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Waves 2: Notorious latest update adds support

waves 2 notorious latest update adds support linux beside windows pc

Waves 2: Notorious latest update adds support for Linux, right beside Windows PC. Thanks to developer Squid In A Box Ltd. Who originally released the game back in 2015. But also still has 88% Positive reviews on Steam.

Devader twin stick shooter release and Demo

devader twin stick shooter release and demo in linux mac windows pc games

Devader arcade twin stick shooter coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC but you can play the games Demo. Thanks to developer Falkenbrew. Expecting to release next month on Steam.

Smith and Winston voxel shooter hits Steam

smith and winston voxel shooter hits steam games for linux mac windows

Smith and Winston is a twin stick voxel shooter on Steam and Itch for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games release is available thanks to Execution Unit. After four years of development are entering Early Access for roughly 2 – 3 months. The games reviews are look good so far.

Little Bug adventure platformer launches today

little bug adventure platformer launches linux mac windows

Little Bug twin-stick adventure platformer launches on Linux, Mac and Windows. Bringing with it a casual style of gameplay and also somne tasty art. Available now on both Steam and Humble Store.

Moss Destruction twin stick roguelike on Steam

moss destruction twin stick roguelike on steam for linux mac windows

Moss Destruction is a fast paced, roguelike, isometric twin stick shooter for Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam. Which also includes procedurally generated, action packed levels. And it’s surprisingly good for $5 USD.

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