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Freshwater Frenzy content coming to Megaquarium

freshwater frenzy deluxe expansion coming to megaquarium on linux mac windows pc

Freshwater Frenzy a deluxe expansion coming to Megaquarium on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Twice Circled. Who are getting ready to release the expansion via Steam.

Megaquarium tycoon game releases today

megaquarium management tycoon game releases today on linux mac windows

Megaquarium takes the theme park management tycoon game releases now on Linux Mac and Windows. Which gives gives an aquatic twist to the genre. And righly so, it’s a solid game now on Steam and Humble Store.

Megaquarium sim drops September 13th

megaquarium sim drops september 13th for linux mac windows

Megaquarium sim will be launching on September 13th for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which is a sink or swim in Twice Circled’s upcoming aquatic economic management sim.

Megaquarium management tycoon game coming soon

megaquarium management tycoon game coming soon to linux mac windows

Megaquarium classic theme park management tycoon game arriving soon on Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks to the creators of Big Pharma comes a brand new economic simulation game.

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