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Carmack: Doom 3 Source Code ‘Packaged And Tested’

id Software’s John Carmack has revealed that the source code for 2004 horror shooter Doom 3 is ready to be released, and is now waiting for final clearance.

The id co-founder and lead programmer had originally confirmed at QuakeCon earlier this year that the source code for the game would be made available sometime after the release of open-world shooter Rage.

Carmack has now confirmed that the code is about to be released, stating via Twitter, “Doom 3 source is packaged and tested, we are waiting on final lawyer clearance for release.”

During the announcement at QuakeCon, the industry veteran also challenged other developers to release their source code for study as well, saying it helps the developer community.

id is well-known for releasing source code for its past games. Last year the company made the source code for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Return To Castle Wolfenstein publicly available.

Just weeks ago, following an update for both Doom Classic and Wolfenstein 3D Classic on the App Store, the company also made available the source code for both updates.

‘DOOM Classic’ And ‘Wolfenstein’ Source Codes Re-released

A lot of people have learned a lot from id Software’s classics, which are available in open source form all over the Internet. Even the iOS versions of DOOM Classic [$6.99] and Wolfenstein 3D [$1.99] have been floating around available for anyone to take a look at and tinker with if they so choose. If you’re one of those people, you’ll like this bit of news: Bethesda has released the open source code for these two games in their latest iterations. You can download DOOM Classic open source here and Wolfenstein 3D here and check out what went into the big-time updates that hit both games just as Quake-Con kicked off earlier this summer.

As a refresher, both games were turned into Universal support apps complete with Retina Display support. Also, both games saw a UI overhaul, some music tweaks, and other assorted technical brush-ups, including bug fixes.

If your’e the developer type, I’d imagine there’s something cool to learn here, or hey, if you’re just starting out, I can’t think of code better than John Carmack’s to take a gander at. Plus, it’s free! Everyone loves free.

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