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Cyber Knights tactical RPG passes funding goal

cyber knights tactical rpg game passes kickstarter funding goal on linux mac windows pc

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint tactical RPG game passes funding goal for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Trese Brothers. The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is already 109% funded. And still has 30 days left.

Star Traders: Frontiers issues RELIC update

star traders: frontiers issues relic update for linux mac windows

Star Traders: Frontiers releases a big update with a major milestone called RELIC for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. This introduces a completely new style of play, profession and a new major system, Salvaging at Orbitals.

Star Traders: Frontiers full launch and discount

star traders: frontiers full launch and discount on linux mac windows

Star Traders: Frontiers full release is live this week with a discount for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. Since I’ve already announced the coming release, this post is primarily for the sale and the 92% Very Positive reviews.

Star Traders: Frontiers space RPG full release date

star traders: frontiers space rpg full release date for linux mac windows

Star Traders: Frontiers gets full release date for the epic space RPG for Linux, Mac and Windows. So after receiving a full Steam release Wednesday, August 1st. And also after eight successful months on Early Access.

Star Traders: Frontiers gets a new update

star traders: frontiers gets a new update linux mac windows games on steam

Star Traders: Frontiers is back in news with an update for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. Also Star Traders: Frontiers is 20% off for the Winter Sale. So if you can accept the Early Access adventure, now is the time. Trese Brothers have also issued 16 big updatee. Since the games only less than 40 days old. So the developers are keeping to the Relentless Pace they promised. Yet somehow the Linux resolution is still an issue. The game can be played in Windowed mode with and odd resolution. But full screen spans both monitors. 🙁

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