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Rise of the Tomb Raider – Feral Livestream

rise of the tomb raider feral livestream linux games

Get a first glimpse of Rise of the Tomb Raider on Linux with Feral Interactive Livestream. 20 Year Celebration is the definitive edition of the acclaimed action-adventure. Which is coming soon to Linux and Mac. Rise of the Tomb Raideris the breathtaking follow-up to Tomb Raider, the 2013 series reboot.

Tyranny sale launches on Twitch Games but no Linux??

tyranny sale launches on twitch games but no linux in gaming news

While the news of #Paradox Interactive releasing Tyranny on Twitch is real. Hence the prime evil publisher of #games just #announced the news. But with some restrictions. The critically acclaimed role-playing game (RPG) from Obsidian Entertainment is only for sale on Windows PC.

So Tyranny is an RPG set in a world after conquering of an evil overlord. The game is now available to purchase on Twitch, with sales revenue being split with Twitch partner-based streamers. Starting now, fans can purchase Tyranny – Commander Edition via their favorite streamer’s channel. Hence receiving the classic-styled RPG to enjoy on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC’s. Plus a Twitch Crate full of exclusive rewards. While 5% of the purchase price goes directly to the streamer. Providing of course he or she (the streamer) has opted into the gaming program.
However, looking more closely at the program. The Twitch Desktop App is needed for the game. Which is interesting, since the Cursed-like application is only available for Mac and Windows PC. And the purchase page for Tyranny only shows Windows support details. Therefore making the new store and the Twitch program very limited.

Tyranny places players within a world where a brutal clash between good and evil has taken place – and evil has emerged triumphant. Players will take on the role of a high-ranking officer in the armies of Kyros the Overlord. Making world-altering, morally difficult decisions that guide the fate of thousands. Finding their place in a new world order. So the story follows the player’s character as they interact with the populace to inspire loyalty, disgust, or fear, empowered to act as both judge and executioner.

Twitch viewers can purchase Tyranny – Commander Edition now for $44.99 USD (via Amazon) from the channel of their choice. Or you could just buy the game on sale. Currently discounted from 33% – 40% from Steam, GOG or Humble Store. Hence not the best way to end off this bit of gaming news. Since more support will be in order if Twitch ever expects to have Linux gamers backing Streamers.

To learn more about Tyranny on Twitch, visit the official Twitch page.

Streamline likely coming to Linux later

Streamline likely coming to Linux later

Streamline released this Fall into #EarlyAccess on Windows; blending a colorful, full-tilt version of grounders together with heavy #Twitch #integration and community focus in this sporty action game.

Proletariat Inc. built Streamline from its inception to bring streaming communities together and promote extra revenue to broadcasters in a completely new way. Twitch Bounty lets viewers purchase directly from a stream (see below) with streamers getting a 30% revenue kickback from the purchase. Streamers can also create custom links for viewers to purchase the game post-stream. With this, viewers can support streamers AND Streamline by purchasing the game!

Streamline likely coming to Linux later and in-game twitch bounty

Streamline pits Runners (competing for the most points) against Hunters, whose sole goal is to eliminate every runner from the game. Streamote.tv adds desktop, mobile, and tablet Twitch integration as viewers can bet on the best Runner to win big, change the rules of the game in real-time, and play mini-games to become notorious on stream.

Give your Runner an edge by turning the floor into lava or by bringing them back from the dead. On the other side? Help the Hunter by restricting the Runners’ movements or making them explode if they touch each other!

This all sounds great, right? I know there are a few Linux streamers out there who would probably appreciate these features.
So we reached out to Proletariat over Twitter, having received some key information. Both the in-house engineer is has sights on Linux and of course Streamline is build using Unreal Engine 4, making the the potential for a native build very real indeed.

Do keep in mind, this does not set anything in stone, but it is very likely that Proletariat will bring Streamline to Linux. And as quite a few Early Access games, Windows get the initial followed by further platforms.

Streamline is FREE for Twitch Prime subscribers until the end of the month and can be purchased on Twitch, and Steam.


Hearts of Iron IV – “The Three Day War” Multiplayer Event


During three sessions, over three days, #ParadoxInteractive will be #playing host to some special #guests as they re-write the history of World War II.

Viewers can tune in to our main channel at twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive for in-depth Dev commentary,  or follow the individual action via one of our guest’s streams:

Obviously by the time this post is released the first event would is over. That being said, you can check out Paradox on Twitch or any of the listed Streamers for a recap of their gameplay.


Seraph procedurally generated platformer now available on Steam Early Access


From the team that brought you Ironcast comes #Dreadbit’s next game, Seraph.

Seraph is a skill based, #acrobatic #shooter… without aiming! Featuring an angel, known as Seraph, who’s fighting to restore her lost power and ultimately escape a prison infested with demons. However, dark magic has trapped the angel inside her human Vessel: if the Vessel dies, so will Seraph.


  • Automatic aimingSeraph chooses her own targets with a wide range of deadly firearms, allowing the player to focus on acrobatic evasion instead. Dodge enemy attacks with lightning fast reactions and look awesome while doing it!
  • Dynamic difficulty scaling – The on-screen difficulty rating ensures that the game is always challenging. The better you do, the harder the enemies (but the greater the rewards!).
  • Designed to be replayed – Levels are procedurally generated and filled with random pick-ups, enemies and bosses. Craft new weapons, Miracles and protective items through the Transmutation feature and unlock powerful passive Oaths for your next demonic encounter.
  • Not a rogue-like!Seraph can be slain in her battles, but doing so will mean resurrecting with less maximum health. Discover hidden checkpoint orbs to save your start point through the campaign if you die completely.
  • Twitch featuresSeraph can be played in Twitch mode, allowing viewers to vote between levels to give the Streamer a positive or negative modifier, which then actually alters the game!

Players have to concentrate on acrobatic evasion and positioning instead, unleashing havoc with Seraph’sdual wielded handguns, machine-guns, shotguns and a host of other weaponry.

Scale vertical walls, dash through enemy attacks and cartwheel over explosive spells – all with slick, responsive and simple controls.

Demonic flesh can be shredded by gunfire and physical attacks, but larger foes are only fully destroyed by using a very short range angelic attack called Smite. Enemies can be blasted at range but Seraph must enter the fray to finish them off – the ultimate in risk/reward gameplay.

Streamers can play the game in Twitch mode, allowing their viewers to vote between levels on whether or not to give the player a positive or negative modifier for the next section of the game! Designated webcam area ensures that your camera feed never obscures important game information.

Seraph is available on Steam under Early Access for Windows PC, with Linux and Mac coming later. But well worth playing in WINE or even on PC.


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