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Transport Fever 2 now has a release date

transport fever 2 now has a release date for linux windows pc

Transport Fever 2 tycoon simulation has a release date for Linux and Windows PC. Which is just announced by Good Shepherd Entertainment and developer Urban Games. Due to make it’s debut via Steam.

Transport Fever 2 simulation announcement

transport fever 2 simulation games announcement for linux mac windows pc

Transport Fever 2 strategy simulation games announcement for Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks to Good Shepherd Entertainment. And also independent developer Urban Games. Who are announcing the follow tycoon sim. Coming to Steam later this year.

Transport Fever Performance Patch launches

transport fever performance patch launches in linux mac windows games

Transport Fever launches a new Performance Patch for Linux, Mac and Windows. This also includes a new trailer from developer Urban Games.

So yes, this is all about the joys of building a successful empire. Since gameplay spans 150 years of transport history. Which does not grow old to fast apparently.

Transport Fever Convenience patch released

transport fever convenience patch released for linux mac windows games 2017

Since this is some belated news, but never the less good news. So if you are fan of Transport Fever, here’s the breakdown for the latest Convenience Patch. Which is now available on Linux, Mac and Windows. And since this patch comes with even more fixes and tweaks. Developer Urban Games finally released the convenience patch on November, 2nd 2017. See, I told you this was belated. However this patch makes the player’s life easier. By also introducing several usability enhancements.

Transport Fever gets a new patch to improve performance

transport fever gets a new patch to improve performance

Transport Fever is a railroad­-focusing tycoon game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Where players start in 1850 and consequently build up a thriving transport company. So as an emerging #transporttycoon, the player constructs stations, #airports, #harbours and makes money by connecting areas requiring transport services.

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