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Brass board game releases on Steam for Linux

brass board game releases on steam for linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

All fans of the classic board game Brass can now play on Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Since the digital adaptation is releases from Polish independent studio Cublo Games. The release comes from cooperation with board game publisher PHALANX. After the success of the Steam Greenlight campaign. Also followed by two weeks of Open Beta tests. The games is now releases on Steam. Including support for single-player, multi-player, online multi-player, shared/split screen and cross-platform multiplayer.

While Brass is the perfect game for enthusiasts of classic economy-based board games. Right now, you can play the PC adaptation across Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows on Steam priced at $9.99 USD.

Shakes & Fidget – The Adventure hits Kickstarter

shakes and fidget the adventure hits kickstarter linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

Fans of classic point-and-click adventures don’t have much to laugh about these days. Hence the glory days of elaborate produced titles seem to be scarce on Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Or are they? So now with Shakes & Fidget – The Adventure, developers KING Art and Playa Games are working hard to prove otherwise.

Can large-scale adventures still be successful in 2017? Also, developers KING Art (The Book of Unwritten Tales) and Playa Games (Shakes & Fidget) have joined forces. Together, they want to develop a wonderfully wacky adventure game. A crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will show whether there are still enough fans out there for such a project.

Soulblight a unique crawler coming to Kickstarter

soulblight dungone crawler coming to kickstarter linux ubuntu mac windows games

Soulblight is a dark, top-down roguelike we introduced via Greenlight. Also set to make a debut on Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Since the games design is set to lure you across the thin line between good and evil. Embracing your flaws to survive a journey through an unforgiving Sanctuary. Gluttony, Lust, Cannibalism – how far are you willing to go?

My Next Games decided to delay the Kickstarter campaign. Doing so in order to spend more time polishing it. Since then the developers are working hard. And also, this time they are mentioning anything until 100% confident in their pitch. And now, since they are, the time has come to finally announce it. Soulblight Kickstarter campaign will go live on October 17th and as explained on Steam.

Jade Dragon dev video for Crusader Kings II

crusader kings ii: jade dragon developer video for linux mac windows games

Since his most grand and royal eminence, the Emperor of China. Having sent an ambassador with intelligence on what to expect once you make his acquaintance in Crusader Kings II: Jade Dragon. Therefore in this new feature video from Paradox Development Studio, Henrik Fahraeus. The Game Director for Crusader Kings II goes through some of the games changes and new systems. Since all of this is coming in Jade Dragon. The newest update to Paradox’s best-selling medieval strategy game for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Coming to Steam and Paradox Plaza.

Heliborne tactical fighter fully releases (Linux)

heliborne helicopter combat releases next week linux ubuntu mac windows games of 2017

While fans of helicopter action games have plenty of reasons to celebrate. After a year and a half of work, numerous improvements based on player feedback and 27,000 copies sold. Heliborne leaves Early Access and releases on Steam for only $24.99 USD on Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. So thanks to Klabater, the game will be published globally as a digital edition.

Publishing the game is only just the beginning. The developers are working alongside the publisher and are already planning the game’s post-launch support and further development. Players can count on free updates and paid DLC. Even now, the community can modify the game through Steam Workshop.