies, loots and constant update in gameplay.

To retrieve Bob’s egg, the player will have to climb differents levels, each randomly generated, and reach the top of the giant tree. To succeed, he’ll need to gather all Super Jumps by fighting the enemies whom have it.

DragoDino Features:

  • EPIC
    Face multitude enemies to haul yourself to the summit of the world and save your egg.
    Explore a fun colorful world where the appearances are misleading.
    Discover a world created randomly to every party and adapt yourself to survive.

The Beta build of is available for download on Itch.io for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

DragoDino is under development by TealRocks Studio for 2 years in their free time. Now set for release in Q1 2017 on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

TealRocks Studio is a young and independent Parisian studio of 2 game lovers. It’s working on DragoDino since two years and hope to go out beginning of 2017. It will be its first game, the first of a long list !


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