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Defend the Highlands World Tour now released

highlands world tour debuts on early access in linux gaming news

Developer #KiltedCamel is in gaming news. Hence the #release of Defend the Highlands World Tour now on Steam Early Access. Available now for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So grab your news and hold on to your kilts, prepare the porridge. Since Early Access is only expected to run for 3 to 6 months until full release.

While set in a world of growing xenophobia. Scotsmen living abroad fear for their right to practice their culture. So foreign governments and vigilantes have been shutting down haggis factories. Hence the lifeblood of local Scottish communities and driving them out of their homes. Yet one Scotsman has the power to stand up to the world, his name is Alfredo.

Since this is the follow-up to the highly successful Defend the Highlands. Therefore Defend the Highlands World Tour combines the genres of Tower Defence, Real Time Strategy and Scotland. So build defences, recruit from the best highland clans. While gaming has you managing the porridge stockpile to protect Scots from around the world.

Since he is a humble barman from the highlands of Scotland. Alfredo rose to prominence when he conquered England, Wales and Ireland. Ever since an English cricket team and a group of Irish potato farmers trashed his pub. Taking on the whole world, however, will not be so easy. So Alfredo gathers together the finest fighting Scotsmen. Then sets forth in his Bagpipe Airship. On a mission to liberate global Scottish communities, one haggis factory at a time.

Defend the Highlands World Tour Features:

  • Battle against 24 haggis bashing enemies. From gun-toting Rednecks to Kangaroo Riding Aussie Sheila’s in bikinis.
  • Face down 6 evil bosses. Including Napoleon, Mussolini and Oda Nobunaga.
  • Build 12 types of weapons, from the traditional Scottish Porridge Cannon, to the foreign French Fondue Hose.
  • Command 7 hero characters including Alfredo. Julius Caesar and Buddha and more.
  • Fight through the 24 level campaign. Or stage your ultimate battle in skirmish mode.
  • Operate the Kilt-Lift-O-Matic. Which provides a strong updraft for Scotsmen to descend from the Bagpipe Airship using their kilts as parachutes.
  • Capture and hold oat fields to produce porridge to feed your army.
  • Purchase upgrades for your Scotsmen and towers using money earned during levels.

So Defend the Highlands World Tour is available now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. This is an Early Access release comes with a 15% discount until May 19th.

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