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Superposition benchmark tool now available on Linux

superposition benchmark tool now available on linux in gaming news

Continuing on with some interesting gaming news. Unigine has #officiallylaunched their Superposition #gamingbenchmark #tool. Since the release was previously delayed. Which does include a build for Linux and Windows. While also compatibility with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in VR mode.

Since Unigine’s Superposition benchmark is using the Unigine 2 game engine. Hence getting a dicey start in the news earlier this year when it was pulled from Valve’s Steam Greenlight. Since the tool is technically a not gaming software.

Superposition Benchmark from Unigine delayed until Q1 2017

superposition benchmark from unigine delayed linux pc until q1 2017

So the Unigine team have some belated news, their Superposition Benchmark has been delayed until Q1 2017. So that #development can receive additional polish and meet the #expectations of #benchmarking enthusiasts.

Unigine team want to create extraordinary product as we usually do, so the Superposition’s release delayed until Q1 2017.

While Unigine’s benchmark utilities are still highly popular for almost a decade now. Hence starting with Sanctuary, Tropics, Heaven and then Valley.

Superposition Benchmark GPU testing tool

Superposition Benchmark GPU testing tool for Linux and PC

Superposition Benchmark is a new GPU stress-testing tool from #UNIGINE looking for votes on Greenlight. A tool from the #developers of the very popular and highly acclaimed Heaven and Valley Benchmarks. This powerful benchmark can be effectively used to determine the stability of PC hardware under extremely stressful conditions, as well as check the cooling system’s potential under maximum heat output. It also offers highly immersive VR mode with support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive HMDs. Not that we have seen Linux support for either, but good to know it’s there.

Dual Universe sandbox Sci-Fi MMORPG Teaser trailer along side E3 PC Gaming Show


Paris-based game studio #Novaquark has #announced today the release of Dual Universe’s first look teaser trailer in conjunction with the PC Gaming Show. Dual Universe is a sandbox Sci-Fi #MMORPG currently in development for PC, set within a continuous single-shard universe where players can freely edit the world and build any construction they like with no size restrictions, from space ships to cities to giant space stations. Proud participant of the PC Gaming Show, which mission is to showcase the exciting and cool projects being made on PC, Novaquark is poised to present Dual Universe and discuss their insights in MMORPG development during the event which is broadcast live on Twitch and Youtube.

The video gives the audience a top line overview of the game building gameplay mechanics, showcasing at the same time certain aspects of the technology created for the development of the game. All the footage used for the trailer were captured in-game from a pre-alpha build. Starting with a camera view zooming in from space into a colorful planet revealing landscape and environmental details such as oceans, mountains and forests, a pilot enters a space ship that he can customize on the fly before taking off. The space ship zips through the planet’s atmosphere in a third person view and continues to travel through space seamlessly passing by a massive space station and other space crafts before it dives down through the atmosphere of another planet to land above a futuristic city located inside the banks of a desert valley.

Novaquark demonstrates that Dual Universe’ 64bit Planetary Engine enables smooth transitions from planet surfaces, through atmosphere and into space with no limits to how far the player can travel or see. It is also highlighting its Unlimited LOD (Level Of Detail) technology, coupled to smooth voxel edition, allowing planet-sized construction to be built, as well as large procedurally generated planets, revealed as players explore further and further.

“We are extremely proud and thankful to be part of the projects being presented during the PC Gaming Show this year.” Says Jean-Christophe Baillie, CEO and founder of Novaquark. “We are confident that our first look trailer will please the tens of thousands of fans that have been following us so far though our social channels, eager to hear and see more about Dual Universe”.

“PC gaming has always been the platform for cutting-edge experiences. We’re excited by Novaquark’s vision for a player-driven, sandbox MMORPG—it’s a project that reflects the spirit of the PC. We’re very glad to have Dual Universe as part of the PC Gaming Show, a unique showcase for some of the best and most interesting projects on the platform,” says Evan Lahti, Editor-in-Chief at PC Gamer.

Linux support:

In a recent email from Novaquark, the developer outlined native support, “we are big fans of linux here, most our developers develop on linux. However I have to tell you that we don’t know yet if/when the game will be released on Linux due to the cost overhead in maintenance, testing, etc.”

Which leads us to believe that the PC launch may not necessarily include Linux at the time of release, and a follow-up debut can be expected. Not the first or last time we have seen developers following this type of post-launch support. Manpower, development challenges and of course support, all play a big roll in how a title is to be released plus the cost factor.

Discover Dual Universe on the official website.


Future Linux Game Development Looks Good with the Latest UNIGINE Update

The UNIGINE, a real-time 3D engine built to run on all major platforms, including Linux, has just received an update, bringing some changes such as data streaming and terrain improvements.


Unigine Engine is built by non-other than Unigine Corp., the company behind the Heaven DX11 Benchmark software. The technology they develop is getting better all the time, and with their recent expansion on the Linux platform, we’re all too glad to see that major updates have been implemented in the engine.

Amongst the biggest changes in the latest Unigine update is the introduction of a landscape plugin for UnigineEditor.

According to the developers, the landscape plugin allows users to create huge seamless scenes containing virtually unlimited number of terrain objects (each one of them can be up to 16385×16385 units in size).

Highlights of the new Unigine Engine:

  • Terrain data streaming is now fully asynchronous;
  • Users can now force load a specified terrain region via Terrain::loadHeights() function, with the specified bounding box;
  • The “progression” parameter has been added for terrain LODs. The prev_distance + lod_distance * (lod_progression ^ lod_number) default value is now 2.0;
  • The terrain file format has been changed;
  • Support has been added for pre-cached file hierarchies. This means that the engine initialization time can be extremely reduced even with large assets database;
  • The background loading of images (with unpacking) has been added;
  • The filesystem_clear console command has been added. It can be used to remove all loaded, but unused resources;
  • Various performance optimizations have been done for the terrain rendering;
  • The OpenGL core profile compatibility has been improved;

A complete list of new features, for all the platforms, is available in the official announcement.
Keep in mind that the UNIGINE graphics engine is only aimed at commercial enterprises and that not even a trial version is available for the general public.

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