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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds could see a native Linux release

playerunknown's battlegrounds could see a native release early access linux gaming news

The big talk in gaming news right now seems to revolve around Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Hence this #multiplayer online #survivalshooter takes on the #games like H1Z1 and even The Culling, head to head. With two days to go before this Unreal Engine 4 based makes a debut on Steam Early Access for Windows PC. Taking the scavenging sandbox style of gameplay and packing it into a murderous battle royale.

Since this is a last-man-standing shooter, the title is being developed with a focus on community feedback. The game is being created by developer Bluehole Inc, offering players a true survival shooters. Where everyone starts with nothing. So players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a battle to be the lone survivor. Sound familiar?

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is a realistic, high tension game, set on a massive 8×8 km island. While including a significant level of detail for an Early Access release, highlighting Unreal Engine 4’s capabilities.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds official trailer:

So looking back in the genre, one of the earlist battle royale was an Arma 2 mod created by PlayerUnknown (aka Brendan Greene). Now, after helping develop and shape H1Z1: King of the Kill. Greene has now teamed up with the Tera developers Bluehole Studio. Basically developing a commercial Hunger Games. Not a bad deal considering the success of both the DayZ mod and H1Z1: King of the Kill.


Gameplay is straight forward, a battle royale consisting of 64 players on one 8km island. Each scavenging for weapons, vehicles, and supplies. Then taking a strategic stance to hide, sneak around and murder each other.

Seeing how most of those survival strategy shooters are somewhat janky, one well developed game with cross-platform support would be great. Even though I’ve never played King of the Kill, I do know that it is still the third-most played game on Steam. Behind Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive of course.

Linux release:

So we reached out to Bluehole, hoping for some positive news and to confirm Unreal Engine 4. Here’s the reply:

“At this point, all of our resources are focused on making that Steam launch on 3/23.

Once we are settled with the Steam launch, we’ll be looking into other platforms, with consoles already being in our plans.”

Since this is not a definite gaming news confirmation, the developers are interested in further platform support. And while this is not a “no” to Linux, it looks like we will have to wait and see. Hopefully not too far after the Early Access release. Considering there are no further details being made regarding a Linux build, let alone any mention of Vulkan support.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds will be priced at $29.99 USD on Early Access on Steam March 23rd. With a plan to reach the full launch in a six months time frame. All while basing development on player feedback, adding new modes and mod tools.

Wartile tabletop-inspired RTS now available on Early Access

wartile tabletop inspired RTS available now on early access linux gaming news

Playwood Project’s medieval #tabletop-inspired #realtimestrategy #game Wartile. Now available on Steam Early Access. While only available for Windows PC for now, the graphics in the game are incredible. So the real gaming news, Playwood have put some serious time into creating the right aesthetics for the gameplay in Unreal Engine 4. Featuring stunning, highly detailed digital dioramas and innovative, for true tactical gaming.
Since Wartile takes players on a journey through intricately crafted environments. Hence leading a hoard of Viking warriors through a series of beautifully detailed battle boards. While each has their own story and lore.

“We’re thrilled to finally launch on Steam Early Access. We are confident that Wartile’s impressive digital dioramas and unique gameplay will bring something new and visually jarring to the RTS genre,” said Michael Rud Jakobsen, Founder and Creative Director of Playwood Project. “The combined effort from all the team, not to mention the initial praise and reaction from press and community news. Have all kept us going for many months and we are keen to see what players think of our efforts thus far!”


Wartile is a singleplayer and multiplayer real time tabletop gaming experience for Windows PC with a strong turn based flavor. The game replicates the feeling of playing a tabletop game but with a tactical edge and more immediate combat. Each Battle Board is an intricately realised digital diorama. Complete with tiles that allow players to strategize their tactical moves and attack in real time. Units are fully customizable with armor, weapons and new stat tokens. So players can pick up these items throughout the game by completing special challenges.
Stat tokens provide points that players can add to their characters’ stats which unlock when players level up. Available in each of the various Battle Boards in the game. Players can add a tactical slant to their close quarter and ranged combat moves by utilising cards. Hence Ability cards and Godly cards apply to their figurines, gaining more experience and by completing special Battle Board objectives. Godly cards and abilities can be put together by the player before engaging in battle or during combat. These cards can easily change the course of the fight should the odds stack against their flavour.

The most significant game news, Playwood Project plans to eventually include a wide range of detailed environments. Including Norwegian mountains, murky swamps, rocky English coastlines, dark dungeons and sweeping grasslands. Wartile also allows players to unlock and collect an array of different characters. All with different combat abilities to provide a choice of tactical gaming options before they embark on each quest.

The Linux release:

According to the games developer Playwood Project, their ultimate goal is to release a Linux and Mac version. It won’t be for the Early Access stage of the product because they don’t know what effect that will have on the current pipeline. But it’s very much on their agenda.

Wartile’s beautifully realised digital dioramas and innovative game mechanics aim to bring a wholly unique and refreshing perspective to the RTS genre. Players will be challenged to utilise their Viking figurines carefully in both ranged and hand to hand combat as they navigate each Battle Board toward their objective. Wartile will also be making an eagerly awaited appearance at EGX Rezzed in London’s Tobacco Dock in the Unreal Showcase Zone from the 30th March through to 1st April.

“Currently the game is fully playable and generally bug free with three different figurine classes and the first quarter of the story line, with associated battle boards, is playable. With the completion of the campaign battle boards, a multiplayer battle board will unlock allowing players to engage in quick matches against other random players.”

Two other games that fall in-line with Wartile are both Nyheim tabletop and Northgard – currently seeking Linux vote.

Wartile is available now on Steam Early Access priced $19.99, €19.99, £14.99. A 10% discount offer will be in place for its first week on sale, until March 24th. And obviously Linux and Mac support will arrive later, no specific release date has been set.

Kieru unique first person multiplayer could see a Linux release

kieru unique first person multiplayer could see a linux release

While in a classic first person deathmatch style, Kieru pits two #teams of Ninjas against each other. Since gameplay design focuses around the Japanese-inspired high contrast black and white #arenas, presenting a simple yet challenging experience. Plus we could see a Linux #release. First, check out the trailer below.

Kieru Official Greenlight Trailer:

Since Kieru is currently under development in Unreal Engine 4, this means a greater degree of flexibility. Plus the environment is a dynamic but straight forward black and white. While making for fast paced yet rather challenging gameplay.

“Hey Todd,

Would love to do Linux port, our dedicated servers are running on linux distros so its definitely feasible.

I wouldn’t lock it in as we are a small team but I am definitely interested in doing a linux build!”


  • Great aesthetics, pure gameplay: The monochrome world strips the stealth kill genre to its essence, whilst providing a clean, clear, graphical distinction between sitting ducks and lurking assassins.
  • Rewards tactical excellence: Classic ninja tactics of subtlety and subterfuge are required for success. The killing blow should come from nowhere.
  • Multiplayer mayhem: Different multiplayer map modes create a variety of team play challenges where only true ninjas will emerge victorious.

Kieru PAX Footage

So Pine Fire Studios take inspiration for the game in a mix of Samurai Jack and Quentin Tarantino’s films. Therfore the gameplay continues to developer into what we now see as Kieru. A Japanese hiragana word meaning to vanish, go out, or to extinguish.

Since Kieru is already Greenlit, the studio does not have a scheduled release date. Developer Pine Fire Studios outlines, “Official release date isn’t confirmed yet but we hope late this year!”. Stay tuned.

Forged of Blood turn-based tactical RPG hits Kickstarter tomorrow

Forged of Blood tactical turn-based rpg hits kickstarter tomorrow linux mac pc

So Forged of Blood is a riveting new fantasy turn-based tactical RPG #launching on Kickstarter tomorrow. Developed in #UnrealEngine4 and likely to make a Windows PC debut. And later followed by #Linux and likely Mac as well.

Linux release?

“We’re using Unreal Engine 4 and developing for PC right now. But definitely won’t rule out ports to Linux and other platforms!”

So we want to give you a pre-emptive first-look at some of the details. Since gameplay and the fate of a world hangs on your every decision. While you engage in challenging tactical combat as you find your place in a morally grey fantasy world. Hence deciding whether the ends will ultimately justify your actions.
Gameplay will throw players into a world being torn apart by racial tensions and sinister forces. Across the vast continent of Attiras, players will live the rise of power of the second son of a murdered king. From refugee to hero, navigating both strategic and tactical gameplay layers. Hence forging the empire anew or watch is run awash in blood in this turn-based RPG.

Forged of Blood Pre-Alpha Gameplay:

Tactical Combat:

Forged of Blood will pit players against fantastic creatures and brutal enemies. While the tactical layer is designed to encourage player flexibility and creativity in battle. Here, positioning, build efficiency, and tactics can mean the razor thin line between victory and defeat.

Strategic Management:

Outside of combat, players will be charged with retaking the world of Attiras. Since this layer will have two different windows that will pit players On the strategic map. So players will have to move their combat parties around the continent to complete quests and claim territories.

Forged of Blood Features

  • Tactical Fantasy: Take to the field with sword and shield or cast powerful spells. It’s all about deep turn-based RPG tactical combat against monsters and men.
  • Classless Warfare: With 9 unique weapons and a vast magic system, Forged of Blood lets you build your characters any way you want – without being constrained by the typical tank/DPS/healer roles.
  • Science in Magic: Explore the freedom and mysteries of one of the most complex and unique magic systems ever attempted in video games.
  • Kingdom at War: Command up to three parties of heroic characters on the strategic layer in your fight to reclaim the empire you lost.
  • Meaningful Choice: Your choices matter. From character building to your choices in the game narrative, your decisions will reverberate across the Strategic and Tactical layers of the game.
  • Your ends; your means: In a world of grays and unique perspectives, it is up to you to decide what is “right” and “wrong” for the future of Attiras. Forged of Blood will introduce a new Tri-axis Personality Plot system in lieu of the traditional Good vs. Evil scale common in most RPG settings.

Forged of Blood turn-based RPG will be available for pledges tomorrow on Kickstarter.

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System Shock reboot first-person development switches to Unreal Engine 4

system shock reboot first-person development switches to unreal engine 4 video

Since raising over $1.3 million on Kickstarter last summer for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Developer #Nightdive Studios have been working to #update the first-person System Shock reboot for the game’s backers.

So part of this process involves reevaluating Nightdive’s approach to the game’s technology. “We took a hard look at what Unity could do on consoles, and what we wanted to achieve for both visual quality and performance. While Unity is a great engine, it was clear that we needed to use an engine that fit our project goals more closely,” game director Jason Fader outlines in the Kickstarter update. “We took a few weeks to research various engines (mainly Lumberyard and Unreal). Around the end of October, we were confident Unreal Engine 4 was the right way to go, but we didn’t want to announce the change just yet, since we wanted to prove to our backers (and ourselves) that we could deliver a slice of the game in Unreal Engine 4 with the updated visual direction.”

So with that decision confirmed, the team made staffing changes with a “Vertical Slice” a new ‘proof of concept prototype’.

Nightdive’s new video of the game running in Unreal Engine 4:

“All of the characters you know and love will be back, but with more refined dialogue thanks to our lead narrative designer, Chris Avellone. Most of the classic creatures, weapons, items, and areas are being kept. But we will be applying modern game design principles and visuals to better introduce System Shock reboot to current gamers that might not have had the chance to appreciate the original game.”

So it looks like the team is looking at the original game and assessing when to bring back components. And apparently trying to “modernize or revamp from a level design standpoint,” from the artistic side says Fader. “We’re actually going to throw you even more in the deep end than System Shock reboot, slightly,” Fader outlines. “System Shock 1 did have a lot of openly explorable environments, but some of them were gated or limited. So we’re going to be opening up more of the station. We see this as more of a Metroidvania-style game. But it’s not an open world. Yet openly explorable. So once you get out of that starting area, the station is your oyster.”

System Shock has a targeted launch date for “mid to late 2018.” Yet you can still back the game before release via the BackerKit page. While still targeted for a Linux day-one release.

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