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Assetto Corsa Competizione reveal and shows hope

assetto corsa competizione reveal and shows hope for linux

Assetto Corsa Competizione has a reveal for Windows, but there seems to be hope for Linux. So we reached out to developer Kunos Simulazioni about the racing simulation with some decent news.

MOTHERGUNSHIP gets a support update before release

mothergunship to release soon including a linux support update

MOTHERGUNSHIP is an FPS bullet-hell is set to release on Windows next week, but not Linux. But we have some interesting feedback from developer Grip Digital regarding Linux.

World War 3 FPS native release is a MAYBE

world war 3 fps linux release is a maybe

World War 3 is a new FPS shooter from The Farm 51 for Windows, but what about Linux support? So we reached out to the dev’s and the reply is actually positive and realistic.

PLANET ALPHA no plans for native support

planet alpha no plans for linux support

PLANET ALPHA a beautiful alien world filled with mystery and danger but no Linux support. We reached out to Team17 early this month via email. Ideally looking to ensure native support for PLANET ALPHA platformer coming in Q3 2018.

Hide Or Die asymmetrical horror native release?

hide or die asymmetrical horror game linux release

Hide or Die is a large scale asymmetrical horror multiplayer game for Windows, but what about Linux?
Since the recently successful Kickstarter, which hit all of it’s Stretch Goals. We reached out to developer VecFour Digital with with some surprising news.

Hanako: Honor and Blade gets Free Weekend

hanako: honor and blade gets free weekend on windows no linux

Hanako: Honor and Blade, is a Samurai Ninja multiplayer game on Windows, but no support Linux yet. While there was a post outlining the coming Linux release already. The game now has a Free Weekend on Steam.

Witch It could see a native appearance

witch it hide and seek linux appearance beside windows

Witch It is the hide and seek game is available on Windows but could see a Linux release. So we reached out Hamburg-based developer Barrel Roll Games’ for further details. We have a surprising reply.

Deluded Mind horror adventure disappointment

deluded mind horror adventure disappointment for linux gaming

Deluded Mind is a horror adventure coming to Windows, but what about Linux? Well we reached out to German developer Pyxton Studios for details. What followed is quite surprising.

We Happy Few native release still unknown

we happy few linux release still unknown linux just windows

We Happy Few has an official release date, but the Linux build is still unknown. While Gearbox Publishing is eager to announce that the game will released on August 10, 2018 for Windows. So we reached out to Compulsion Games directly, only to get an interesting reply.

Impulsion 3D platformer could get support

impulsion 3D platformer could get linux support beside windows

Impulsion [official website] is a first person 3D platformer coming to Steam for Windows, but not Linux. Well we reached out to developer Driving Force Games with some interesting feedback.

Mars or Die tower defense could see support

mars or die tower defense could see linux support

Mars or Die is a brand new tower defense and roguelite coming to Window, but maybe Linux too via Steam. Developer 34BigThings have issued some feedback for their upcoming title. Which is actually quite good and proves to be challenging.

notmycar vehicle battle royal and native support

notmycar vehicle battle royale windows and linux support

notmycar [official website] massively multiplayer vehicle combat battle royale game for Windows, but could see Linux support. Since NMCStudios announced notmycar back in January. This is a full out white-knuckle, lead-footed massively multiplayer vehicle combat game.

Sky Noon western FPS coming to Early Access

sky noon western fps coming to early access windows then linux

Sky Noon is a western style FPS coming to Steam Early Access for Windows on June 14th, but we will see a Linux release later. So thanks to independent game developer Lunar Rooster and indie games partner Reverb Triple XP. I just had the opportunity to play Sky Noon with the Reverb staff.

Omnibion War 3D shoot em up needs Tux Love

omnibion war 3d shoot em up needs tux love for linux support

Omnibion War is the lastest in 3D shoot em up sci-fi action games for Windows on Steam, but could see a Linux release. Since 1C introduces the game, taking inspiration from mecha anime. Releasing via SteamTM. Also under development by independent developer Crazy Bullet Studio from Chile.

So what’s the deal regarding Linux support?

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