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THE HARVEST new hero shooter seeks requests

the harvest new hero shooter game seeks requests for linux beside windows pc

THE HARVEST the new hero shooter games coming to Windows PC, but with support, Linux too. Thanks to details from developer The Breach Studios. A Battle Royale style game coming to Steam Early Access.

Teal turn based multiplayer gets native release

teal turn based multiplayer gets linux and steamos release on steam

Teal is a turn based multiplayer strategy game available on Steam, now with Linux and SteamOS support. The gameplay uses simultaneous turns, think chess with guns. Each have mind bending trajectories. Games are played on a variety of maps. Since each have a different focus. While adapting your team composition. Anticipating the opponent’s next move is the key to victory.

Shadow Warrior 2 bring a ton of new weapons to the fight in Gamescom demo footage


One of the games brought to #Gamescom 2016 is Shadow Warrior 2, so the press and attendees and the press got some hands-on. The shooter/action game has always looked pretty good, this new #gameplay footage only helps to prove that.

In this video, IGN plays through the Gamescom demo, which now includes a new location, new weapons and enemies.

We already know the chainsaw and a few of the katana abilities. Lo Wang also seems to have a new dodge ability, allowing him to get in and out of fights more quickly. Then gets transported to a new place through a portal where things get deliciously interesting.

Shadow Warrior 2
was recently given an October release only on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


Indiegogo campaign underway for Valve to make Half-Life 3


Half-Life 3 has #reportedly been in development for ages now. Having never been officially #confirmed, fans have never really shut up about how they want Valve to #release it. But somehow we are at a point where all those forum posts, Reddit threads, screaming on Steam, all pale in comparison to today’s campaign.

The elaborate Indiegogo campaign is started by Chris Salem and Kyle Mazzei, who work for marketing firm McKee Wallwork & Co., and claim the firm is supporting them in their endeavour.

Being an Indiegogo campaign, Chris and Kyle get to keep whatever money it makes. There are four tiers to this thing, and I am going to list them all because they are completely ridiculous.

$3,000 tier: The duo will start a Google AdWord campaign that targets all 300 employees of Valve, all saying “we want Half-Life 3″.

$9,000 tier: A truck with a giant billboard will “besiege” Valve HQ in Washington and show similar messages.

$45,000 tier: This is the most ridiculous one of them. The pair will hire Gabe Newell look-a-likes to also “besiege” Valve’s HQ, all wearing “we want Half-Life 3″ t-shirts.

$150,000 tier: And finally, the most extravagant one; a concert will be held in Seattle featuring “some of the biggest names in video game music” and invite Valve employees and fans.

According to Kotaku, the campaign’s goal is to “engulf Valve employees’ lives”. I can’t seem to find that anywhere on the campaign page, so it must’ve been removed.

You may think this is borderline harassment, and you will be 100% correct. It’s one thing to be a fan of something and clamour for a sequel, and it’s another thing entirely to raise money so you can better harass developers to make said sequel. Newsflash everyone; Valve doesn’t owe you anything.

Find This Campaign On  and 

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Insanity's Blade new trailer with a Mac and Linux build on the way

Insanity's Blade new trailer with a Mac and Linux build on the way

Having followed the progress of Insanity’s Blade closely over the past few months and seeing what the #game looks like when it finally hits the market later this month. The trailer alone looks like impressive, retro-style gameplay, cutting a gory swathe of destruction.

Casual Bit Games successfully kickstarted its unique take on the #sidescrolling action #platformer at the end of last year, and recently overhauled the visuals to give the game a 16-bit look.

A new official trailer showing some of the carnage we can expect to see when it finally launches.

Here’s what Causal Bit Games had to say about the news:

The game is still set to launch for Windows on May 20th with Mac and Linux following shortly thereafter. We had previously announced on the Kickstarter that there were issues with the software we use to build the game having either a memory leak or a limitation to the size of the game we could build, so the optional NES graphics version of the game with some of the old stages had to be cut in order to continue working on the game. The program was constantly crashing when creating new objects or events so we cut down and cleaned up as much as possible to get the game back on track!

The Wii U version of the game went into development a few weeks ago and we are looking forward to bringing you progress reports on that version! At this point we are expecting it to take a couple of months to be completed as it had to be reprogrammed in Unity. But the game is indeed coming! We will get a release date to you later down the line when we have a better feel for what is going on!

Check the exclusive interview with Nintendo Life, giving a true insight in the development and history of inspirations for Insanity’s Blade.

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