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Forged of Blood turn-based tactical RPG hits Kickstarter tomorrow

Forged of Blood tactical turn-based rpg hits kickstarter tomorrow linux mac pc

So Forged of Blood is a riveting new fantasy turn-based tactical RPG #launching on Kickstarter tomorrow. Developed in #UnrealEngine4 and likely to make a Windows PC debut. And later followed by #Linux and likely Mac as well.

Linux release?

“We’re using Unreal Engine 4 and developing for PC right now. But definitely won’t rule out ports to Linux and other platforms!”

So we want to give you a pre-emptive first-look at some of the details. Since gameplay and the fate of a world hangs on your every decision. While you engage in challenging tactical combat as you find your place in a morally grey fantasy world. Hence deciding whether the ends will ultimately justify your actions.
Gameplay will throw players into a world being torn apart by racial tensions and sinister forces. Across the vast continent of Attiras, players will live the rise of power of the second son of a murdered king. From refugee to hero, navigating both strategic and tactical gameplay layers. Hence forging the empire anew or watch is run awash in blood in this turn-based RPG.

Forged of Blood Pre-Alpha Gameplay:

Tactical Combat:

Forged of Blood will pit players against fantastic creatures and brutal enemies. While the tactical layer is designed to encourage player flexibility and creativity in battle. Here, positioning, build efficiency, and tactics can mean the razor thin line between victory and defeat.

Strategic Management:

Outside of combat, players will be charged with retaking the world of Attiras. Since this layer will have two different windows that will pit players On the strategic map. So players will have to move their combat parties around the continent to complete quests and claim territories.

Forged of Blood Features

  • Tactical Fantasy: Take to the field with sword and shield or cast powerful spells. It’s all about deep turn-based RPG tactical combat against monsters and men.
  • Classless Warfare: With 9 unique weapons and a vast magic system, Forged of Blood lets you build your characters any way you want – without being constrained by the typical tank/DPS/healer roles.
  • Science in Magic: Explore the freedom and mysteries of one of the most complex and unique magic systems ever attempted in video games.
  • Kingdom at War: Command up to three parties of heroic characters on the strategic layer in your fight to reclaim the empire you lost.
  • Meaningful Choice: Your choices matter. From character building to your choices in the game narrative, your decisions will reverberate across the Strategic and Tactical layers of the game.
  • Your ends; your means: In a world of grays and unique perspectives, it is up to you to decide what is “right” and “wrong” for the future of Attiras. Forged of Blood will introduce a new Tri-axis Personality Plot system in lieu of the traditional Good vs. Evil scale common in most RPG settings.

Forged of Blood turn-based RPG will be available for pledges tomorrow on Kickstarter.

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Codex of Victory strategy and base-building announce release date – Linux, Mac, PC

codex of victory strategy and base-building announce release date linux gaming news

So 1C are pleased to #announce the #release of Codex of Victory. Hence the sci-fi turn-based strategy with real-time #basebuilding elements, will release on March 16 th 2017 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC through Steam. And other digital stores. Since Codex of Victory’s developers are after all Ino-Co Plus, experienced creators of Warlock, Majesty 2 and Elven Legacy.

So Codex of Victory pits players, as star lords defending human territories on distant planets against the armies of the transhuman Augments. Therefore players expand their underground HQ to manufacture and upgrade an army of massive, advanced drone units. All before dropping them into turn-based battles in an interplanetary war for humankind. Hence fusing two closely-related strategic gameplay types, Codex of Victory will keep players going throughout the game’s extensive singleplayer campaign. While further hours of gaming can be had from head-to-head online combat, complete with detail and unit customization options.

About Codex of Victory

Since human society has been divided. On one side, the natural course of human evolution has a disruption. So what started as an attempt to adapt to the harsh conditions of outer space and hostile planets, led to the creation of a weird race of transhuman cyborgs – the Augments. While driven by a desire to ‘liberate’ ordinary humans from the limitations of their wholly organic bodies. Hence the Augments have launched a full-scale attack. Now we must defend our territory and fight back, to save our Kingdoms and all of humanity as we know it!

Codex of Victory gaming features an extensive story-driven, single-player campaign. Hence tasking the player with building and commanding a hi-tech army of drone vehicles, tanks and robots. While the campaign offers an exciting mix of real-time base building, global strategic planning and turn-based combat gaming. Hence travelling between planets and territories, your sole task is to stop the Augments.

Inspired by classics of the strategy genre, the base building element involves expanding your underground HQ in real-time. Collect room blueprints, build factories, research centers, workshops, laboratories and other facilities. Then prepare for battles ahead. Global tactical oversight comes from your Planetary map, on which you’ll instantly see where your armies need to be deployed.


Engage in tactical turn-based combat gaming on hex-mapped battlefields. Select your units and upgrades, deploy them to the battlefield using the terrain to your advantage and test your tactical skills in each mission. As you progress through the battles of the main storyline and the various randomly-generated side missions, you’ll gain access to over 25 units. Each type of unit comes in countless variations, thanks to a diverse range of upgrades and add-on modules. Build your best and put them to the test against the incoming Augments!

  • Exciting combination of turn-based combat and real-time base building
  • 20+ hours of story-based singleplayer campaign
  • Online multiplayer battles with detailed army customization options
  • 25+ unique units, each with countless variations
  • High replay value ensured by randomly generated missions
  • Neo-feudal sci-fi environment with vivid, cel-shaded graphics

So Codex of Victory currently has a 90% positive rating on Steam. Currently available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, with the full release coming March 16 th 2017.

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Warbanners turn-based RPG strategy now on Greenlight

warbanners turn-based strategy games greenlight linux mac pc

Warbanners is a fast-paced, story-driven game now on Greenlight. While developer Vlad Konung is using #GameMaker: Studio to create his masterpiece. Hence the challenging #turnbased #strategy games role-playing elements will be available across Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

So as commander of the mercenary squad known as the games “Silver Griffins”. Here players will discover ancient artifacts, solve dark mysteries while they crush their enemies. How adventure unfolds is up to you: along the way you will be to call upon to make difficult choices. So many of the turn-based strategy scenarios will have unforeseen consequences.

Warbanners‘ combat mechanics include consideration of a number of factors. Hence the lighting levels, direction of gaze, morale, and fatigue. Additionally, many of the objects on the battlefield are interactive.

Complex tactical battles are the key feature of Warbanners. The major role played by the landscape and the degree of the battlefield illumination. Many terrain objects are interactive: the trees can be cut down, water can be freezen, the fire can be put out. Hence the battle system is focusing on the action points. So among other things, takes into consideration the morale and fatigue of warriors.

Warbanners Gameplay

For example, you can cut down or set fire to trees, and freeze rivers to change the landscape to your advantage. Why not build a bridge or a barricade, dig ditches, or move objects to confound your enemies? As your mercenaries level up, they will learn new skills and their attributes will improve. Further, each “Griffin” can be equip magical potions and artifacts to imbue them with a plethora of buffs. Finally, you can bolster your company with the Assistants scattered throughout the world. They do not fight, but for a modest joining fee will convey bonuses that may just turn the tide of battle in your favour.
The campaign consists of a chain of missions with forks and branches. Most missions contain elements of text quests and require deliberated decision-making.

So Warbanners is currently looking for vote on Greenlight. Hence expecting to release the game in the autumn of 2017.

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Expeditions: Viking turn-based strategy RPG official release date

expeditions: viking turn-based strategy rpg official release date linux mac pc

So after the warm welcome of Expeditions: Conquistador – Logic Artists’ PC debut title. The developers are finally ready to do it again four years later with the long-awaited sequel. Therefore #LogicArtists is pleased to #announce April 27th as the release date of Expeditions: Viking.

Expeditions: Viking features a branching dialogue system that allows the game to manage and react to player choices. We initially estimated a word count of 200,000. But we’ve decided to increase it by an additional 80,000 words to provide players with more content. And give them more options and choices on how they progress through the story,” said Ali Emek, Expeditions: Viking Producer.

expeditions conquistador screenshot 01

“With that amount of content, managing localization takes more time. We think it’s worth it to make the game accessible to an international audience. That’s why we’ve arranged a number of language localizations. So from day one players will be able to enjoy Expeditions: Viking in English, French, German, Polish, and Russian,” Emek added.

In addition to this, Logic Artists has stated that the additional development time strategy will allow them to tweak and balance the combat gameplay, implementing new special abilities for the most interesting villains, as well as to add flavor and improvements to Expeditions: Viking’s animations.

“We received great feedback from the testers after our last closed beta session, and rescheduling the release a bit is allowing us to spend our final weeks of development on improving usability and addressing the bugs reported during the beta test,” Emek added.

expeditions conquistador screenshot 02 expeditions conquistador screenshot 03

About Expeditions: Viking

Since Expeditions: Viking is the highly anticipated sequel to Logic Artists’ PC debut title, Expeditions: Conquistador. In the second installment of the series, players take on the role of leader of a modest Norse village. Consolidate your power as your neighbors plot against you, and cross the sea to explore the kingdoms of the British Isles, where wealth and power await. Launch raids to plunder monasteries and villages, or establish trade routes and political alliances on your adventures throughout the Norse lands and beyond. This second installment to the Expeditions series takes you to the dawn of the Viking Age where you must etch your name into the annals of history. Trader or tyrant? How will history remember you?

So Expeditions: Viking will be available on Steam, GOG, Gamersgate, the Humble Store, and in selected stores worldwide.

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Rencounter turn-based RPG gets support and big discount

rencounter turn-based rpg gets linux support and big discount

So Rencounter is a #difficult, turn-based, #RPG now #available for Linux. Hence of one of those roguelike games with a mysterious atmosphere.
Hence the world of Rencounter is immersed in gloom. Since the game begins in a maze full of bloodthirsty enemies, valuable resources and secrets.
So players have to help your squad survive while navigating through a network of tunnels and rooms. Distribute provisions and medicine to keep them alive.

Since gameplay takes place n a world where every choice counts. Players will be taken away on a path that will shape your destiny. So find your way to the end of the quest and discover the secrets at the end of your journey.

Rencounter Features:

  • Explore dungeons
  • Fight enemies
  • Scavenge equipment
  • Loot valuable items
  • Build Your character
  • Manage inventory

The games Update (Linux version release)

  • Rencounter is now available for Linux
  • Added German translation
  • Added Hungarian translation
  • Completely redesigned interface in combat.
  • Added the ability to drag and drop items in the inventory
  • A few important bug fixes and changes

So as a game, Rencounter seemed to have evolved from Android release. Which this may make for a somewhat limited gameplay experience.
While the game does not offer much in the way of teaching the player. Hence you have to jump straight into the game and figure things out. Since gameplay is not overly complicated, a mobile port could be a red flag for some. But the dirt cheap price tag right now makes it worth it.

Rencounter available now on Steam for Linux, with a 50% discount until January 28th.

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System Requirements:

  • Processor: Core 2 Duo or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: ATI or Nvidia graphics card with 512MB video ram or better and Shader Model 3.0+ support. (ATI Radeon 3870 or higher, Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or higher)
  • Storage: 700 MB available space