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Day of Infamy getting Free Weekend and Update

day of infamy getting free weekend and update linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

Since there have are over a billion shots fired. Including 7 million objectives captured and 50 million player deaths. The largest war of all time continues to rage on. Available across Linux, Ubuntu, Mac, Windows. Day of Infamy, the hardcore WWII shooter from the creators of Insurgency. Now on the hunt for new recruits to join over 275,000 existing players. Since we there will be a battlefield full of players during their upcoming Steam Free Weekend.

So players can expect to experience hardcore World War II First-Person Shooter combat. Available in both player versus player and cooperative game modes. With an emphasis on teamwork-style objectives and high lethality gunplay. Call in fire support, secure objectives, and push the line forward. All using more than 60 iconic WWII weapons, nine specialized player classes. As well as 33 historic units of the US Army, British Commonwealth, and German Wehrmacht. The battle is raging across Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows.

Awesomenauts Update 4.4 and Weekly Brawls

awesomenauts update 4.4 and weekly brawls for linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

Available now on Steam, Update 4.4 for Awesomenauts brings new features that mix up the gameplay in 2017. While this is a true festival of carnage. Since games available for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Now with the addition of a weekly Brawl that provides bonus XP and Awesomepoints. Hence the rewards to participants. Yet every weekend players will be able to enjoy a new gameplay mode with different rules. As well as different powers and modifiers.
So for this first week Ronimo Games are starting with the Unlimited Power Brawl. A game mode where all upgrades have a fixed price. And there are no restrictions on how many upgrades you can have. Which ‘Naut will reign supreme when there’s nothing to hold them back?

Move or Die update and finale of Rick and Morty

move or die update and finale of rick and morty in linux ubuntu mac windows games

Since those Awesome Guys and Reverb Triple XP want to share a reminder. Due to today being the season three finale of Rick and Morty. And what better way to celebrate the event then playing characters from the Adult Swim’s animated series. Hence now available in Move or Die for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows.
So Move or Die is an absurdly fast, four-player local and online party game. Which is a guarantee to ruin friendships in nearly every multiverse. There’s no time to squanch! Not a smeckle to spare? Don’t even trip, dawg… the games character pack is free too.

Pyre – True Nightwing Update and game mode

pyre get true nightwing update in linux ubuntu mac windows games

As our way of saying thanks to the players who’ve supported Pyre. Since Supergiant Games released the game in July, wenow have a free update available now on Steam. At the center of the latest update is a new Campaign mode. Since the developers are amping up the challenge and enhancing playthrough’s.

So for those who have not had a chance to play Pyre. Or been able to try Bastion or Transistor. Both games have discounts as well as pricing on the entire Supergiant library this weekend. Since all of the games are available for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows, it’s a nice bonus.

Albion Online first post-launch update Joseph

albion online just released joseph update linux mac windows games

Sandbox Interactive released the first major post-launch update for Albion Online. Since this content update is called “Joseph”, available now for all players of the sandbox MMORPG. Releasing the games further content across Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows.
So among other things, “Joseph” includes an action-packed Arena mode. This features a thrilling new battle system where players compete against each other in 5v5 matches. Therefore there will be additional PvP opportunities with “Treasure Sites”. Including two new group expeditions, further UI/UX improvements and Smart Casting. While including new weapon abilities for more variety and a range of other improvements.

So I have to admit, these changes are an improvement. While the Three Sisters Expedition is worth checking out as well as the Arena Mode, creating a MOBA-like experience. So think Battlerite gameplay.

Albion Online | Joseph Update Trailer:

Features and improvements of the Joseph update:

  • Arena Mode
    While in the new Arena, players face worthy opponents in 5vs5 matches to gain control points. The winning teams receive Arena Sigils which can use for exceptional rewards. Such as the Armored Sabretooth mount.
  • “Treasure Sites”
    The old Relic Locker sites around Albion are now “Treasure Sites”. More than ten of these locations are available throughout the yellow, red and black zones. Due to additional opportunities for PvP battles.
  • Eternal Battle Expedition
    An ancient city is overrun by undead soldiers of a defending army from a battle from long time ago. It is the job of the players to regain the city for the living.
  • Three Sisters Expedition
    A Royal Guard who is said to have committed treason has disappears and must be found. Can the players resist the Three Sisters?
  • Smart Cast
    The Smart Casting mechanic now allows intuitive use of special abilities.
  • UI/UX Improvements
    A facelift to some of the menu interfaces and improvements in various menus like the social menu.
  • New Abilities
    Five new abilities are available for bows, daggers, cursed staffs, swords and spears starting at tier 5. They will offer even more variety to these weapons’ play styles.
  • New ability effects, Dungeons and Mob Camps have treasure chests. Essences can be used in potion crafting, plus dozens of minor improvements and countless bug fixes.

So the Albion Online Joseph update is available now for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Further details about the games update are available here. And if you do not own Albion Online, check out the Starter Packs.