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TowerFall Ascension 2d retro multiplayer now has a native Level Editor for Linux, Mac and PC


TowerFall Ascension is a #retro-style 2d #multiplayer #action game, the graphics don’t seem to be all that different. Players will confront their friends with bows. They will have to master stuff like catching arrows in mid-flight, stomping on the head of the enemies, getting the powerups before everyone else, and much more.

New features in TowerFall Ascension include:

  • Brand new 1- or 2-player co-op Quest mode
  • 50 additional Versus arenas, for a total of 120 unique maps
  • More game-changing power-ups, such as Drill Arrows that burrow through walls
  • 4 new unlockable, playable archers, for a total of 8
  • A huge list of variants to customize your matches – a total of 75 ways to mix things up
  • Plenty of hidden secrets and surprises to discover with your friends

TowerFall Ascension also comes with a native level editor on Steam. The level editor itself is free but requires the Dark World Expansion pack DLC for the base game to function. Plus the expansion opens up new worlds for players, with new challenges, a co-op campaign, new monsters and bosses, and nine more alternate archers.


Here’s a full list of updates:

New Stuff:

  • Added the Workshop! Create, share, and play your own custom Towers for Versus mode. Requires the Dark World Expansion.
  • Use Steam Workshop to share and find custom Towers
  • New stage element available for custom levels: Chalice platforms
  • New variant added: Infinite Brambles
  • Added new sound effects for:
    • Miracle Grabs: Catching an arrow and then immediately cancelling your dodge
    • Dodge Stall Grabs: Catching an arrow by holding the dodge button to extend your dodge time


  • Players now bounce when they drop orbs by touching them, regardless of where they collided with the orb
  • Reduced the volume of proximity block sounds
  • The keyboard config menu now accepts the “OemPipe” key
  • Keyboard inputs now have numbered names on character select screen (“Keyboard 1”, “Keyboard 2”, etc)

TowerFall Ascension is currently discounted 75% on Steam, while the TowerFall Dark World Expansion has a 33% discount. The promotion is only available for a short time, so get pick it up as soon as possible.

System Requirements:

  • OS: glibc 2.15+, 32/64-bit. S3TC support is NOT required.
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 M380
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: OpenGL 3.0+ (2.1 with ARB extensions acceptable)
  • Hard Drive: 400 MB available space


TowerFall Ascension's Dark World expansion coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC next week


The upcoming #expansion Dark World for TowerFall Ascension is expected to #release next week on #Steam, GOG, the Humble Store and PlayStation 4 for $9.99.

According to a post on the development blog for TowerFall Ascension‘s Dark World :

Challenge your friends to fight through the Dark World, with or against you, in this massive expansion for the acclaimed archery brawler. Through the portal you’ll find a wealth of new archers, powerups and arenas. Face an all-new 1-4 player co-op mode, or take the fight to Cataclysm, where levels shift into unique layouts every time you play. A perfect excuse to revisit the beloved indie fighter.

TowerFall Ascension‘s expansion will bring new weapons like Trigger Arrows, “One of my favorite additions are the new Trigger Arrows, a powerup that makes your projectiles behave like remote-­detonated mines. Plant them in walls or ceilings, wait for an unsuspecting enemy to run by, and send her to a fiery grave,” Thorson explains. This will also include a boss-filled four-player mode, an evolution of the original game’s two-­player Quest mode.

We do know that Matt Thorson planned to release Dark World on all platforms at once, including Linux, Mac, Windows PC and on PS4. The steam forum confirms those plans, as the Dark World beta has already been available to testers. So expect to see the expansion on GOG, the Humble Store and Steam.


Towerfall: Ascension are looking to pay tribute to Anita Sarkeesian

Towerfall: Ascension’s upcoming expansion will add a #character based on critic Anita Sarkeesian.


Towerfall: #Darkworld is coming sometime in late spring, adding 10 new alternate archers to the mix.

The Towerfall developer blog has detailed four of these characters, following on from the reveal of the Red variant, Vainglorious Ghoul.

The Vigilante Mask (Green), Blind Prince (Pink) and Loyal Kingsguard (Orange) are all really cool and you should definitely read about them, but it’s the new Blue archer who’s really interesting.

“Her appearance is loosely based on feminist games critic Anita Sarkeesian. Anita’s work has been an inspiration to the TowerFall team,” the developer wrote.

“Her ‘Tropes vs Women in Games’ video series gave us a valuable new lens through which to assess our character designs. TowerFall is about bringing people together, so it’s vitally important that the cast of playable characters makes everyone feel invited to join in.

“Simply put, this wouldn’t have occurred to me if not for Anita, and feedback from players has reinforced how important it really is. We’re very excited to immortalize Anita in a small way, as the alternate Last of the Order.”


Towerfall launched on Ouya, and was later released as Towerfall: Ascension on Linux, Mac, PC and PS4. It’s crazy good fun  in local multiplayer.


TowerFall: Ascension now released for Linux and Mac

TowerFall Ascension now available Linux Mac windows pc

TowerFall: Ascension — the #PC and console version of the #Ouya hit TowerFall — has now launched for Linux and Mac OS, creator Matt Thorson announced.

It’s on sale the rest of the weekend, too, at $9.99 instead of $14.99. TowerFall Ascension on Mac and Linux will also feature several updated game variants, from speed boots to anti-gravity arrows and infinite drills.

Towerfall: Ascension have Linux and Mac release dates approaching

Have you played Towerfall: Ascension yet? It is, easily, the best new local #multiplayer game in many years. It’s an absolute blast of a game, with stunning old-school art and near perfect gameplay. Right now, Towerfall is only out on #Ouya, PS4 and PC, with Mac and Linux versions very near at hand.

First off, Towerfall originally came out for Ouya in June 2013, and was quickly hailed as the darling of the platform – it’s one true killer app. In case you don’t know, the game throws four archers into a tower, with three arrows each and they try to kill each other. Like most classic games, the core of the gameplay is simple and easy to learn. The fast-pace, cool items and sheer skill involved make this one a keeper; I will not be the first to compare it to Smash Bros.

Towerfall would be an absolute blast on Wii U, if it ever comes out for it. (Image: Towerfall / Matt Makes Games)

This is pretty much a one-man company we’re talking about, so it’s not surprising that Thorson went with PS4 and Steam: the two probably had the biggest reach and mindshare between them. He’s working on Mac and Linux versions now, and after that, he’s going to release a level editor. Beyond that, who knows? This is the most he’s said about the future of Towerfall, in response to a user question online:

Q: after the map editor which is the future of Towerfall?

A: Hard to say. This feels like it’s up to the players as much as it is to me. Hopefully TowerFall is played at parties and tournaments for years to come. I’d like to support it along the way however it makes sense to do that.

Thankfully, the continued existence of Towerfall on Ouya and of Towerfall: Ascension on Steam strongly suggests there is no exclusivity agreement with Sony; if Thorson wants to make it available on Wii U and thinks it justifies the resources and time involved, it could still happen. We certainly have our fingers crossed for Linux and Mac.  Towerfall is an incredible game and deserves as big of an audience as it can get!

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