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The Blood Eclipse new maps and support

the blood eclipse new maps linux mac support

The Blood Eclipse a first person violent action adventure has new maps and support for Linux via Steam. All thanks to the efforts of developer Only Human Studios who previous released the game back in October. Now adding Linux and Mac support via Steam.

Damsel vampire platformer gets full support

damsel vampire action platformer full support for linux mac windows

Damsel the vampire slaying arcade game is now available for Linux on Steam. All thanks to the efforts of develoer Screwtape Studios who contacted me last night with the good news. With 100% Positive reviews.

Parkitect theme park designer releases

parkitect theme park designer releases on linux mac windows

Parkitect you are a theme park designer that releases on Linux, Mac and Windows. So whether you want to play on Steam, Humble Store or go DRM-free on GOG, developer, Texel Raptor has you covered. Where players are tasked with building and managing their own theme parks. Doing so across a 26 level campaign mode.

Artifact launches Open Beta today

artifact launches open beta today on linux mac windows

Artifact the new card game from Valve which now launches the Beta on Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. But there seems to be some issue with the game. Since Valve is addressing some of the complaints in a blog post.

Space Race expansion lands on Surviving Mars

surviving mars first expansion space race on linux mac windows

Space Race the first major expansion for Surviving Mars releases for Linux, Mac and Windows. Paradox Interactive and Haemimont Games just launched the expansion for their sci-fi management game. You can pick it up on Steam, GOG, Humble Store and Paradox Store.

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