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Planet Stronghold 2 visual novel RPG updated

planet stronghold 2 visual novel rpg game updated for linux and windows pc

Planet Stronghold 2 visual novel RPG game has been updated for both Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Winter Wolves. Available now on Itch.io. Which is due to release on Steam in Q1 2020.

Planet Stronghold 2 is the sequel to the first sci-fi VN/RPG. Now with a new update. Which also offers some big changes. Such as a fix for the reset button in the level up screen. Non-regular skills that were consuming ammo. While reducing self explosion damage. Plus a tweak for the enemy Stun ability. Improving both the Linux and Windows PC build.

Planet Stronghold 2 – When Everything Fails

What’s New in Update 0.7.2

  • fix for an uncommon bug very nasty bug in Planet Stronghold 2. If you use the “reset” button during the level up screen. The skills would get duplicated (even if apparently it worked fine). For the regular skills this doesn’t matter. For the passive skills instead, yes. Since their bonuses would stack (for example 100 Toughness I would add 100 times 10 HP!). Also resulting in a sort of cheat mode (save a save with Lisa having 1300 HP!!). This has fix, old values will remain until you click reset in the level up screen
  • by mistake even psionic or non-regular skills consume ammo. For example Soot Strike was using ammo. Which doesn’t really make any sense. This has a fix so that only regular attacks. So attacks that consume ammo will do it!
  • tweak for enemy Stun ability: The delay adds to next action has a reduction. And the Planet Stronghold 2 paralyze icon displays on the target. It’s still powerful. But they shouldn’t be able to permanently “stunlock” one of your party members for a whole fight!
  • GUI fixes in the games “DEFEAT” screen. The text buttons are bigger
  • Apex Alpha uses medikits much less often (AI tweak). Going from 40% chances to 15%
  • lowering Horcoos self-explosion damage from 5 x level to 3 x level
  • fix for a Planet Stronghold 2 crash that occurs on day 36 during Lakadema scene. If you didn’t complete some previous steps of the quest “Project Eden”. In both cases it gets marked as complete. But if you also did the subquest “the Truth” you’ll gain another 100 XP
  • fixed various typos


Planet Stronghold 2 takes place several years passed the original release. Since the colony of Planet Stronghold is secure from the Descorian threat. Now Lisa/Joshua Nelson have been promoted to Captain. But an increase in rank also comes with greater duties.

Planet Stronghold 2 visual novel RPG game is available on Itch.io. Priced at $24.99 USD. Including a Steam key for Linux and Windows PC.

Planet Stronghold 2 sci fi Visual Novel Beta

planet stronghold 2 sci fi visual novel beta in linux mac windows pc games

Planet Stronghold 2 the sci-fi visual novel RPG has a new Beta update in Linux, Mac and Windows games. Thanks to the continuing work of developer Winter Wolves. The games new release is available on Itch.io, but coming to Steam.

Cursed Lands visual novel available now

cursed lands visual novel rpg available now in linux mac windows games

Cursed Lands the visual novel RPG dating sim lands on Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam or Itch.io. The games Steam release was expected later in 2018. While the award winning indie developers Winter Wolves keep on top of things.

Also this is the biggest game in the franchise so far with over 300,000 words of text. Including a branching plot and some big choices that change the story completely.

Tales Of Aravorn: Cursed Lands RPG dating sim

tales of aravorn cursed lands rpg dating sim for linux mac windows games

Tales Of Aravorn: Cursed Lands a new RPG dating sim coming to Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. Since this is in development from award winning indie developers Winter Wolves.
Tales Of Aravorn: Cursed Lands is expecting to release fall 2018. Also a game set in the same world of Loren The Amazon Princess.

Loren: Amazon Princess Now Available – linux game

Winter Wolves recently released its latest RPG, Loren: Amazon Princess. Players take the role of either Saren or Elenor as they attempt to aid the princess Loren discover what happened to her missing mother, Queen Karen. The game features a detailed turn-based battle system, the ability to manage a full party of characters, a variety of powerful skills to use, and a horde of monsters to battle.

Queen Karen has disappeared! Join the Amazon Princess Loren in her journey to find what happened to her mother.

Play as Saren or Elenor, fight monsters, discover new places, find romance and defeat the evil Fost!

Game Features:

  • Old school battle system: the core of the game, the battle system is turn based and it’s extremely detailed offering lots of strategic options, but at same time easy to pick up, thanks to the user-friendly interface
  • Original Soundtrack: composed by Matthew Myers and performed by Cristina Vee (available in the final release)
  • Detailed inventory system: manage a full party of characters, equip weapons, armors and jewellery
  • Skills-based RPG: discover all the powerful skills of each one of the 13 recruitable characters. Each character has a unique specialization skilltree
  • High replayability: make choices that will have an impact in the story and the final outcome!
  • Lots of romance options: as either Elenor or Saren you can experience 12 unique romances, including all possible gender combinations
  • Epic setting: fight an army of demons, undead and other mythical creatures while collecting money and glory!
  • Beautiful artwork: featuring manga artwork, hand drawn backgrounds and a charming user interface and icons
  • Huge map and story: travel across the region of Aravorn, from snowy mountains to desolate deserts, from vampire-infested castles to lizard-infested swamps!

Loren: Amazon Princess is available now for $24.99, a price which gives access to the Mac, Windows, and Linux versions of the RPG.

Loren: Amazon Princess


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