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Warbanners turn-based RPG finally releases

warbanners turn-based RPG finally releases linux mac windows games 2017

Crasleen Games have announced the release of fantasy strategy RPG Warbanners. Since the games now releases via Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. It’s a pleasure to see the turn-based RPG making a debut. And I can also tell you,Warbanners is a great singleplayer game. The install is only a 149 MB. Also rather impressive for an independently developed. Yet meticulously designed turn-based game. Also coming complete with the games unique tactical strategy and role-playing elements.

Manage a squad of mercenaries, experience a campaign of 42 missions. Strategically fight towards becoming a legend equal to the ancient ones. Master a multifaceted battle system. While you learn how to exploit everything from the terrain to your special units in your road to victory.

VEmpire turn-based card available on Steam

 vempire turn-based card available on steam linux mac windows games 2017

VEmpire – The Kings of Darkness is a vampire themed digital deck-building game. The games available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Yet inspired by one of history’s most influential royal dynasties. Hence the house of Habsburg.

So VEmpire is a turn-based card game about destroying the opponent’s empire.

Since gamepaly has innovative mechanics and an exciting. Also an atmospheric theme that is about the resurgence of the Habsburg rulers as terrific vampires. Therefore I am keen to play it, not that card games are my thing. Yet I am curious to step outside of Blizzard for something different.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar releases but no Linux?

battle chasers: nightwar releases on mac and windows but not for linux or ubuntu games

Right now, developer Airship Syndicate and publisher THQ Nordic have big news. Battle Chasers: Nightwar – the RPG that combines dungeon crawling, turn-based combat and a rich story releases. Since the games now available for Mac and Windows. The game releases with no Linux or Ubuntu build and the icon is no longer displayed.

What happened to the epic JRPG-style release on Linux?

“I’m very sorry we couldn’t get the Linux version ready by launch. We’re a small indie developer, and we just didn’t have the resources to get it in a state we felt players would be happy with by launch.

We had asked our publisher to pull down the Linux platform last week from Steam and GoG, but unfortunately it didn’t happen until yesterday. If you preordered hoping to play Linux day one, please feel free to get a refund. Let us know if you have any trouble there and we’ll help get it sorted out.

We are working on the Linux version and hope to have it in decent shape in the next few weeks.

So sorry, guys!”

Vigilantes turn based tactics release this week

vigilantes turn based tactics coming this week for linux ubuntu mac windows games

Justice is coming to Reiker City, as Timeslip Softworks releases an updated trailer. While announcing the Steam early access release of Vigilantes. The neo noir turn based tactics game for PC. So Vigilantes will launch for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows on October 5th, 2017.

Vigilantes offers deep turn based combat. Since the player’s vigilantes go up against criminal gangs. Which features attacks of opportunity, overwatch, delayed turns and a cover system. While also including multiple attack modes for weapons, activated abilities, body part targeting, and much more. Intel gathering is crucial for overall progress in Vigilantes.

Warbanners turn-based tactics release date

Warbanners turn-based tactics release date in linux ubuntu mac windows games

Crasleen Games, creators of enjoyable fantasy games. Hence the deep tactical combat including Drums of War. Now announcing the release date for Warbanners. Which will debut for Linux, Ubuntu and Windows PC on October 18th via Steam.

So Warbanners is an indie, meticulously designed, turn-based, tactical strategy game. While also coming with role-playing elements. Players manage a squad of mercenaries, experiencing a campaign of 42 missions. Yet strategically fighting towards becoming a legend equal to the ancient ones. So have to master a multi-faceted battle system. Learning how to exploit everything from the terrain to your special units in your road to victory.