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Unreal Tournament update gets released (Linux)

unreal tournament update gets released linux mac windows games

Since Linux is back in the mix. Hence update 0.1.12 for #UnrealTournament. So the #games release comes loaded with significant performance improvements for lower end systems. This includes not only #Windows and Mac support, but a new Linux client. Which all supports the simple forward shading support. And reflection environment optimisations. While now, Epic games have added voice chat support with dedicated voice servers. This version also includes a new Bio Rifle mesh and the Flak Cannon. Plus supporting unique per character first person arms, improvements to Blitz, and first person animation refinements. So these are some significant changes indeed.

Unreal Tournament June 2017 Patch Notes:

The new Blitz game mode combines elements of the classic Capture the Flag and Assault game modes. Set in an intense new round-based mode. Check out Fort, one of the Blitz levels. Which is in the midst of its transformation from a gameplay shell to a fully meshed level. We’ve continued to make improvements to the mode. Increasing the initial flag pick up delay. And adding ramp up music to help players with the timing of the start of action. Rally Points are now powered for twenty seconds at a time, up from ten. Rallying is now easier to understand. As the camera now shows you preparing to rally while you are still vulnerable at the start of your rally. Followed by a zoom into the Rally Point.

Unreal Tournament now has voice chat support integrated and enabled by default. You can choose between Push to Talk and Open Mic in the Audio Settings menu. As well as selecting the input device. You can mute players individually using the interactive scoreboard. And you can also limit voice interactions using the communications filter. Available in the System Settings menu General tab.

So if you want to read the full list of games update changes. Check out the Release Notes page.

Therefore, if you want to join Unreal Tournament player via cross-platform. The client is available through the Epic Launcher for Windows and Mac HERE.

Unreal Tournament gets a swampy new arena map


Amongst all the hype, #Epic is still working away on the #development of the new Unreal Tournament.

We have been watching the work-in-progress of the Unreal Tournament reboot for around two years now. A project that continues to move slowly forwards through team that is modest in size and keeping to a steady pace, based on #community feedback.

Unreal Tournament is certainly looking better and better, particularly on Linux. Last night Epic unveiled a new map, called Underland, a swampy arena housed in ancient ruins. which also happens to be a Deathmatch level for six to eight people.

But first, go to the forum page and download the Linux build HERE.

As usual, make the game have the necessary permissions to launched at:


Then launch the game by appending “UnrealTournament”:

cd /LinuxNoEditor/Engine/Binaries/Linux/
./UE4-Linux-Shipping UnrealTournament

Unreal Tournament is still in pre-alpha and there is no release date as of yet. So all of you fans will recognise some of the weapons from UT games of old, alongside the classic map Facing Worlds.


Unreal Tournament builds now available to anyone on Linux, Mac and Windows

Unreal Tournament’s #weeklybuilds are now #available to anyone, not just developers.


The new Unreal Tournament is being developed openly and collaboratively. As part of this experiment, +EpicGames has opened its weekly builds to anyone who registers on its forums.

You may recall these builds popping up back in August, but this is the first time they’ve been made available to anybody with an email address rather than just developers. You can access them through the pre-alpha build thread.

According to games.on.net, builds are available for Linux, Mac and 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, and there are even server builds available. The download is about 1 GB.


Play the latest build of Unreal Tournament for free

Unreal Tournament will be free. It’s already free, in fact, but only if you’ve got the #Unrealengine4. If you’re not #developing a game, there’s a good chance you don’t. Not to worry! Kind soul and Unreal forum member raxxy is gathering #builds created by the Unreal Tournament team and throwing them out into the aether, for any Tom, Dick or murderous space soldier to download.

And while Epic’s not involved, they’ve given the okay for raxxy to continue doing this. You can snatch up the latest build here, and expect lots of updates, as the game continues to be developed.

Right now, it’s basic, absent most textures. But there are loads of guns, and all the swift movement and the rush of killing and killing and killing some more is all in there. That’s what UT is all about anyway.

And with each update – they aren’t automatic, so you’ll need to download the new builds when they are released – it will bring you one step closer to the finished product.

Players without Unreal engine 4 will have some minor limitations put on them, though. You won’t be able to tweak values or create your own content, but you’ll still be able to play.

To keep up to date on builds – which you’ll need to do enjoy the multiplayer shenanigans – you can join the IRC channel. It’s #BeyondUnreal on GlobalGamers IRC Network.

Well, no time to waste. Get that downloaded and go shoot people (figuratively speaking).

Relogged from: pcgamesn.com


A very rough look at the New Unreal Tournament progress

A few months ago we found out a new Unreal Tournament #game is in the works for Linux,  Mac, and Windows PC. Today we have a #developerdiary that gives a brief update of the game’s progression, as well as a very early look at some in-game action.

Although all the footage is taken off-screen, if you are itching for some kind of info on how things are going, this is the best you can get right now. It’s kind of fun being able to hear the developers say what the game still needs while they are playing it.

There’s no timetable on its release but we do know the game will be completely free when it launches, with no microtransactions or subscription fees out of the gate.


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